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  1. Hey all, I bought an '03 AWD Silverado SS about a month ago. Only 136,000 miles for $12k and she runs great, or at least did. Trying to figure out if my recent muffler delete is causing the trans to have mushy shifts. It was a home hacksaw job from a buddy of mine just for fun but I've never had issues with muffler deletes in the past. I'm taking it to get a Flowmaster Super 40 or 44 put on next week hoping that solves the issue. Has anyone else ever encountered this? Would lack of back pressure on the LQ9 make a torque difference?
  2. We are now a stocking dealer for Kooks Headers and Exhaust! If we do not have it on hand, we can dropship it for you. Please email us [email protected] for more information.
  3. Hey guys, just wanted some quick insight as I am looking into getting some exhaust work done.. I am currently running a single dual in/dual out flowmaster 40 series muffler and I think I am running 2.5" pipes but not sure. Was looking through videos and the ones that stood out to me were the Borla Xr-1's and The Spintech Super Pro Street 9000's, looking for that really deep exhaust tone and not that crackly, raspy uneven one that you would get out of cherry bombs or straightpipes.. Basically decided on the Spintech since not many guys are using them.. now I need a plan, should I get single in/dual out or dual in dual out muffler? What size inlets, and what size outlets? Mainly was looking to get exhaust work done because the piece of pipe right before the tips is all corroded and has holes on it so using that as an excuse lol George
  4. Wats up guys? I was posting because I wanted some feedback on what is the best exhaust system setup just to gather opinions.. I do live in California, so the control of emissions is the worst out here , probably the strictest out of anywhere here in the states I think. To start off true dual exhaust is illegal out here and it's rare to find a guy that will do it at a shop, that plus cars out here have to get smogged every two years and it will not pass with true dual. The setup that I have right now on my truck is dual with a flowmaster 40 series muffler, I think that's the 2nd loudest muffler they carry, the loudest would be the super 10, I don't exactly want to be that obnoxious ****with the extremely loud truck driving down the street, I just want to change the sound a bit on what I currently have, any thoughts?
  5. Im young and like loud i want the loudest most nasty sounding muffler for my truck without going muffler delete i kinda like the raspy popping noises of a muffler delete but want something a little more tame . i do not car about drone at all bump
  6. So after 6 wonderful years with my 2003 SSS truck, I came across the opportunity of a life time just so happen to be on my birthday. The dealership I work for got a beautiful 2010 callaway corvette with 4700 miles on it. By the end of the day I was taking the vette home, which brings up this post. After all the pride and hardwork that went into the SS I had to take majority of it out so I do have some item for sale out of my old truck some where used in it some part I never had a chance to put on. So item that are for sale custom dual 12in sub box, DD 2500.1 amp, amp wiring kit 0gauge,kenwood navi double din,bully dog tuner and scanner with flush a pillar mount, comp cam [email protected] (brand new never installed), muffler back stock exhaust including tip. I do have a 102mm ls3 throttle body but don't know if want to sell since the vette has the same kinda nice to have a xtra just in case but if offered fair enough I might sell also might sell stock 4L65E torque converter has 70k on it. ALL ITEMS ARE THEIR PRICE/O.B.O PLUS SHIPPING Bully dog tunner with a pillar mount-- 140.00 obo Stock muffler/tip exhaust-- 125.00 Kenwood double din navi dnx6180-- 300.00 obo (Doesn't eject CDs) 0gauge wiring with furs block-- 50.00 obo OEM torque converter 70k (possibly for sale). 100.00 MORE ITEMS AND PICS BELOW Subwoofer box-- 280.00 boo Digital design 2500.1 amp in pics 650.00 obo Comp cams -- 240.00. Obo Throttle body-- $$????
  7. Hey guys I'm new to the forum here. I have an 02 denali awd quadrasteer with a 6.0. I just recently had the motor and trans built. I'm running a 283/227 cam with pace setter long tube headers and a built 4l65e. I also have a volant CAI. I'm having my exhaust done this week and was wondering what the best setup would be for the best performance, true duals, x pipe, y pipe, size, diameter, etc. After i have the exhaust done i will be taking it to blackbear when they come to atlanta in april. Thanks for all advice.
  8. I replaced the exhaust system on my 2004 SSS headers back, and the factory intake with a K&N. I have all the original parts, exhaust manifolds, mid pipes w/ cats, factory cat back exhaust and factory intake with a drop in K&N filter. All of these were taken off the truck at 20K.+/- If your interested in any of the parts, shoot me a PM or leave a note. Sorry no pictures of the stock cat back system.
  9. Greetings and salutations fellow SSS enthusiasts. I am attempting to sell my custom cat-back exhaust system featuring a Dynomax duel in duel out internal X pipe muffler and Vibrant resonators. This system was made by Performance Exhaust Maryland of mandrel bent stainless steel with polished slash cut tips. I had the system fabricated to attach to the mid-pipes approximately six inches forward of where the stock mid-pipe flange ended with duel lap joint band clamps, so some minor modification of the stock mid-pipes is required. I removed this system from my SSS because I had a second made with different mufflers and resonators. Total I have over $650 invested, I think that $500 shipped-to-you is a good deal considering the system has less than 200 miles. Send me a PM if you are interested and/or have any questions. I frequent this site with Taptalk so I will reply promptly.
  10. i have an 03 SS and wanted to change the sound of it when you start it, all the trucks i've had, i never altered them, i always kept them all stock, but i like the deep rich growl of some modified trucks, i've heard putting a new muffler will change the sound like a flowmaster muffler. but any ideas i don't want it to sound obnoxiously loud, i've also heard the thicker the pipe the louder the sound, any ideas?
  11. Factory Silverado SS Smoked Tail lights and Third Brake Light (Third brake light has a nick out of the lens and minor sun damage to the finish) - $100 Factory 2006 SSS air intake - $50 Factory 2006 SSS Headlights (Just headlights, no DRL's - Mint condition) - Sold Factory 2003 SS Exhaust system with SSS tip (Cats back) - Sold Factory 2006 SSS Exhaust (manifolds to cat back) - Sold Factory 2003 SSS Air Intake - $40
  12. Ok so Im lookin bolt on a catback exhaust system with Electric exhaust cutout right after the headers. would the the open cutouts **** up the reading on the 02s or no? Also pondering cutting out the cats and putting in a whole exhaust system. just wodering if anybody had tips on dealing with the codes with 02 sensors.
  13. So I'm pretty much done with putting "look-good" parts on my denali. I'm ready for some go-fast parts now. I'm going to start with a completely new exhaust. I plan on buying some dynatech long tube headers, a black corsa catback (not db, actual corsa), and I want to install dual 3" qtp wireless cutouts right after the headers before Hiflow cats. Any ideas on how this is going to sound with my lq4? I'd like tame with the cutouts closed, but I know with the 6.0 and the long tubes that'll be probably not doable.
  14. G spot


    Looking to see what the best setup would be for a dual catback exhaust and headers for my 2003 ss silverado. Leaning more towards longtubes but confused on which exhaust to go for, can anyone help me out?
  15. Has anyone ever built a custom side exit exhaust using SLP Loudmouth 2 resonators ? I ran SLP on my SRT8 and Cobra and love there sound and since buying the SS I hate the Flowmaster cat back with the ugly tip that it came with and noticed there isn't that many options out there other than the played out split dual. Has anyone built a custom with the SLP canisters or used them to replace any of the other brands? Any pics
  16. I finally finished my Sierra and got everything done. Now Im moving on the SS. I am not a big fan of single Exhaust. My SS has the factory exhaust. I am debating on replacing it with Borla. Looking at others but I think Borla is what Im going to go with on my SS. I have Flowmasters on my Sierra so I figured Id go another route on the SS. I also am going to be turning it into dual exhaust. I want to run the exhaust out behind the tires. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts please feel free to comment. Im open for suggestions.
  17. ok. never thought i would say this but my exhaust is too loud! not the sound of the exhuast but the drone/resonation/reverb! it literally makes me feel like my ears are bleeding, its not the sound from the muffler, almost like when your back window is open and u get that reverb of air like a helicopter sound. right before it shifts your head is on the verge of exploding! sounbs sick when u get on it tho. i have American Racing 1 3/4 headers into custom pipes with 3" hi-flow magnaflow spun cats, running into an x pipe then a few feet later two 3" spintech super pro street mufflers out the stock location. i used to have pro street mufflers running out the side before the rear tire and i never had this. could it be the pipes under bed? the mufflers with one less baffle? what can i do to get rid of this? adding resonators to the exhaust isnt going to happen, i have enough going on under there. i can either run it back out the side which will be louder but might cut back on the ear bleeding. or change the mufflers. i want loud and raspy and like the sound of chambered mufflers but this is ridiculous. my friends rumble bee was quiet inside and just as loud as mine with flows. corsa doesnt offer just a muffler, or even a dual in/out muffler. opinions please! thanks
  18. STILL HAVE THE HOOD 03 SS, I have the stock exhaust cat-back. SOLD I have a stock black hood. Stock 20" wheels painted gun-metal. SOLD make offer... LOCAL PICKUP ONLY it wont let me uplaod the pics. if interested message me
  19. As some of you know, I've been on the hunt for an SS for awhile now. Well if all goes as planned this weekend I'll be picking up my new secret weapon . Nobody knows about it yet though so it should be a surprise to everyone . I was just wondering what you guys would suggest for the best catback bolt on exhaust system? I've been looking around and everyone seems to love Corsa, but when I go on youtube and look up a 6.0 running a Corsa muffler it sounds raspy and not very deep imo, in one video it even sounded kinda like straight headers . Possibly this is just the camera? I'm looking for something very deep that will turn heads when given some gas. I would just take off the cats but when you guys see the truck you will understand why I don't want it smelling like gasoline. Let me know any suggestions as I'm open to all. I've been looking into Borla some, but it seems expensive as hell. $1,500 for a dual catback system ... - EDIT - Well now with the truck sitting in the garage it's about time to get some exhaust ordered. I want the best exhaust money can buy and I'm not worried about spending a lot if it will be worth it. I absolutely love the way this corsa sport sounds, but it sounds different than the other youtube vids of 6.0s running it. Can someone who has a corsa sport clarify if it will sound like this in person? Also would it be worth going this route rather than a magnaflow, as I can get a magnaflow for around 50$ as my fathers car shop is a dealer. I want something a lot louder than stock and something that will sound scary and turn heads. Lmao. If you got any other suggestions please lemme know.
  20. I just put my new Texas-Speed longtubes on had an exhaust shop put a custom dual 3" to magnaflow hi-flow cats and mufflers then 3" tailpipes. I'm kind of regretting going with the 3" now. It sounds a little ratty when you get on it. Any solutions? I thought about putting in an X-pipe or using different mufflers. and maybe the dumping the tailpipes behind the axel. Let me know what you guys think, thanks.
  21. Im in the market for a pair of headers. Any used or good deals arose previously?
  22. Whats up guys? Im stuck in a moral dilemma haha I have dual exhaust side exit. Dual magnapacks with fat tapered square tips. I absolutely love the look and sound at idle and low rpms but when i leave a light or toll booth and get into it she gets real blatty. Is it the mufflers that cause that or the style of tips? It has been on the truck for about 40k so its well broke in. Any suggestions? And if i change tips not sure what i should get to try...
  23. Washed my truck today and thought I would shoot a video of the SSS with cutouts on and with cutouts removed. Sorry for the choppy video did it all on the tablet was too lazy to edit it the right way lol.
  24. Here are a couple shorts clips of my exhaust, one is cutouts open, the other through the magnaflows. I wish I would have realized how easy this was to embed rather than trying to insert the vid clips... <iframe src="http://www.facebook....151311379180269" width="1280" height="720" frameborder="0"></iframe> <iframe src="http://www.facebook....151311516660269" width="1280" height="720" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  25. Dynatech Intermediate Pipes with High Flow Cats. I purchased these from another member, I mis-read the part number so they don't work for me. They are very straight and true. Discolored from heat like stainless normally does. Part number 715-84220. Asking $300, they are over $600 new. Email [email protected] If you are planning to buy dynatech headers, save some money in-between!
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