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Found 8 results

  1. Thing1

    2007 SS Clone

    Introduction: I have had this truck since I was 15 and plan to fill this space with documentation of the progress made along with future progress. I will eventually add to this including exterior and interior but I am in the middle of a motor swap though so I'll start with that . Progress: Front Bumper Cladding - Needs to be cut for a single cab and painted Rear Bumper Interior 3:73's and a Truetrac 6.2L Swap 5/7 Drop Motor Swap: This truck is finally getting the motor swap it deserves. The 4.3L V6 was good while it lasted, but we are on to bigger and better things. A huge thank you goes out to my dad, my cousin, and our shop employee Mike for all the help. Build Specs: Iron 6.0 bored out to 6.2 Complete LS3 rotating assembly Daily-able Cam Will post the rest of the build sheet soon but these are the main goodies. 11/25/2018 - Building the Motor We pieced the motor back together from the machine shop. 12/23/2018 - Pulling the V6 & Dropping the V8 Got the motor dropped in only to find out that it did not turn over when trying to stab the torque converter . Pulled the motor back out and we later found out that the head gaskets we were sent were for a 5.3 by mistake... 12/29/2018 - Dropping the Motor in, Part 2 We were told that we would need to go ahead and use a flywheel with a spacer to go into the V6 torque converter deep enough. After the gaskets were fixed and the motor back in, we found out that the factory V8 flywheel we had previously used was what we needed instead . Motor came BACK out again and flywheel was swapped over. Put the motor in again and finally got everything turning good. Third time is a charm, right? It was after this we ran into a new problem: The "2005 harness" we were given was most likely actually not from a 2005 and I will have to hunt down a new one...
  2. Hello all, I am fixing to bite the bullet on collecting parts for a swap. The truck it is going in is a RCSB v6 2007 classic (03-06 body style). I am very picky about my truck and want it to be a clean swap so when it is done it looks OEM. This is pretty much the only forum I trust about doing things the right way so I figured I'd ask. For those of you who have done this swap before or have any pointers I would love to hear about it, perhaps it will help me and others down the road. I am curious as to which accessories will work/not work from my v6 along with other issues to watch out for. A parts list would be great! Thanks guys!
  3. The-Hoss!

    Hello from Ontario

    Hey There Enjoy reading the forums, & gathering ideas & advice. February 2016, I gave my 2002 Chevrolet Silverado (Sylvie) a make over. (Very Much needed) - Replaced the farmers cap with a Fibreglass tonneau cover - Replaced d/s & p/s Cab corners, & rocker panels - Replaced both front fenders - Welded in rear fender patches - Replaced Tailgate - Replaced Chrome rear bumper with paint matching indigo blue steel bumper - Painted all mirrors & handles to match - Removed all decals - Added SS front bumper. She's a Head Turner now!! Almost got stolen in August when i ventured to Detroit.....(weird) Check out my pics, & Thnx for havin me. The Hoss! Orangeville, Ontario, Canada Before/During/After...
  4. Just bought a sweet, one owner 1500 single cab short bed with 65k miles on it with a 5.3 and 3.73 gears and I'm gonna clone it. Any parts, anyone has for sale. Let me know what you have and pricing. $$-Salute
  5. Thing1

    Dropped the SS Clone

    I finally got my drop kit on, it turned out looking so clean it makes me wanna drop the intimidator but I know that's a bad idea with under 200 miles . Lol. I can already tell I may want it lower down the road, but I got pretty new tires on it and its noticeable so ill worry about it later. Here are some pictures from my cell phone and some a friend of mine took with his camera, the quality was so high they wouldn't upload so I had to lower it but I think they still turned out good. Lemme know what you guys think! Before: After:
  6. After putting that 2/4 mcgaughys kit on my rcsb clone I have bottomed out EVERYWHERE. Today I got under the truck and saw the passenger side bumpstop cleared about an inch, while the driver side was pushing on the axle... I took both of the bumpstops off and trimmed them down to where I have around an inch and 1/4 of clearing from the axle to bumpstop and drilled them but it still rides rough on big dips. I was wondering what the best aftermarket bumpstop would be and was hoping one of the pros like norcal could shoot me in the right direction. I hear the pancake ones are as hard as a rock, but hitting those every once in awhile may be better than constantly riding soft bumpstops.
  7. I've been wanting to drop my truck a 2/4 lately so I was bored in photoshop and figured I'd slam my truck to see how I'd like it. I know I went lower than 2/4, but I'd say it looks pretty sick! Took a little bit of work but I think I got it just about perfect. Here's a before and after. Lemme know what you guys think!
  8. offroadunleashed

    SS Youtube Build Video

    Cool vid. I was wondering what kinda mods to the tranny?