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Found 13 results

  1. I bought a 2004 Silverado SS 6.0 AWD LQ9 Stock all i had done to it was a good tune and a cold air intake and exhaust, Well long story short i got gapped by a Tundra, That same day i booked an appointment to a performance shop specializing in LS’s! It’s in the shop currently IM SUPER EXCITED LMK WHAT YOU GUYS THINK THE HP GAIN WILL BE!??? STRAIGHT N/A not sure what the hp is currently im guessing 320-340hp lmk you guys! It wont be ready till end of january ? well worth it though heres a list of whats getting done btw it has 120,000 miles will i be good? lmk ?CNC PORTED LS3 HEADS ?HEADERS ?LS3 INTAKEMANIFOLD ?LS3 90mm THROTTLE BODY *x-link* ?ELECTRIC FANS ?BTR STAGE 3 LS3 CAM KIT ?CIRCLE D 3200 TORQUE CONVERTER ?40k TRANSCOOLER ?MEILING OIL PUMP ??? THATS EVERYTHING FOR NOW Haha tell me what you guys think
  2. We are now a stocking dealer for Kooks Headers and Exhaust! If we do not have it on hand, we can dropship it for you. Please email us [email protected] for more information.
  3. Im young and like loud i want the loudest most nasty sounding muffler for my truck without going muffler delete i kinda like the raspy popping noises of a muffler delete but want something a little more tame . i do not car about drone at all bump
  4. I recently acquired an 03 Silverado SS 6.0 and Im lookin for some performance upgrades. Lookin for headers, fairly radical cam but still street worthy, and a true duals set up for starters. Any tips on the best places to look for parts to get more bang for your buck? my end game will be a comepletely rebuilt and forged SC motor. but Im just startin out at the moment. lol
  5. So I'm pretty much done with putting "look-good" parts on my denali. I'm ready for some go-fast parts now. I'm going to start with a completely new exhaust. I plan on buying some dynatech long tube headers, a black corsa catback (not db, actual corsa), and I want to install dual 3" qtp wireless cutouts right after the headers before Hiflow cats. Any ideas on how this is going to sound with my lq4? I'd like tame with the cutouts closed, but I know with the 6.0 and the long tubes that'll be probably not doable.
  6. G spot


    Looking to see what the best setup would be for a dual catback exhaust and headers for my 2003 ss silverado. Leaning more towards longtubes but confused on which exhaust to go for, can anyone help me out?
  7. I'm looking to get some headers on my SSS and like to know what would u Recommend any Ideas ?
  8. Im in the market for a pair of headers. Any used or good deals arose previously?
  9. Washed my truck today and thought I would shoot a video of the SSS with cutouts on and with cutouts removed. Sorry for the choppy video did it all on the tablet was too lazy to edit it the right way lol.
  10. looking at a set of headers. will 6.0l headers fit on my 5.3
  11. I'm looking to buy some headers. I don't really want to spend 1k-1500 on a set of headers. I have been recommended to get the OBX lt headers, but have seen where some were complaining about them. What is a good header that wont break the bank and also be pretty much problem free. I don't want to have to keep buying spark plug wires because they get burnt up or anything. Another thing is a wideband gauge. I have a p1sc procharger and I have been told that a wideband gauge will help with the tuning process. Im in the process of converting all my interior lights to blue leds so blue backlighting would be a plus. Also I don't want to spend 250-300 if i can find one around 100-150 that does the same thing.
  12. Dynatech Intermediate Pipes with High Flow Cats. I purchased these from another member, I mis-read the part number so they don't work for me. They are very straight and true. Discolored from heat like stainless normally does. Part number 715-84220. Asking $300, they are over $600 new. Email [email protected] If you are planning to buy dynatech headers, save some money in-between!
  13. Hey everyone! so i just got my 2003 Sss and I F'n LOVE it. first changes i made was powder coating my rims shine black to match my car and the front grill. But now my focus is power. So i have been doing alittle research and decided to go with headers and exhaust...but i wanted some opinions on the set up i am going with in terms of power and sound. so i have come up with this set up....1 7/8" kooks long tube headers, 3" true dual pipes, no cats and a magnaflow exhaust....here is my problem however. I have heard that with no cats it is too loud and doesnt have good sound and the smell is horrible, so i have heard that i should go with the kooks high flow cats or resonaters, i have also thought about using a possible offroad x or h pipe but i dont know the exact best combo for a loud deep sound and the most power. anyone done anything like this? any suggestions...i want to make the best decision i can so i came to were all the best people are at...please help. thank you all for reading...look forward to your suggestions and comments.
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