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Found 3 results

  1. I bought a 2004 Silverado SS 6.0 AWD LQ9 Stock all i had done to it was a good tune and a cold air intake and exhaust, Well long story short i got gapped by a Tundra, That same day i booked an appointment to a performance shop specializing in LS’s! It’s in the shop currently IM SUPER EXCITED LMK WHAT YOU GUYS THINK THE HP GAIN WILL BE!??? STRAIGHT N/A not sure what the hp is currently im guessing 320-340hp lmk you guys! It wont be ready till end of january ? well worth it though heres a list of whats getting done btw it has 120,000 miles will i be good? lmk ?CNC PORTED LS3 HEADS ?HEADERS ?LS3 INTAKEMANIFOLD ?LS3 90mm THROTTLE BODY *x-link* ?ELECTRIC FANS ?BTR STAGE 3 LS3 CAM KIT ?CIRCLE D 3200 TORQUE CONVERTER ?40k TRANSCOOLER ?MEILING OIL PUMP ??? THATS EVERYTHING FOR NOW Haha tell me what you guys think
  2. ok im going with an FLT Level 5 tranny, PI Vigilante multidisc 9.5" (3200-3400)converter, TSP 228r 112lsa cam. got the efans and 8.1 marine injectors. Question! which heads should i get?? i plan on getting a head and cam package from Texas Speed. they have pretty good package prices. just not sure which heads will work and what i should go with? im told there might be clearance issues with the L92s even tho they seem popular. also that will accept my stock intake.thanks
  3. So I have been working a lot and have decided to buy myself some heads and possibly an intake if needed, just wondering if anyone knows what would be the best route to go. A buddy of mine who works for GM was saying the new 6.2L heads are awesome; would that be a good option or is there better or should I just have my stock heads modified? So as for a setup this is what I have so far. For now I am going to run a stock bottom end and that’s pretty much all I am leaving. I have Comp Cams putting a complete kit together (cam, rockers, rods....ect), but told them to hold off till I figure out what I am doing for heads. The engine will also be running a Lonnies fuel system, with Seimens Deka 80's for injectors as Zippy recommended. I also have headers going to a rear mount STS turbo, which I plan on running 12-14 PSI at max (got question on this as well later), and have it converted to Electric fans. For Trans I am running a built 4l80e with a 3200-3400 Circle D converter. Oh and my truck is a 2003 SS. So just wondering what heads would be best for this setup and what else would be needed for (if I need a different intake or so on)? Now for the boost I was going to run multiple tunes through an Electronic Boost Controller So I could run different levels of boost for what I was Doing (like 6, 10, and 14PSI) Just wondering if anyone else is doing this and what they used? Once I got my truck together I am planning to bring it down to Calgary, Alberta to get all the tuning done at Davenport, because of the only place in Edmonton that I know of is Morretto's (use to Cambells) and I was not happy with any of the work they did on my cousins 92 Camaro and they charged way to much for what they did. But if anyone knows anywhere good to get custom tuning let me know. Any advice and info would be greatly appreciated.
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