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Found 8 results

  1. chevyz71z28

    Lowered AWD

    Just wondering what is the most that anyone here has there AWD SS lowered. and what they used for it.
  2. Thing1

    Ss wheels 4/6 drop

    I was wondering what size tire you guys would recommend on a 4/6 drop running on OEM ss wheels? The reason I ask is I have seen several people say that the 275/45/20 rubs, but then again their offset may have been different. I hit the side of the bed often with my tire sidewall running a 285/50/20 on a 2/4 drop and don't want this to happen when I go lower. Thanks!
  3. Thing1

    Will 22" replicas tuck?

    I had planned on dropping my ss clone lower on the factory 20" wheels but talked to a guy with them on a 4/6 running 275/45/20 and he said he had to roll the fender lips to get them to tuck. I was wondering if anyone knew if the 22" replicas had a different offset and would tuck without having to roll the lips, as I really don't wanna risk cracking my bed paint. If you guys have any input I'd love to know, thanks!
  4. I have been thinking about doing a 2/4 on my rcsb clone lately but am worried that for my money it wont be a very noticeable drop. I think a 2/4 looks perfect on an SS Silverado but on a rcsb without cladding a 2/4 doesn't seem to do much, maybe its just the pictures I was looking at? Can someone clarify if they have seen one in person and if it was noticeable? I want people to see it and know that its a lowered truck, however I still want to have daily driver capabilities. My next idea (Which I was kinda hoping to avoid...) was to go 4/6 with a c'notch. I have seen plenty of 4/6 single cabs in pictures and they seem to sit just right, however I read somewhere that the trucks frame will only have 4" off the ground, which scares the hell out of me with these roads . I was hoping maybe someone like Norcal who is a master at lowering stuff could give me a word of advice, and let me know if this information is true or not. A measurement of the lowest point of a 4/6 or how drive-able this drop actually is would be great to know before I spend the money! Thanks guys.
  5. After putting that 2/4 mcgaughys kit on my rcsb clone I have bottomed out EVERYWHERE. Today I got under the truck and saw the passenger side bumpstop cleared about an inch, while the driver side was pushing on the axle... I took both of the bumpstops off and trimmed them down to where I have around an inch and 1/4 of clearing from the axle to bumpstop and drilled them but it still rides rough on big dips. I was wondering what the best aftermarket bumpstop would be and was hoping one of the pros like norcal could shoot me in the right direction. I hear the pancake ones are as hard as a rock, but hitting those every once in awhile may be better than constantly riding soft bumpstops.
  6. Thing1

    Lowering leafs?

    After dropping my clone my ISS seems to sit way high to me . There is no way I am gonna air chisel the rivets off on that nice of a truck so I was wondering if in the future I were to drop it how well the lowering leafs worked? I hear that belltech and mcgaughys sell them and I know that would be a whole lot easier to put on and return to stock if decided to later down the road. Would it ride a lot rougher than with the hanger & shackle set up or not? Thanks for all the input!
  7. I'm looking to buy some drop parts for my rcsb clone, wanting to get a 2/4 because I heard that's the lowest I can go without having to C-Notch and I really don't wanna cut my frame with 50k miles lol. Just wondering if by chance any of you guys had some laying around and would be willing to give up. Lemme know!
  8. Thing1

    Tires with 2/4 drop?

    Guess this got double posted for some reason... Sorry guys, my internet has been acting up all day. Check the other thread please. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/81799-tires-with-24-drop/