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Found 99 results

  1. Hey there! (new to the community) I am getting ready to purchase a new vehicle, but not just any. Something special. I know cars now-a-days aren't made like they used to be. It's more about looks and performance rather than a balance of those 2 AND reliability. What intrigues me about these trucks is their reliability. Easily compared to old toyotas. 300k miles, easy, with the right care. Seeing how my dads 2002 chevy silverado has been through it all and still going strong with 235k miles has shown me the quality of these trucks and I am ready to have one until it can no longer run. Now, I've been eyeing a 2003 SS with 153k miles. Interior/exterior looks clean, taken care of from what it looks. Engine bay looks normal. Reported to have had 4 owners (kinda weird). No issues or accidents have been reported. When i get the chance to test it for myself (planning to take someone experienced with me as well) what should i look out for? Thank You!
  2. Let me know what you need and I will get back to you on a price. located in Idaho 469-301-0408 I will send you picks of the truck
  3. This truck has too much to list quickly, I communicate best on the phone and would appreciate interested people giving me a chance to speak with them for 5 minutes to see if this might be a truck you are interested in. The skinny: 78,000 miles Stock interior/exterior lq9 block - built internals - (race shop in winchester 10k invested) Borg Warner Turbo Custom 5" exhaust - Serviceable 4L80e Trans with billet converter sourced from a camaro dragster (has trans brake) Modified input on stock AWD transfercase steel rear driveshaft AMS Boost control Methanol injection WORKING A/C and Stereo Hydra boost conversion for brakes Electric cooling fans tuned with HP tuners - boost levels= gate pressure, 10, 15 - anything you want to go with max I have tested is 18 asking 25K but willing to discuss - I already have a low offer to entertain. Video walkthrough and all questions answered for those who take the time to speak on the phone with me - Mike Hogarty - 540-409-1967 Thank you for your interest!
  4. Looking for a blue ss with a clean body Dont mind the other colors, prefer blue but post up what you have
  5. Hi gents, 1sr post, hope it's in the right place. I emailed shopman who said if we can get 10 orders he will still make a batch, he said he thought there might be 2 or 3, plus me. Thanks so much
  6. Full Cladding kit in good condition for sale OEM $1400 plus shipping call or text me at 828-707-3882 for more pictures
  7. Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently got into a fender bender in my 06 SS, i ordered new plastics but before i order a new face bar from the dealership i wanted to ask if it had to be the SS Specific face bar that goes underneath the SS plastic. When i pulled the bumper off i realized it looked incredibly similar to my brothers 05' silverado, does any one know if the generic 03-07 silverado bumper will fit underneath the plastic/ will the brackets line up with the truck? Thanks for any help!
  8. I finally managed to score a set of cladding with all of the brackets for the single cab, unfortunately the seller had already sold the bumper. I am looking for a rear bumper in good shape with the brackets to mount it. Let me know what you have, thanks!
  9. I have a regular cab short bed 04 Silverado, I’m looking to clone my truck. New on here. If anyone is selling a full kit with brackets or knows how I can get my hands on one or some parts please let me know. Thanks!
  10. I'm looking for a factory Silverado SS Stock exhaust and a set of factory 20" Rims. Can be silver or chrome. I will pay shipping. Also have a pair of 22" Elite Carnal Rims I would trade or sell. $850
  11. I will be posting mileage, interior pictures & everything else later. She is going into the shop soon for touch up work around the wheel wells. Brand new Borla ProXs muffler, pace setter long tube headers, After Market Rims, Dark Tint anyway pictures are on profile. If interested let me know. Sale will be soon as she gets out of shop. .*Update* I am also willing to sell as is...send offers an I will respond to your question....Willing to negotiate
  12. Hey guys I was just starting this topic not as means to bash the truck obviously but just as a means of pointing out the problems that I noticed since I've owned it that these trucks have and that GM could have done due to the fact that they cost people 40k when they were brand new. Some of the problems listed here affect MOST and some of them affect and apply to ALL and others are generic Silverado and GM issues. Feel free to add any if I've missed some 1. Famous Steering clunking when turning or going over rough terrain 2. Front Differential 3. Cheap Leather that frays and cracks after only a little bit 4. Stepper Motors in Instrument cluster being non-functional 5. Transmission Slipping ( Happens every now and then to mine and I am only at 38k miles). 6. Didn't put a sunroof on all the trucks, should have done this since the SS trim was the highest and most exclusive trim you could go with back then, should have fully loaded all of them 7. Brakes are not very good considering that they are in charge of stopping a 5,300 pound pickup truck 8. Tailgate latch issue 9.Rusting brake lines issue
  13. Anybody have a front bumper laying around? Preferably oem, my streetscene one always bothered me. Reason I ask is a horse trailer in my town ripped into mine yesterday and drove off, I am devastated . I know it will need brackets as well but I will take what I can get. Let me know! Thanks. - Edit - Last week somebody backed into my front bumper, AGAIN . I talked to the body shop who will be doing the work and they printed off an estimate but told me it would be cheaper for me to find a complete one rather than them buy one from the dealership, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could get to me with a front bumper cover, any of the brackets, ducts, silver grills, etc. Thank you so much! Have their insurance cash in hand ready to buy if I can get a good deal, if not I suppose I will be buying a new one.. Lol.
  14. I was replacing the manifold cover on my SS and i accidently put my knee on the plastic baffle piece that goes over the radiator.. anybody have a spare one or any idea where i can get a good replacement? Dealer wants $100 for a damn piece of plastic plus 30 bucks for the belt routing sticker , any help would be appreciated, Thanks George
  15. From the album: BlackSS

    Picture of the 1st day i got her
  16. Hey guys, i was looking to upgrade the brake system in my SS as it has the original one still and it is not very good for braking or so I've noticed... what system is a great replacement but won't break the bank? (Wilwood). Or what may i modify in order to get better braking performance? Any input would be greatly appreciated oh and information about the brakes on these trucks as i know nothing about the ones on these trucks.. maybe links? George
  17. I'm again in the market for an SS truck and would like some thoughts on one that I found, I am in California so yeah i found a truck but the truck is not that close to me and i did a Carfax and found out that the truck came from Utah, which i know is a snow state so i was of course expecting there to be some rust but Idk it kind of turned me off it's a slight of rust but i see that the most noticeable part is on the frame in picture , any thoughts? Tried resizing the photos don't know if you'll be able to see them in detail, Thanks! George
  18. Hello I am selling the stock SS radio that came out of the 04' SS i just bought, i also have the set of Bose speakers that came out of the truck, everything is in great working condition anybody interested PM me, thanks George
  19. Anybody here rebuild and repair instrument clusters? I got my SS and it was flawless except for the oil pressure gauge doesn't work, the RPM one goes way up to 6,000, and the speedometer does as well, so who rebuilds them for a good price? Don't know if these need to be programmed again or not..
  20. Hey guys after years and years of searching and patiently waiting i FINALLY got another SS, its an 04' with 32k on the odometer, S & B cold air intake, JBA shorty headers, and a complete sound system, i started this topic to get suggestions from current owners of these trucks to protect it, what would you guys recommend to prevent it from getting stolen, didn't really get into this much because the 1st one i had i only had it for a month when a financial emergency happened i had to sell it? A sure thing besides the obvious storing in a garage.. any tips would be greatly appreciated
  21. Hey everybody, from up here in Canada. Just bought a 2003 SS and it's my 1st truck. I get it on Halloween. Any ideas on what to do 1st with my new truck?
  22. Anyone know how much SS Silverado seats in good condition are worth (no tears, rips, etc)? Found a set that look like roughly 50k miles on them and am considering buying for the single cab but do not know what to offer the guy. Thanks!
  23. 2004 Silverado ss all wheel drive, 37k miles. K&N air intake, bedcover, corsa cat back and 2" cowl hood put on in march of this year. Other than that it's all stock. Truck is in excellent shape inside and out. Email [email protected] or message for additional pics and info. Asking price is 24,000 obo
  24. Wats up guys? I was posting because I wanted some feedback on what is the best exhaust system setup just to gather opinions.. I do live in California, so the control of emissions is the worst out here , probably the strictest out of anywhere here in the states I think. To start off true dual exhaust is illegal out here and it's rare to find a guy that will do it at a shop, that plus cars out here have to get smogged every two years and it will not pass with true dual. The setup that I have right now on my truck is dual with a flowmaster 40 series muffler, I think that's the 2nd loudest muffler they carry, the loudest would be the super 10, I don't exactly want to be that obnoxious ****with the extremely loud truck driving down the street, I just want to change the sound a bit on what I currently have, any thoughts?
  25. Okay, so I have been doing a LOT of reading on this site and others in regard to engine performance, upgrades, power and drive-ability for my Silverado SS. Quite frankly there is SO much information it can be quite daunting and confusing for someone such as myself; as I am a do-it-yourselfer with little knowledge in what I am looking to do. So please bear with me. My truck is a 2003 Silverado SS with 62,000 miles. It is in near perfect condition, always well maintained and has been stored in a climate controlled garage for the last 5 years or so. I do NOT drive it everyday. The only current modifications are: Long tube headers Custom 2 1/2 Borla Dual Exhaust (with X-pipe) Cold Air Intake. To make a long story short, I want more horsepower and Torque. I would love to have somewhere between 550-600hp at the crank with respectable torque numbers. I am considering the following: 421CI 4.03 pistons -11cc Dish 6.125 Crank 247cc,68cc heads cam choices are as follows: Intake Duration 212 224 216 Exhaust Duration 218 230 220 Intake Lift .558 .581 .56 Exhaust Lift .563 .591 .56 LSA 115 114 114 2800 Stall (?) What do you all think? Is 550-600 hp achievable on this setup naturally aspirated and yet still be able to put on a supercharger at some point in the next few years without going back in to the engine? Please keep in mind that even though this is NOT a daily driver, it still needs to be considered a daily driver. I don't want some crazy lopey engine. I need to be able to jump in it and drive it across the country, or pull a small trailer (6 1/2 ' by 12 ' single 3500lb axle) or my wife needs to be able to jump in and drive it to work, etc. It will likely never see a race or drag strip. I have considered putting on a Radix or Whipple on the stock 6.0 instead of building an engine. However, I just don't believe I will be satisfied with the outcome. Your guidance is really appreciated.
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