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Found 6 results

  1. I have a 2004 chevy Silverado extended cab ss all original with 12,368 miles. 2 owner but in the same family since it was bought new. Clean title never messed with. Very hard to find one with this many miles. Have no clue on the price since there is nothing to compare too so I'm taking offers please NO LOWBALL OFFERS NO BS. Looking to sell because I'm more of a 4x4 or lifted truck guy and would rather find a good home for it that someone would appreciate it. Phone or text me 209-400-8349 I live by Sacramento Ca. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Also this app will only let me download 1 picture I gusse my pictures are too big so if your interested I can send more pictures to you. Jeff
  2. Backstory on my truck Sometime in October of 2017 i was lucky enough to find a pretty much brand new 2003 blue AWD silverado ss I was only 16 and my parents wanted to buy me a brand new truck but i insisted that the only truck i wanted was the blue silverado ss. long story short they said if i could find a low miles one i could get it and so i did. I had it shipped all the way from New Jersey to Louisiana and it ran perfectly, it had a small cam and a stage 5 or 6 transmission from finish-line transmissions. About 300miles later my transmission went out out of nowhere and at the time i did not know it was built so i purchased a brand new 4l65e from GM and it went out in 20miles or so, this was a big ordeal but to sum it all up, they fixed the stock transmission but wouldn't refund any money on it. I then got my old core rebuild by finish-line and give or take another 500miles my oil pressure dropped to 0 and destroyed everything in the cammed motor. Fast forward a little bit and i now have everything lined out (I hope) i got a brand new crate motor and everything seems to be working properly now But overall the body is a 10/10 and the interior. No visible scratches anywhere, even in the bed. Also surprisingly the undercarriage looks all new, which is surprising since it came from New Jersey. No rust at all
  3. Here's another great job by Chase! I always love these jobs. This is the wife, of the client I did the Cayman for. GREAT people, and they've seen what my hands can do. This is her daily driver, and I think they'll order up a polishing package in the summer, but for now it was just a wash, clay, sealant, interior job. I'm always very grateful for return clients like this, and furthering our relationship. I went to the client's house for this one, here's how things went down: Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner, Wheel Woolies, Boar's Hair brush, & New Lugnut Brush on wheels Adam's All Purpose Cleaner& Fender Brushon tires & wheel wells Adam's All Purpose Cleaner & Fender Brush to clean floormats Adam's All Purpose Cleaner, Wheel Woolies, & Boar's Hair Brush to clean the engine bay Blow dry engine bay with MetroVac Sidekick & one of my "dirty job" towels Full two bucket wash with Adam's Firehose Nozzle & shutoff valve, Adam's Jumbo Wash pads, & Adam's Car Wash Shampoo Dress wheeel wells with Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray Adam's Clay Bar, Adam's Detail Spray, & Adam's Great White Drying Towel to decontaminate the surface Blow dry cracks & crevices with MetroVac Sidekick 70/30 Alcohol wipedown with Adam's Singlesoft Microfiber Towel Adam's Quick Sealant Comboto protect this baby Nourish engine bay, tires, & all exterior plastics with Adam's SVRT, Adam's In/out Spray, and a Block Sponge Vacuum interior with my Shop Vac Dust dash with small brushes, Adam's Detail Spray & "dirty job" towel Scrub seats and door areas with Adam's Leather/Interior Cleaner, Adam's Horsehair Interior Brush, & one of my "dirty job" towels Nourish seats & door areas with Adam's Leather Conditioner Clean interior & exterior glass with Adam's Glass Cleaner & towel Dress roof rack with Adam's SVRT On to the pics baby! Arriving on the scene: Lettin' the DWC & APC get right down to work: Engine bay before: Washed & Blow dry: Always check this area during a wash. The lugnut brush is used for MANY other areas than just lugs: All done washing: Ready for a pool rinse, let the car help dry itself: Hittin' those fender wells before moving forward, in case any overspray gets on the car, I have a few steps after, to remove it. I don't dry the car beforehand, when I clay. Any water left on the car after rinsing (ALWAYS DO THIS IN THE SHADE OR GARAGE) acts as lubricant for when I clay, and then I use the Great White Drying Towel to absorb what's left behind. I took this pic, so you can see all the dirt and junk left behind, EVEN AFTER a wash, absorbed into the towel. This is after just the roof. I always like to dress all areas with SVRT & In/Out Spray BEFORE I apply my LSP or do my IPA wipedown, because I'll remove any accidental messy areas, in the steps to come. Here's a 50/50 of the rear step pad, after 1 coat of SVRT: Buttoned up after 3 coats absorbed: Engine bay afters:
  4. threw on the new lip and plasti dipped the wheels to see how they would look.
  5. Looking for SS, what I am looking for: Color: Black, Silver, Charcoal Grey Engine: 6.0l Limited Scratches and dents (hopefully none) Stock rims, (if not that's ok) Leather Interior Clean title All-Wheel Drive (Two- wheel is fine too.) A Price range between $0-$13500 Limited Modifications
  6. About to sell old truck and I want me a nice SS. Black, Grey, or Dark Charcoal Grey, or Dark Blue. I live in South Carolina looking for something close but post anything. Price range from $0-$13500 Thanks
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