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Found 13 results

  1. Hello SS lovers, just picked up my new SS Special Edition Intimidator. Was on the net looking around for accessories and ran across this website. I love my new truck and just had to show it to somebody. Looking forward to other SS owners to fellowship with.
  2. Hello there fellow SS members, just wanted to get a quick opinion from everybody no reason just out of curiosity, if someone were to be selling you a real 2006 SSS Intimidator in immacualte condition and you checked the miles and the bluebook value to see what it was worth and in bluebook it came out to $19,500. The guy suppose wanted 21k but the truck came with the COA and original owners manual and everything and again it's in immaculate condition, what's your guys take on this?
  3. Hello there fellow SS owners,was wondering if anybody had a remote control SS truck that they would be willing to sell,willing to pay well. Dad's birthdays coming up and he loves chevy trucks think that it would be cool gift, if you do email me at [email protected] Thanks! George
  4. Hello fellow ss members, over the past month I am in California and i've been searching high and low for a 2006 Silverado SS Intimidator. I've been looking for one on Autotrader.com, Carsforsale.com, Cars.com, and Craigslist.com but so far no luck and if I do find one it's either already sold but they forget to take the ad down or it's WAY overpriced for the milage.I need your guys help to find a nice one average milage,preferably in California if you help me with this i have a Sony stereo receiver that i bought but never used still in box, Thanks! George
  5. I want to get some opinions as to which is everyone's favorite SS model year and list some features that come which each one, there's the 2003,2004,2005,2006 Intimidator,and 2006 regular SS,I'll start it off by saying that the SS Intimidator is my favorite because of the many upgrades
  6. Hello all, I am Derek, active duty Navy living in the DC area. After my brother died in March of 2013, his wife decided to give me his 2006 Silverado Intimidator SS (I didn't own a vehicle). I love this truck, I love driving it, and hopefully the image I attach shows up (posting this from work lol). Hope you all like it
  7. Finally got my new truck! Drove 2,600 miles from Texas to Florida back to Texas in 2 and a half days. Here's some pictures to check it out. When I bought it it had 21 miles from Chevrolet test driving and never even seen a road before. I couldn't help but to take it out today so it's sitting at 35 miles right now. I'm keeping my single cab clone as a daily driver so I can keep this in the garage, but I think this will be a fun weekend toy for sure. Here are some pictures of it sitting at the original owners garage in Florida. He trailered it from a lot in Virginia in 2006 and unloaded it at his house in Florida, where he started it once a month to keep it running. Here's the original link with the pictures from the ebay sale. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.thomaslaffey.com/DaleEarnhardt.html The ones below are ones I took. Here's some pictures of it unloaded at the house all cleaned up, had to walk outside two or three times to actually believe it was real. It came with every factory option available.
  8. *****2006 SSS Dale Earnhardt Edition Intimidator For Sale****** Only 933 made! starting at $25,000 serious inquiries only. Expert insight on value welcomed. - 77,015 miles - BOSE System, aftermarket 7" Kenwood DVD/NAV - premium everything, don't need to sell anyone here, you know more about these trucks than I do. I inherited this truck from my dad who passed 2 years ago. I hate to sell it, but recently married and wife's car has 200k plus and I drive too much to keep putting miles on this baby. Its still in Excellent Condition. I baby this truck! 1 tiny tear approx. 1" wide in drive seat on the side, but is small enough that it has been glued back together. No dings or dents, its black so I see every tiny speck or chip, but keep it waxed and polished 12 months out of the year. Aftermarket Exhaust. She PUUUURRRSS!! Passenger side picture file too large to attach apparently. * OSRV MIRRORS W/ DRIVER SIDE AUTO DIMMING, PWR FOLD & ADJ. HEATED, & TURN SIGNAL * TINTED GLASS * VORTEC 6000 HIGH OUTPUT V8 SFI ENGINE * LOCKING REAR DIFFERENTIAL * 20" CHROME WHEELS REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY WITH CONTENT THEFT ALARM * ISRV MIRROR W/COMPASS & TEMP * LEATHER WRAPPED STEERING WHL * UNIQUE SS BADGING * MONOCHROMATIC GROUND EFFECTS * BACKLIT WHITE FACED GAGES SSI - DALE EARNHARDT INTIMIDATOR PKG. * SIX-WAY POWER DRIVER SEAT * REDUNDANT RADIO CONTROL EMBROIDERED HEADREST * REAR SPOILER * INTIMIDATOR CUSTOM BADGING Z60
  9. Sold my 2012 Z-71 4x4 to buy this baby. Found it in South FL, 36k miles and one owner. I love it so far.....looking forward to adding some exhaust for starters......
  10. I've got a beauty for sale! Never been to the site before but I figured if anyone would appreciate this truck the good people here would! 2006 Chevy Silverado SS Intimidator- Dale Earnhardt edition 76,300 miles most all highway or to and from work 10 miles. Bend new toyo proxes ST's. Dad was first owner and I inherited it from him. Paid off the loan and then got married and wife's truck is close to dead. I am selling to get 2 family fuel efficient rigs because I don't have room for 3 cars nor the money to do that. It's been a tough decision because ideally I'd like to garage it and pass it down to my son one day. It needs to go to a good home! This truck is babied. I never skip a maintenance and take it to the same Ace mechanic who my dad took it to and I keep it clean and waxed always. I have original stereo but put in a ken wood 7" DVD/navigation with integrated phone Bluetooth and steering wheel controls integrated to work with it. (That part alone was $300). Spare no expense for this gem. I've got ads I just put up on eBay motors, autotrader, and eBay classifieds. I think auto trader has it listed in Kansas City, MO for some reason. Getting that fixed. I will reply with item numbers as soon as I am able to go get them. Let me know if you're interested of have any advice. Thanks for viewing and god bless.
  11. From the album: SS For Sale 06 Dale Earnhardt Edt.

    See- Autotrader AD - AT-158C0096 ; ebaymotors ad- ebay.com/itm/321274104288; ebay classifieds - http://ebayc.us/30937256 ; autotrader classics- autotraderclassics.com/classic-car/2006-Chevrolet-Silverado+and+other+C*K1500-1351585 You will see the AutoCheck score on ebay Motors ad and it lists as 94/100 I lost a few points for requesting title transfer from bank when I paid it off after my dad passed away. Another point or 2 deducted for taking it through DEQ. It says that on there. No accidents, no claims, very cautious while driving and I clean this thing weekly if not more and detail it quarterly. Its such an amazing truck it deserves the best and since it was my dads I know he looks down and smiles knowing I am taking care of it and now will need to take care of my family. SS Intimidator - RARE, Hard to find, ESPECIALLY in this condition Dale Earnhardt Intimidator! 1 of only 933 made! Very rare truck, collectors edition & a head turner! Corvette Engine! Unfortunately, I am selling this as I am newly married and my wife's car is at the end of the road. I inherited this truck from my dad who bought it brand new in 2006 and sad to be selling to buy two more economical cars. Always maintained and kept clean! 1 mechanic has ever touched this truck and he is a dear friend. This is nice a truck that has ever seen pavement. Heated, leather seats with power and memory settings. Brand new tires less than 90 days old. Recently serviced. Serious buyers welcome. Clean title in hand. Cash or cashiers check. This is a MUST SEE! As mentioned in a Truckin article, When compared to the "normal" Silverado SS, the Intimidator is more than just a badge package. It includes a lowered ride height, performance suspension, two-stage multi-leaf springs, Tenneco shocks, a stiffer front stabilizer bar and harder front jounce bumpers. Rear wheel drive with a 3.73 locking rear differential. Aftermarket Exhaust, this baby PURRS! * OSRV MIRRORS W/ DRIVER SIDE AUTO DIMMING, PWR FOLD & ADJ. HEATED, & TURN SIGNAL * TINTED GLASS * VORTEC 6000 HIGH OUTPUT V8 SFI ENGINE * LOCKING REAR DIFFERENTIAL * 20" CHROME WHEELS REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY WITH CONTENT THEFT ALARM * ISRV MIRROR W/COMPASS & TEMP * LEATHER WRAPPED STEERING WHL * UNIQUE SS BADGING * MONOCHROMATIC GROUND EFFECTS * BACKLIT WHITE FACED GAGES SSI - DALE EARNHARDT INTIMIDATOR PKG. * SIX-WAY POWER DRIVER SEAT * REDUNDANT RADIO CONTROL EMBROIDERED HEADREST * REAR SPOILER * INTIMIDATOR CUSTOM BADGING Z60 A/C ice cold, All scheduled maintenance, All records, Always garaged, Excellent condition, Fully loaded with all the goodies, Looks & drives great The interior boasts large Dale Earnhardt Legacy logos embroidered on the front headrests and the racer's signature on the tachometer. There is also an "Intimidator" badge on the instrument panel and floormats with the "Intimidator" script. The special edition truck will also include standard features
  12. Gm Iss wing with brackets bolts $700 free shipping Iss dash cluster $350 56.000 miles free shipping
  13. Selling my 2006 Intimidator SS #768 of 933, some specs: Engine/trans/rear end: LQ9 6.0 w/ 65,195 miles as of 1/30/13 (will go up alittle depending on when/if it sells) 8.1L marine injectors (#42) Volant C.A.I (Powercore dry filter) LPP Longtube stainless steel headers/Y pipe Corsa Touring catback w/ Magnaflow hi-flow cats 4L65E w/trans go shift kit, corvette servo and acc. piston Circle D 3200 278MM Converter 40K trans cooler 14Bolt w/3.73's and G80 Tuned by Jake Wheels/suspension: 22X8.5 Bonspeed Intense 6's 275/45/22 Cooper tires Energy suspension sway bar end links and bushings Mcgaughys 2" drop spindels, purple keys and belltech street performance shocks Mcgaughys drop hangers/shackles, Belltech street performance shocks and Mcgaughys Helper bags, 1 has a hole from when i put on a spare and the tire rubbed it. Brakes: C6 ZO6 6 piston calipers up front, 15" baer rotors. C6 ZO6 4 piston calipers out back, 14" baer rotors. Russell SS brake lines. Parking/emergency brake lines are not currently connected, i do have them tho. Interior: TBSS airbag whit custom "SS" badge Panasonic double din 12" P3 sub and amp (Not sure the model number) Im missing some stuff but that about covers most of it. Now on to the bad stuff: I did drive it alot so it has some little rock chips/light scratches, has a dent on the edge of the hood and little dents on the bed rails, the bed, well it's scrached up from putting stuff back there. I disconected the heated seat feature, it would come on randomly IDK why many other SS owners have had the same problem. I used to have a flip down screen and removed it, has 4 little holes now a suede headliner will take care of that tho. Little exhaust leak on the Y-pipe by the crossmember. Never had any mechanical problems, i change the oil every 3-5K whit Mobile 1 and 206 mibile 1 filter. All maintenance items have been done, tune-up, trans fluids, rear end fluid ect earlier in the year. Price: $23,000 Or best offer. Clean Texas Title in hand. Some pics. Will post up more soon. Side shot to show the brakes interior shot,pretty much stock (has a stock non painted bezel now). I have the original "Intimidator SS" floor mats, took them out when i first bought the truck in 06' and they have been stored since. Thanks for looking.
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