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Found 6 results

  1. Update 11-17-19 More rollpans have been made and are ready to ship. No waiting. [email protected] or text me 818-681-9776 Update 4-11-18 Roll pans are done and ready to ship. For anyone thats pmed me or emailed me I think I responded to everyone. Get them while you can. Update 3-25-18 All rollpans are sold. I will probably make another run of these. Ill talk to my fiberglass guy this week and see how busy he is. As Ive said before, I will make these as long as there is a demand. But it took a while to sell all the rollpans from the last run so this run will be smaller. If you want one I suggest getting it sooner or later. This may be the last run if the demand is gone. https://www.paypal.me/SSrollpan/600"]https://www.paypal.me/SSrollpan/600 March 2015 They are finlly done and ready to ship. Up for sale are custom fiberglass roll pan specifically for Silverado SS trucks. These roll pans are modeled from a cleaned up and slightly modified BSER roll pan. If you have one of these trucks, you know that a normal Silverado roll pan will not work. These roll pans are designed to wrap the sides to fill the voids to line up with the factory cladding. Some trimming is required. The roll pans have extra material to allow the end user to fit the roll pan to their truck since each truck will be slightly different. Professional installation with fiberglass experience is recommended. Stainless studs with backing plates included. Price is $600 shipped. I can send you a paypal funds request or you can simply send me the funds. Do not send as a gift. If you send it first, send it as a purchase so we are both covered by paypal and so I have your shipping info. I ship Fedex ground, insured and signature required. Local pickup is available with a $50 discount in the LA area/Southern California. I'm in the San Fernando Valley and available to meet up reasonable distances depending on my work schedule. My email is [email protected]
  2. Is this stuff worth anything to anyone? I want it gone and would like to know if it has any value to anyone with a Silverado SS.
  3. *UPDATE* Roll pans are done and ready to ship. See my ad in the for sale section http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/87371-custom-fiberglass-silverado-ss-roll-pans/ So I've seen more than a few posts on here of people looking for the BSER roll pans or any other options. I was fortunate to have an extra roll pan and thought I might have a solution seeing as more than a few people have got no response from BSER and the whole group buys never seem to work out. I am currently having a mold made from a BSER pan that has been modified and cleaned up a bit. There were a few areas on the BSER pan that could use a bit of work so I figured, why not fix them before a mold was made. I am not doing the work. I'm having a production fiberglass shop make the mold and pans. They were the ones that pointed out most of the issues and I basically explained to them what they are for, showed him my truck and said if there was anything he thought could be better, straighter, stronger, etc to go for it. Just don't change the general shape for the most part. Anyway, the mold and first roll pan should be done in another couple of weeks. The only thing I'm unsure of is the studs at the end of the roll pans. First let me say, I'm not an expert at installing fiberglass so I'm asking you guys, the final users. The BSER pans came with the studs installed which required drilling into the back corners of the bedsides. Would installing the roll pans be easier without the studs installed? I could include two studs with plates for the installation. Does everyone use the studs? Should it be an option to use the studs or not? Let me know what you guys think. When everything is all said and done, there will be no group buys required or minimum amount required. Initially I will prepay to have more than a few made and have stock on hand. After they sell, I will have more made. Lead times depend on how busy the shop gets. Lead time at the moment is approximate 4 weeks. I also own the mold and will continue to have them made as long as there is a demand. As demand decreases I will eventually stop keeping stock. But as I mentioned, I own the mold so if someone ever needed another one down the road, I can have one made. So I'm told the resin is called fire retardant vinyl ester epoxy. I had to look it up what it was and found some good info Vinyl esters are more tolerant of stretching than polyesters. This makes them more able to absorb impact without damage. They are also less likely to show stress cracking. Vinyl ester has fewer open sites in its molecular chain. This makes it much more resistant to water penetration ('hydrolysis') which can cause osmotic blistering. Vinyl esters shrink less on curing, which means that 'pre-release' of a laminate from a mold is less significant. The cross bonding of vinyl esters is superior to that of polyesters. This means that vinyl esters bond to core materials much more effectively than polyesters and delamination is less of an issue. Vinyl esters are less sensitive to ambient conditions (temperature and humidity) than are polyesters. Vinyl esters are more expensive than polyesters though careful calculations are required to assess the cost impact for a significant build project such as a luxury yacht. This is because the relative strengths need to be factored in - you can use less vinyl ester to achieve a given strength. As for the studs being pre-attached or not, it looks like I will include them but not attach them. That way the end user has the option if they would like. This is what will be included. They can be glued in place using the proprietary weldmount AT-1030 Acrylic adhesive or any sutible two-part epoxy, fiberglassed in, or both http://www.weldmountsystem.com/products-adhesives.php http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=63683&familyName=Weld+Mount+AT-1030+Adhesive Finished product The white thing is called the model. It is a BSER pan cleaned up and used to make the mold. Parts coming out of the mold and getting cleaned up. I ordered 10 already. Should be done by the end of this week or early next week. Mold is done and roll pans are being made at the moment. Price will be $600 shipped. The first 10 will get a $50 discount, so $550 shipped. Anyone interested feel free to drop me a pm on here or email [email protected]
  4. Been a while since I've been on here, but I heard there are people looking for a BSER roll pan. I have an extra one still sitting in the original box. Don't really need or want to sell it but for the right price I will. I know someone mentioned selling a damaged one for $750 and I'm not sure if BSER is even making them any longer. $1000 OBO includes shipping or meet locals in socal.
  5. Hey ss fans!! I have recently gone under the hunt of looking for a custom fitting rollpan that works with the Silverado ss sideskirts. as far as it goes with buying one online or from a dealership is literaly impossible unless you trim your sideskirts...so I researched on this site and found out that there is a a guy who goes under BSER and he makes these roll pans himself they are simply stunning! nicest roll pan ive ever seen in my opinion. because he is a a private distributor he needs over 5 orders too even think of making any. so don't believe anyones forum I have talked too BSER and this is what he told me too do. they use too go around $400 for the whole roll pan I DONT know if that has changed. so please give me your emails if your interested and I will pass them on to BSER and we can make all our silvys just alittle more gorgeous thanks sean.
  6. Here is your chance at getting 1 of these great pans without the hassle of a group buy. I purchased it from another member on the forum and have changed my mind about installing this. So im looking to get 700 shipped OBO.
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