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Found 53 results

  1. Silverado_George


    Hey guys I was just starting this topic not as means to bash the truck obviously but just as a means of pointing out the problems that I noticed since I've owned it that these trucks have and that GM could have done due to the fact that they cost people 40k when they were brand new. Some of the problems listed here affect MOST and some of them affect and apply to ALL and others are generic Silverado and GM issues. Feel free to add any if I've missed some 1. Famous Steering clunking when turning or going over rough terrain 2. Front Differential 3. Cheap Leather that frays and cracks after only a little bit 4. Stepper Motors in Instrument cluster being non-functional 5. Transmission Slipping ( Happens every now and then to mine and I am only at 38k miles). 6. Didn't put a sunroof on all the trucks, should have done this since the SS trim was the highest and most exclusive trim you could go with back then, should have fully loaded all of them 7. Brakes are not very good considering that they are in charge of stopping a 5,300 pound pickup truck 8. Tailgate latch issue 9.Rusting brake lines issue
  2. Anybody have a front bumper laying around? Preferably oem, my streetscene one always bothered me. Reason I ask is a horse trailer in my town ripped into mine yesterday and drove off, I am devastated . I know it will need brackets as well but I will take what I can get. Let me know! Thanks. - Edit - Last week somebody backed into my front bumper, AGAIN . I talked to the body shop who will be doing the work and they printed off an estimate but told me it would be cheaper for me to find a complete one rather than them buy one from the dealership, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could get to me with a front bumper cover, any of the brackets, ducts, silver grills, etc. Thank you so much! Have their insurance cash in hand ready to buy if I can get a good deal, if not I suppose I will be buying a new one.. Lol.
  3. Silverado_George

    Anybody have a spare baffle?

    I was replacing the manifold cover on my SS and i accidently put my knee on the plastic baffle piece that goes over the radiator.. anybody have a spare one or any idea where i can get a good replacement? Dealer wants $100 for a damn piece of plastic plus 30 bucks for the belt routing sticker , any help would be appreciated, Thanks George
  4. Silverado_George

    IMG 3652

    From the album: BlackSS

    Picture of the 1st day i got her
  5. Silverado_George

    Which brake setup is best?

    Hey guys, i was looking to upgrade the brake system in my SS as it has the original one still and it is not very good for braking or so I've noticed... what system is a great replacement but won't break the bank? (Wilwood). Or what may i modify in order to get better braking performance? Any input would be greatly appreciated oh and information about the brakes on these trucks as i know nothing about the ones on these trucks.. maybe links? George
  6. Silverado_George

    Too much rust? Thoughts

    I'm again in the market for an SS truck and would like some thoughts on one that I found, I am in California so yeah i found a truck but the truck is not that close to me and i did a Carfax and found out that the truck came from Utah, which i know is a snow state so i was of course expecting there to be some rust but Idk it kind of turned me off it's a slight of rust but i see that the most noticeable part is on the frame in picture , any thoughts? Tried resizing the photos don't know if you'll be able to see them in detail, Thanks! George
  7. Anyone know how much SS Silverado seats in good condition are worth (no tears, rips, etc)? Found a set that look like roughly 50k miles on them and am considering buying for the single cab but do not know what to offer the guy. Thanks!
  8. marodda

    Cabin Air Filter Retrofit/Install

    So you recently found out that your gmt800/900 doesn't have a cabin air filter. I know, its a huge shock since every other vehicle has one. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about it's a filter that is between your vents and the outside of your truck to keep dust and debris (and possibly foul odors) from entering the cab. Well it turns out Silverados used to have them...the year before the SSS came out. You can thank your friendly GM engineer for trying to save a couple bucks on production and later repairs for people not changing them out regularly. Luckily, enough people complained and GM made a retrofit kit...or at least offered the parts from previous years into one convenient package. Well fret no more, I will show you all how to do this. I know, I know (in a thick whiny nerd voice) "But there are other forums out there that already show how to do this". Shut up and sit down nerd, I'm going to write this up anyway so you don't have to dig through google looking for the one with pictures or one that makes sense. So first things first, before you order any parts or even decide to tackle this you need to take into consideration a few items: Do you have the tools required: Ratchet with 7mm, 1/4, 7/32 sockets (or equivalent) Dremel or other suitable cutting device, preferably with a 90 degree tool head Box cutter or suitable razor blade device Safety Glasses (safety first) Lots and lots of patience Are you comfortable making irreversible cuts into your trucks HVAC system with a high speed rotary tool? Are you at least slightly mechanically inclined? Are you ready to spend an hour swearing at one stupid screw? And most importantly do you know what parts you need? Thats easy. Go out to your truck and open the passenger door. Climb under the dash and using your 7mm socket tool unbolt the 3 screws holding the HVAC shield that protects everything under there. Looks like this: Before you unbolt those screws though I need to warn you (oh wait did you already do that? Well that will teach you for not reading the forum completely before tackling this job). The third screw is above the hump just behind the center console. It is a GIANT PITA. You can do this all without taking it out, but the shield will poke you and get in your way the whole time, and you may even end up breaking it. That being said, if you take this screw out, you'd better be prepared to spend some time trying to put it back in. I can show you a little trick to make it easier when the time comes. For this part only remove the 2 easy ones because you will need to put it back on until you get your parts. Ok so once said shield is out of the way, you need to determine which type of cover you need (and possibly which style filter). There are three types out there. Earlier years (2003-2004) may look like this (lets refer to as Gen1): Later years (2005-2006) may look like this (refer as Gen2): Or even possibly this (2007 and up - refer as Gen3): For the sake of this install we will use mine as an example. I have a 2006 so I've got the Gen2 picture above. So now that you have seen what style cover you have, you need to go online and place an order for the parts. Keep in mind there are two types of filters, a standard pleated filter to keep out dust and debris, and a carbon filter that will keep out dust, debris, and help filter out foul odors. (These filters need replaced yearly by the way) If you have the Gen1 'L' shaped bracket you will need: Cabin Air Filter Cover: GM# 52494070 2x Standard air filters: GM# 19257782 -or- 2x Carbon air filters: GM# 12489479 (this style uses 2 half filters side by side) If you have either the Gen2 or Gen3 style you will need: Cabin Air Filter Cover & Screw: GM# 22759208 Standard air filter: GM# 22759203 -or- Carbon air filter: GM# 23101674 (these styles use only 1 filter, although you can use 2 half filters as well) -or- Alternatively you can also use this complete Dorman Kit: Cover, Screw, and Standard Filter: 259-200 Cover, Screw, and Carbon Filter: 259-201 (I used this one – it worked perfect, and was $48 off amazon) All 3 styles are relatively similar in installation with minor differences so it is very easy to adapt these instructions to your style. So at this point you have received your parts and are ready to get started. Go back and remove that cover like before. Lay something on the floor to catch debris and plastic shavings. Next unbolt the Blower Motor Resistor. It’s the rectangular thing with two 7/32 screws directly to the right of where the filter(s) go. Looks like this: Either unplug both connectors or if you can’t get the PITA one in the back of the Blower, just unplug the one and tuck the Resistor up behind it. This will give you a little extra room to work. Now comes the fun part. Grab your rotary tool with a cutting wheel on it (a 90 degree tool head will make this a million times easier) and safety glasses and start cutting. This is where things vary a little. The Gen 1 you will be cutting an ‘L’ shape hole. This one will have the tab for the cover on the front and the screw post in the rear. Make it look like this: Gen 3 is really easy, just cut between the grooves. I hear it can be done with a razor blade. Gen 2 is somewhat more difficult. You will be cutting a 10.25” x 1” slot. I would recommend you hold the filter up to it so you can see about the dimensions you plan to cut. Just cut slightly smaller than the filter. Cut slow and carefully. This one’s tab is in the rear while the screw post is in the front. Now you don't have to do this with a dremel, but i'll tell you that it will make things easier. This is just a recommendation. You’ll notice that the ‘V’ cuts in the filter are there so you can bend the filter to make it easier to angle into the hole. You can also test fit your cover: Notice the 90 degree head. You won't be able to easily get the dremel in there without it. Alternatively if you want you can purchase the half filters and just cut a hole half the length (the length of one of the half filters). Make sure you bought the Gen2/3 cover though. It will still work with a half cut as it’s meant to sit on the outside of the hole. I prefer to do things right though. Once you get your rough cut look up inside. You will see the factory grooves for the filter that is no longer there (just like how there are screw posts yet no cover). You’ll also likely see years of nasty crap mashed into your heater core. Also take note of the inside dimensions. Just inside your cut you will see the vertical surfaces before it opens up to the heater core. Take your razor blade and very carefully trim your hole so it is even with said vertical surfaces. It will coincidentally be the exact size you need for your filter. Also on the front and back surfaces you will see grooves going vertically all the way to the top. Cut exactly to that center groove sticking out. You should end up with about 2-3mm of surface left all the way around and a flat opening with nothing to catch on the filter. Make sure you make this smooth, as well as the bottom surface where the cover mounts so you get a solid seal. Test fit your filter. It should slide in easily without snagging on burrs, and should stop with the bottom completely flush with the cover surface. Make sure the convenient pull tabs are on the bottom and the ‘V’ cuts are facing to the right. If you used the two half filters you will slide one up and then push it to the back, then slide the second one in beside it. Pull the filter out and use compressed air or something to blow the crap out of the heater core. Put the filter back in. Finally take your new cover and hook the back tab into the slot and set against the filter. Take your new screw and using your 1/4” screw the cover onto the screw post. It won’t take any effort. Don’t use a drill. If you have a Gen2, screw it in until the seal is lightly compressed and the tab should be making contact with the screw post. A Gen 3 will not make contact with the screw post. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! Make sure you put your Blower Motor Resistor back in and plug it in. Clean up the area well and grab that HVAC cover. This is the fun part. If you unscrewed only two, good for you, screw it back on. If you unscrewed all 3, take a deep breath. Grab your 7mm, preferably a deep well. Put one of your screws in it and use electrical tape to tape it on, like this: Take the cover and note the PITA screw location. It has a screw well that if you look at the inside has a depression that conveniently will seat right over top of the screw post under the dash. Find said screw post and get your bearings. Take the cover and carefully seat that screw post into the cover’s depression. Now with the other hand take the socket contraption you just made and stick it up in the screw well and try and seat the screw. Once its seated the socket and screw will stay up there while you hand tighten the screw. Once suitably tight put your ratchet on and tighten it. Now pull the socket off. It should come off with the tape. Now tighten the last two screws. You just saved yourself an hour of swearing. Clean up and pat yourself on the back while you breathe in nice filtered air. And don’t forget, the next time you see a GM engineer, punch him in the junk.
  9. Silverado_George

    Best Exhaust Setup?

    Wats up guys? I was posting because I wanted some feedback on what is the best exhaust system setup just to gather opinions.. I do live in California, so the control of emissions is the worst out here , probably the strictest out of anywhere here in the states I think. To start off true dual exhaust is illegal out here and it's rare to find a guy that will do it at a shop, that plus cars out here have to get smogged every two years and it will not pass with true dual. The setup that I have right now on my truck is dual with a flowmaster 40 series muffler, I think that's the 2nd loudest muffler they carry, the loudest would be the super 10, I don't exactly want to be that obnoxious ****with the extremely loud truck driving down the street, I just want to change the sound a bit on what I currently have, any thoughts?
  10. garrettm13

    2006 Silverado SS FOR SALE

    Hi guys, this is my first post on SilveradoSS.com. I have been following the site for awhile though, but I am a noob here so I apologize in advance for anything out of the rules. So far this site has been a tremendous help to me with my trucks. I have a truck I need to sale and I figured the best place would be here hoping to find someone who truly appreciates these trucks. I recently acquired 2 Silverado SS's (2003 & 2006) and decided to keep the 2003 since I liked it a little better and it was the AWD model. I have a 2006 Silverado SS 2wd for sale. I bought this truck about 2 months ago the same time I bought the 2003 I am currently driving. I had already bought the 2006 and decided I wanted the 2003 so I am selling the 2006. I bought this truck off of a friend of my dads who is an older gentlemam who is a car collector. The truck had sat in my dads storage building for the last year and a half not being driven. He was keeping it to give to his grandson for his 16th birthday, but his grandson didn't want the truck. (I know right) I thought I was pretty knowledgable on these trucks with previous family members owning them and always owning Silverado trucks. I didn't really look over the truck too much when I bought it or ask many questions as I normally would buying a used vehicle since it was a friend of the family. I didn't know they offered a 2wd version in 2006 until I had already purchased it and I was pretty set on having the AWD version. The only thing I have replaced that I have noticed that needed to be replaced was the fuel sensor on the tank. It had went bad and had caused the fuel pump to continually kick off when trying to pump gas. Other than that the truck runs and drives great and still feels fresh for an older truck. Odometer 118,704 (miles may differ slightly as my dad is currently driving the truck occasionally) The truck is currently sitting in my dads storage building. Located in Western Kentucky. Sorry for the dirty photos, I live in Nashville and haven't had the chance to get back up to KY to detail it. I'm asking $14,500 for it. Not interested in trades. 270.519.3509 Thanks!
  11. The-Hoss!

    Hello from Ontario

    Hey There Enjoy reading the forums, & gathering ideas & advice. February 2016, I gave my 2002 Chevrolet Silverado (Sylvie) a make over. (Very Much needed) - Replaced the farmers cap with a Fibreglass tonneau cover - Replaced d/s & p/s Cab corners, & rocker panels - Replaced both front fenders - Welded in rear fender patches - Replaced Tailgate - Replaced Chrome rear bumper with paint matching indigo blue steel bumper - Painted all mirrors & handles to match - Removed all decals - Added SS front bumper. She's a Head Turner now!! Almost got stolen in August when i ventured to Detroit.....(weird) Check out my pics, & Thnx for havin me. The Hoss! Orangeville, Ontario, Canada Before/During/After...
  12. Blzbo

    Blue 03 SS 46k miles FS

    Selling my Arrival Blue 2003 SS Silverado. Truck is in great shape and has been pampered. Low miles, never smoked in, and always adult driven. I am the second owner and it has a clean carfax. It has a matching fiberglass tonneau cover. The car is completely stock other than the radio (original radio to go with it) and the tonneau cover. interior has no rips or tears and outside still looks great. Truck also runs great. New radio has xm and dvd plus steering wheel controls. I just posted it on autotrader and would love feedback from you guys. Let me know what you think. Asking price is $18,500. My email is [email protected] Phone number is 321-246-1985.
  13. Silverado_George

    What is the best setup?

    i have an 03 SS and wanted to change the sound of it when you start it, all the trucks i've had, i never altered them, i always kept them all stock, but i like the deep rich growl of some modified trucks, i've heard putting a new muffler will change the sound like a flowmaster muffler. but any ideas i don't want it to sound obnoxiously loud, i've also heard the thicker the pipe the louder the sound, any ideas?
  14. Hello guys Im new to the forum, and ive seen plenty of older posts for claddings for sale and they all seem to be either too old or already sold. But here is my dilemma i have a single cab SS clone and recently wrapped it around a tree after hydroplaning accross 3 lanes. Im ok and the majority of the truck is too im in the processing of rebuilding the truck but i still need the driver door cladding only! so if someone has one or knows someone who does please let me know, thanks in advance.
  15. Silverado_George

    Any SS Members from Ohio?

    Looking for any SS members from ohio more specifically close to Akron,Ohio?
  16. Silverado_George

    What's your favorite SS Model Year?

    I want to get some opinions as to which is everyone's favorite SS model year and list some features that come which each one, there's the 2003,2004,2005,2006 Intimidator,and 2006 regular SS,I'll start it off by saying that the SS Intimidator is my favorite because of the many upgrades
  17. baellin

    New Member - DC area

    Hello all, I am Derek, active duty Navy living in the DC area. After my brother died in March of 2013, his wife decided to give me his 2006 Silverado Intimidator SS (I didn't own a vehicle). I love this truck, I love driving it, and hopefully the image I attach shows up (posting this from work lol). Hope you all like it
  18. I have a pair of front brake ducts for sale. Price is $120 including shipping. Both ducts have a missing tab but can still be secured easily. They don't have grills in them and will need to be repainted as the previous owner painted them black. I found a complete bumper and no longer need these. I was gonna keep as a spare set but willing to sell. These are getting harder to find and ridiculously expensive. Cannot upload pics at this time but will email or txt you a pic if interested.
  19. Hello there. Over the next few months. I will be taking on the prosess of converting my new truck that I have just imported into New Zealand to right hand drive. I started tonight on pulling the dash and other interior parts out. And also removed. The steering box to be sent away to be all changed and returned as a right hand drive steering box. I will be posting pictures along the way as I get time.
  20. I am moving up to San Francisco in two weeks and can't take my truck with me. It's a 2003 AWD SS Silverado with 113k miles. I purchased it from a friend about 4 years ago with 80k miles. It has a salvage title from theft, I have the carfax and supporting docs. This has been such a great truck for me and I can't thank this forum enough for helping me with everything SS related. Upgrades include: 06 HD Hood and Grille, black 24 inch wheels, HID lights, Sound/navigation/backup camera, flowmaster exhaust. I haven't done anything to the engine, suspension, or drivetrain. I've really just used it as a clean truck to get to and from school/work. I am asking $11k but am open to reasonable offers. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns, my cell is (818) 631-4870. If anyone has a brother, friend cousin, looking for a SS keep me in mind as well. Thanks.
  21. AKdraws

    SS Cartoon!

    New to the SS forum. I'm a huge fan of the truck and will be hunting down an Arrival Blue one in a few months. So in the meantime, and to keep my mind on the goal, I drew it I am an automotive artist from Manteca CA. Check out my facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/akdrawsrides If you would like a drawing of your truck, car or motorcycle, feel free to send me an email @[email protected]
  22. As stated in the title I'm in need for the 2003 black Silverado SS paint code. I know I can look in the glove and find it, but it's at home right now and I'm out of town, but I'm wanting to order the paint now so it can go ahead and be ordered. I thought a Onyx Black was used, but every paint site I go to to look up the code of my truck just calls it "Black" and gives the code WA8555. I'm just trying to make sure I don't screw up and order the wrong paint. Thanks in advance guys!
  23. Well earlier today a horse trailer in town took out my front bumper and drove off ... I am very sad about the whole deal but I guess life happens. At the moment I have a street scene one but it has always bothered me that it is one piece instead of separate. I was looking into getting an OEM or maybe a perfect replica one, any suggestions? Also I know that the street scene one works as a bumper cover and bolts right onto the bumper, will the OEM one work the same? Thanks.
  24. Hi all, I have a terrific 2004 Chevrolet Silverado SS for sale. It is in great condition and pro built with tons of extra high performance parts. Here I have for sale this amazing 2004 Chevrolet Silverado SS. Equally at home on the street and ready for the strip. Fiberglass hood installed with cold air induction vents. Poly urethane front bumper. Both these mods were to lessen the weight. This truck is an all wheel drive vehicle, it has amazing traction and hook up. Nothing but quality parts and reputable builders were used in the modification and enhancements of this SS. Only a few light scratches and some of the clearcoat on the fiberglass hood and bumper has started to peel. These can easily be painted if you like or keep running it as is. It's nothing to detract a future owner. This truck is built to run and even drive to your local store and car show. All race mod's and mechanical work were done by Doug Hunkler and Rathmann Racing. Full race 423 cubic inch blue printed and balanced LS small block by Heartbeat Performance Competition engines. 09' Cadillac aluminum block, bored and stroked Dyno tested 1170 foot lbs torque 900 horsepower at the crank and 700 horsepower at the wheels Street legal Low 11's in 1/4 mile Here are a list of the quality parts installed on this truck Forged Aries Pistons Forged Eagle Crank Forged Eagle H-Beam Rods Competition Cams Custom grind Racing Harmonic ATI Super Damper Custom high flow heads, CNC ported with 5 way seated SS valves Custom SS push rods and Highland Sharp Roller Rockers Comp Valve Springs with Titanium retainers Long tube headers with 3 inch custom SS exhaust and new magna flow mufflers Cool wrapped headers custom SS Lake pipes Vortech Supercharger - 9lbs of boost with intercooler NOS Cheater plate system with twin bottle hook up and heater blankets Edelbrock intake with 80 mm Holly throttle body 20 gallon fuel cell with eliminator fuel pump Raptor stage 5 4L80 Performance transmission with trans cooler Yank 4000 stall torque converter with lock-up Compushift programmable transmission pcm 2500 series 2 / 4 wheel transfer case with B&M shifter Custom fabricated steel drive shafts Auburn limited slip differential with 4:10 gears SSBC disc brakes with slotted rotors and 4 piston calipers Light weight race seats and 4 point roll cage New Nitto drag radials Three piece custom C.C.W race wheels Fiberglass hood and Bumper Spray in bed liner The remaining stickers are vinyl and can be removed The truck has been lowered 3 inches in front and 4 inches in the rear. Check out all the pics and see and listen to this awesome truck in the video clips. Contact me for more video clips, more pics and info.* A bit over 68,000 miles on the truck and approximately 8000 miles on the new engine. Over 80k spent to build but it can be yours today for only 25,000.00 Contact for pics and for video clips of truck running. Thanks, Tom
  25. I'm on the hunt for a set of nice 22" replica wheels in Texas. Would like to find someone close by Lubbock TX (Willing to travel a little) who is looking for a stock set of OEM silvers wanting to get rid of the 22"s so it would be a simple trade off. Depending on the situation (New tires, etc) I may be willing to throw in some money on top of the stock 20"s. Lemme know what you got!