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Found 6 results

  1. I just Sold my SS 454 I had for years and bought this 2005 SS 2WD it drives horrible! the front end is all over the place? I put it up on the rack and the ball joints, tie rod ends and everything was in good shape. I noticed the rear has shackles in the rear to lower it. but the front end looks stock? the tires and shocks need replaced but I'm not convinced that is the problem? Like I said my truck is a 2WD and the spindle has the center cut out like for the AWD axil? I am assuming Chevy just used the spindle for both 2WD and AWD applications? BUT my big question is there are no coil springs in my truck? is it possible someone let the torsion out of the torsion bars? would that cause a drivability issue? And should my truck have front springs? all the lowering kits and videos I can find have front springs on 03-06 Silverado's? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Coop! north Idaho!
  2. Silverado SS all-wheel drive with 120,000 miles in great shape. Within the last year all fluids have been replaced along with the radiator, alternator, battery, belts, front wheel hubs and tires. Lowered 2 weeks ago, DJM kit (thanks Tony) with lower control arms, new upper and ower ball joints, Belltech shocks, rear sway bar, rides very good and handles great for a full size truck. Factory Bose speakers and an aftermarket Kenwood head unit that has Bluetooth and hands-free calling. K&N air intake, Rhino liner spray in bed liner with a Pace Edwards flush mount retractable bed cover. Few scratches and marks on the bumper covers, handles great and needs nothing. $15,400 obo truck is located in Eastern NC, I dont check the site as much as I should so feel free to call/text/email for more info and pics 419-699-6696 [email protected]
  3. Selling my 2011 Silverado LT with 6.2L V8 and 4 wheel drive and just shy of 29,000 miles............. Desirable factory options include the 6.2L engine (tow package), Bose audio, front leather bucket seats instead of the bench. Oil changed every 3k miles with Rotella T6 full synthetic and Purlator Pure One filter. Mods: Belltech 4/5 drop with spindles and struts up front and flip kit in back. Belltech Street Performance struts. DJM Sway bars, front and rear. K&N intake Blackbear tune with handheld programmer OBX headers Gibson stainless catback with dual rear exit Street Scenes SS style front bumper with black grill inserts Colormatched rear bumper because the chrome looked bad Blacked out rear bowtie Z71 front grill Extang Trifecta tonneau cover Linex bed liner (with lifetime warranty) Trail Blazer SS replica wheels, 22" with Falken Ziex tires size 285/40/22. Tons of tread. 35% ceramic window tint all around (not windshield) Paint sealant and protection plan from Xilon. They will pull all dents out for free and if the clear coat peels they will repaint the panel. Doesn't cover scratches. Stock parts that will be included include the front bumper, intake and OEM suspension components. I also have a set of the stock 20" Texas Edition wheels that Ill be selling as well. Included for asking price or $900 otherwise. If you would rather have the 20s then you can take $800 off the asking price and I will keep the 22s. On to more pix: The bad (I can provide better pix of all damage if you want): 1 of the TBSS replicas has a tiny bit of curb rash, the other 3 are perfect. Front bumper has a scratched up front left corner (pictured) Drivers side rear door has a scratch on the bottom Rear bumper has a nickel sized paint chip that I tried to hide it with spray paint No heated seats. WTF Chevy. Asking $29,500 or best offer! Pix of the truck with the other wheels at Carlisle: Call Dennis at 703-623-4597 and feel free to text me with any questions! Located in Lorton VA 22079 EDIT: A few things to add that I seem to have left out: 29k miles. The tune was done in person, I basically have the autocal for no real reason. All interior lights are LED. The window tint was $300- ceramic reflects heat to keep the interior cool! It will never turn purple and has a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer.
  4. I have been thinking about doing a 2/4 on my rcsb clone lately but am worried that for my money it wont be a very noticeable drop. I think a 2/4 looks perfect on an SS Silverado but on a rcsb without cladding a 2/4 doesn't seem to do much, maybe its just the pictures I was looking at? Can someone clarify if they have seen one in person and if it was noticeable? I want people to see it and know that its a lowered truck, however I still want to have daily driver capabilities. My next idea (Which I was kinda hoping to avoid...) was to go 4/6 with a c'notch. I have seen plenty of 4/6 single cabs in pictures and they seem to sit just right, however I read somewhere that the trucks frame will only have 4" off the ground, which scares the hell out of me with these roads . I was hoping maybe someone like Norcal who is a master at lowering stuff could give me a word of advice, and let me know if this information is true or not. A measurement of the lowest point of a 4/6 or how drive-able this drop actually is would be great to know before I spend the money! Thanks guys.
  5. I finally got my drop kit on, it turned out looking so clean it makes me wanna drop the intimidator but I know that's a bad idea with under 200 miles . Lol. I can already tell I may want it lower down the road, but I got pretty new tires on it and its noticeable so ill worry about it later. Here are some pictures from my cell phone and some a friend of mine took with his camera, the quality was so high they wouldn't upload so I had to lower it but I think they still turned out good. Lemme know what you guys think! Before: After:
  6. Guess this got double posted for some reason... Sorry guys, my internet has been acting up all day. Check the other thread please. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/81799-tires-with-24-drop/
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