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Found 9 results

  1. Update 11-17-19 More rollpans have been made and are ready to ship. No waiting. [email protected] or text me 818-681-9776 Update 4-11-18 Roll pans are done and ready to ship. For anyone thats pmed me or emailed me I think I responded to everyone. Get them while you can. Update 3-25-18 All rollpans are sold. I will probably make another run of these. Ill talk to my fiberglass guy this week and see how busy he is. As Ive said before, I will make these as long as there is a demand. But it took a while to sell all the rollpans from the last run so this run will be smaller. If you want one I suggest getting it sooner or later. This may be the last run if the demand is gone. https://www.paypal.me/SSrollpan/600"]https://www.paypal.me/SSrollpan/600 March 2015 They are finlly done and ready to ship. Up for sale are custom fiberglass roll pan specifically for Silverado SS trucks. These roll pans are modeled from a cleaned up and slightly modified BSER roll pan. If you have one of these trucks, you know that a normal Silverado roll pan will not work. These roll pans are designed to wrap the sides to fill the voids to line up with the factory cladding. Some trimming is required. The roll pans have extra material to allow the end user to fit the roll pan to their truck since each truck will be slightly different. Professional installation with fiberglass experience is recommended. Stainless studs with backing plates included. Price is $600 shipped. I can send you a paypal funds request or you can simply send me the funds. Do not send as a gift. If you send it first, send it as a purchase so we are both covered by paypal and so I have your shipping info. I ship Fedex ground, insured and signature required. Local pickup is available with a $50 discount in the LA area/Southern California. I'm in the San Fernando Valley and available to meet up reasonable distances depending on my work schedule. My email is [email protected]
  3. I have been eager to get this news out and now after careful planing we are finally closer to making this a reality. just in case your wondering who I am my name is Carlos and i represent MRR Design wheels, we are the manufactures of the popular M228 wheels that have been blasted on almost every Camaro out in the streets. you can view all that info at the Camaro5 Forum. Now lets talk trucks !!! Guys we are now officially getting started in producing the M228 wheel ( Z28 style/ Chayenne style) for the Silverado applications. Im excited to announce this information as although there are plenty of popular truck wheels in the market i believe is about time someone produces a wheel that is dedicated for the Silverado platform. I attached a few pictures of the wheel we are talking about along with a original Cheyenne Pic for that visual. now here is where we need your help. size and width is a main concern so please share your thoughts and let us know what size you may prefer, I will post pictures on this thread of our process from 3D mold graphs to final product and then continue it to a pre order listing. We are considering 24x10 in all four corners maybe also a 24x11
  4. Wondering if anyone on this site would be interested in FRP (fiberglass) or Carbon Fiber parts. I have been working with composites while building my car, and realized since I have the time I could easily produce stuff for the SSS. I am not a business or a vendor, I just do this as a hobby for personal reasons, but i have very high standards so I would not sell something unless it was near perfect. With that being said there are some conditions that have to be met: There must be sufficient interest in specific parts before I build a mold. Mold materials are not cheap and can be very time consuming to build, therefore i would need enough interest that i could expect a return for the cost. Basic economics, sorry. Complexity. Some things are incredibly simple, some are impossible. I can't make everything, I don't build Koenigseggs for a living. Reproduction vs Custom. Reproduction is simple, but I'm still trying to work out the legalities of selling such things. If anyone has any actual input on this please let me know. Also I have to have the part. I have an 06 SSS so if its anything else I'd need a donor part. Custom can be done but it's very time consuming since I'd have to build the plug first possibly from scratch. Material choices. There are a few different methods/materials. Everything will be vacuum bagged if possible for strength and quality. If you don't know, this results in less excess resin resulting in lighter parts with a much stronger construction. Ever seen those shoddy carbon fiber plates you order online that are super brittle, have super thick resin coats, and are backed with fiberglass? Yeah I'm not doing that. This is what I'll do: Fiberglass & Resin with Gel coat Carbon Fiber & Epoxy Resin either polished or clear coated I don't have the means to bake yet, but if i can make enough money I'll purchase an oven so i can do Pre-preg Carbon fiber parts (aka dry carbon). This is the lightest and strongest method of Carbon Fiber production available. I have a set of intake ducts on my CBR 1000RR made of this. Seriously weighs like a sheet of paper. Also if you want something painted, I can do that for extra. I'd only need your color code. Just be aware I can't color match your paint, only paint what it looked like from the factory minus years of uv damage. I do a standard base coat / clear coat that you'd get from any paint shop. If you want to see my paint job, look at my truck. I completely repainted it Victory Red. I realize not many people are interested in the weight savings when we have 5000+ lb trucks, but I can think of a few places I'd like to improve on my truck with this stuff. Basically what I'd like to hear from you all is what you'd be interested in if I were to start doing this. Some examples I can think of off the top of my head: SS Cladding - I'd do this in fiberglass, just because lets be honest, it'd probably look stupid with carbon fiber cladding. This stuff is expensive and impossible to find from the factory. Something to understand though, if you have ever pulled your cladding off you'd see the wear that the factory plastic cladding does to your paint. Fiberglass would be worse. I'm trying to think of a solution for this. Intake Piping - I'm currently working on a ram air for the volant airbox. Trying to build one redirected to the center lower grill instead of the brake duct so as to maintain airflow to the passenger brake disc. Haven't quite worked out how to run it in front of the radiator yet. I could probably build one for the actual intake pipe, because carbon fiber has a much lower heat conductivity than say aluminum and possibly plastic, but i'd want to test it to make sure the epoxy would resist fade/degradation before i put my name on something like that. As for pricing, I will make it as economical as possible, but it is almost entirely dependent on the materials used and such. If I make a mold I can use it for pretty much any materials. Plus of course I would need to make some money to cover overheads, like obviously the labor, or equipment replacement and such. Let me know what you guys think, or want, and we'll go from there.
  5. Just got done with the exhaust for my rear mount 70mm turbo on my 04 SS. don't look to bad for me and my buddies first custom exhaust build.
  6. So I have been working a lot and have decided to buy myself some heads and possibly an intake if needed, just wondering if anyone knows what would be the best route to go. A buddy of mine who works for GM was saying the new 6.2L heads are awesome; would that be a good option or is there better or should I just have my stock heads modified? So as for a setup this is what I have so far. For now I am going to run a stock bottom end and that’s pretty much all I am leaving. I have Comp Cams putting a complete kit together (cam, rockers, rods....ect), but told them to hold off till I figure out what I am doing for heads. The engine will also be running a Lonnies fuel system, with Seimens Deka 80's for injectors as Zippy recommended. I also have headers going to a rear mount STS turbo, which I plan on running 12-14 PSI at max (got question on this as well later), and have it converted to Electric fans. For Trans I am running a built 4l80e with a 3200-3400 Circle D converter. Oh and my truck is a 2003 SS. So just wondering what heads would be best for this setup and what else would be needed for (if I need a different intake or so on)? Now for the boost I was going to run multiple tunes through an Electronic Boost Controller So I could run different levels of boost for what I was Doing (like 6, 10, and 14PSI) Just wondering if anyone else is doing this and what they used? Once I got my truck together I am planning to bring it down to Calgary, Alberta to get all the tuning done at Davenport, because of the only place in Edmonton that I know of is Morretto's (use to Cambells) and I was not happy with any of the work they did on my cousins 92 Camaro and they charged way to much for what they did. But if anyone knows anywhere good to get custom tuning let me know. Any advice and info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. here is one of our new products we offer. there will be a few new topics over the next week with all the products we offer, but here is a popular one- this is a custom 4"/100mm (the whole way, no choke downs) intake for a MP112/122 Radix supercharger that goes from your airbox to your throttle/j-tube. it uses a 4"/100mm MAF housing that we fabricate (one pictured is LPE, but three times the price so we make our own) and uses a GM MAF that has a higher range so you can properly tune your modified truck as the OEM MAF will max out with the Radix setups. so for those not running SD this helps alot with your tune. PM me for details, prices, and to order John pic of it in the truck
  8. i know many of you know that we are a custom shop already, but i figured id post some pics of some of our work and let everyone else know we do ALL types of automotive work- custom paint, maintenance, tuning, engine building, bolt-ons, etc but we specialize in LSx applications such as the SSS, Corvette, Camaro. shoot me an email or PM for a quote on something, if you have any questions, or just to ask about something. any work you are considering having done, whether local or not, give us a shout first- i am very competitive with pricing and everyone on here gets 10% off everything, LEO's get 15% off everything custom tuning: TVS2300 install: custom paint: engine builds: full custom builds/widebody: tinted lighting:
  9. Hi, I am looking to do some upgrades to to my 2006 Sierra Denali crew cab and I am looking to buy these parts: cowl hood, roll pan, and 3 piece ss spoiler either the itt or regular ss lip. I am also looking to trade my 24" black powder coated custom Gio wheels with Escta tires for a set of silverado ss wheels and tires or trailblazer ss wheels and tires with 6x5.5 bolt pattern. I prefer 22" but am open to 20"..prefer polished but open to black. Let me know if ya got anything. Thanks
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