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Found 3 results

  1. Wondering if anyone on this site would be interested in FRP (fiberglass) or Carbon Fiber parts. I have been working with composites while building my car, and realized since I have the time I could easily produce stuff for the SSS. I am not a business or a vendor, I just do this as a hobby for personal reasons, but i have very high standards so I would not sell something unless it was near perfect. With that being said there are some conditions that have to be met: There must be sufficient interest in specific parts before I build a mold. Mold materials are not cheap and can be very time consuming to build, therefore i would need enough interest that i could expect a return for the cost. Basic economics, sorry. Complexity. Some things are incredibly simple, some are impossible. I can't make everything, I don't build Koenigseggs for a living. Reproduction vs Custom. Reproduction is simple, but I'm still trying to work out the legalities of selling such things. If anyone has any actual input on this please let me know. Also I have to have the part. I have an 06 SSS so if its anything else I'd need a donor part. Custom can be done but it's very time consuming since I'd have to build the plug first possibly from scratch. Material choices. There are a few different methods/materials. Everything will be vacuum bagged if possible for strength and quality. If you don't know, this results in less excess resin resulting in lighter parts with a much stronger construction. Ever seen those shoddy carbon fiber plates you order online that are super brittle, have super thick resin coats, and are backed with fiberglass? Yeah I'm not doing that. This is what I'll do: Fiberglass & Resin with Gel coat Carbon Fiber & Epoxy Resin either polished or clear coated I don't have the means to bake yet, but if i can make enough money I'll purchase an oven so i can do Pre-preg Carbon fiber parts (aka dry carbon). This is the lightest and strongest method of Carbon Fiber production available. I have a set of intake ducts on my CBR 1000RR made of this. Seriously weighs like a sheet of paper. Also if you want something painted, I can do that for extra. I'd only need your color code. Just be aware I can't color match your paint, only paint what it looked like from the factory minus years of uv damage. I do a standard base coat / clear coat that you'd get from any paint shop. If you want to see my paint job, look at my truck. I completely repainted it Victory Red. I realize not many people are interested in the weight savings when we have 5000+ lb trucks, but I can think of a few places I'd like to improve on my truck with this stuff. Basically what I'd like to hear from you all is what you'd be interested in if I were to start doing this. Some examples I can think of off the top of my head: SS Cladding - I'd do this in fiberglass, just because lets be honest, it'd probably look stupid with carbon fiber cladding. This stuff is expensive and impossible to find from the factory. Something to understand though, if you have ever pulled your cladding off you'd see the wear that the factory plastic cladding does to your paint. Fiberglass would be worse. I'm trying to think of a solution for this. Intake Piping - I'm currently working on a ram air for the volant airbox. Trying to build one redirected to the center lower grill instead of the brake duct so as to maintain airflow to the passenger brake disc. Haven't quite worked out how to run it in front of the radiator yet. I could probably build one for the actual intake pipe, because carbon fiber has a much lower heat conductivity than say aluminum and possibly plastic, but i'd want to test it to make sure the epoxy would resist fade/degradation before i put my name on something like that. As for pricing, I will make it as economical as possible, but it is almost entirely dependent on the materials used and such. If I make a mold I can use it for pretty much any materials. Plus of course I would need to make some money to cover overheads, like obviously the labor, or equipment replacement and such. Let me know what you guys think, or want, and we'll go from there.
  2. has anyone used the fiberglass cladding on their ss from ebay? custom auto parts US is the company making it. curious on fittment. really want to get my truck fixed and im wearing out the search bar.
  3. *UPDATE* Roll pans are done and ready to ship. See my ad in the for sale section http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/87371-custom-fiberglass-silverado-ss-roll-pans/ So I've seen more than a few posts on here of people looking for the BSER roll pans or any other options. I was fortunate to have an extra roll pan and thought I might have a solution seeing as more than a few people have got no response from BSER and the whole group buys never seem to work out. I am currently having a mold made from a BSER pan that has been modified and cleaned up a bit. There were a few areas on the BSER pan that could use a bit of work so I figured, why not fix them before a mold was made. I am not doing the work. I'm having a production fiberglass shop make the mold and pans. They were the ones that pointed out most of the issues and I basically explained to them what they are for, showed him my truck and said if there was anything he thought could be better, straighter, stronger, etc to go for it. Just don't change the general shape for the most part. Anyway, the mold and first roll pan should be done in another couple of weeks. The only thing I'm unsure of is the studs at the end of the roll pans. First let me say, I'm not an expert at installing fiberglass so I'm asking you guys, the final users. The BSER pans came with the studs installed which required drilling into the back corners of the bedsides. Would installing the roll pans be easier without the studs installed? I could include two studs with plates for the installation. Does everyone use the studs? Should it be an option to use the studs or not? Let me know what you guys think. When everything is all said and done, there will be no group buys required or minimum amount required. Initially I will prepay to have more than a few made and have stock on hand. After they sell, I will have more made. Lead times depend on how busy the shop gets. Lead time at the moment is approximate 4 weeks. I also own the mold and will continue to have them made as long as there is a demand. As demand decreases I will eventually stop keeping stock. But as I mentioned, I own the mold so if someone ever needed another one down the road, I can have one made. So I'm told the resin is called fire retardant vinyl ester epoxy. I had to look it up what it was and found some good info Vinyl esters are more tolerant of stretching than polyesters. This makes them more able to absorb impact without damage. They are also less likely to show stress cracking. Vinyl ester has fewer open sites in its molecular chain. This makes it much more resistant to water penetration ('hydrolysis') which can cause osmotic blistering. Vinyl esters shrink less on curing, which means that 'pre-release' of a laminate from a mold is less significant. The cross bonding of vinyl esters is superior to that of polyesters. This means that vinyl esters bond to core materials much more effectively than polyesters and delamination is less of an issue. Vinyl esters are less sensitive to ambient conditions (temperature and humidity) than are polyesters. Vinyl esters are more expensive than polyesters though careful calculations are required to assess the cost impact for a significant build project such as a luxury yacht. This is because the relative strengths need to be factored in - you can use less vinyl ester to achieve a given strength. As for the studs being pre-attached or not, it looks like I will include them but not attach them. That way the end user has the option if they would like. This is what will be included. They can be glued in place using the proprietary weldmount AT-1030 Acrylic adhesive or any sutible two-part epoxy, fiberglassed in, or both http://www.weldmountsystem.com/products-adhesives.php http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=63683&familyName=Weld+Mount+AT-1030+Adhesive Finished product The white thing is called the model. It is a BSER pan cleaned up and used to make the mold. Parts coming out of the mold and getting cleaned up. I ordered 10 already. Should be done by the end of this week or early next week. Mold is done and roll pans are being made at the moment. Price will be $600 shipped. The first 10 will get a $50 discount, so $550 shipped. Anyone interested feel free to drop me a pm on here or email [email protected]
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