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Found 12 results

  1. Specs on vehicle are 2001 Sierra standard cab w/05 6.0L,4L80e,3800 circle d converter,e-fans,long tube headers, exhaust Want some good power and still be able to drive it in the weekend with no problems. Some upgrades I plan on doing are to run ethanol as a fuel source and tune. I need help choosing specs on cam. I’ve never swapped out factory cam with aftermarket cam so any advice suggestions help thank you
  2. Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently got into a fender bender in my 06 SS, i ordered new plastics but before i order a new face bar from the dealership i wanted to ask if it had to be the SS Specific face bar that goes underneath the SS plastic. When i pulled the bumper off i realized it looked incredibly similar to my brothers 05' silverado, does any one know if the generic 03-07 silverado bumper will fit underneath the plastic/ will the brackets line up with the truck? Thanks for any help!
  3. I am thinking about installing an MMI Twin Turbo Kit on my truck. It already has a 4L80E transmission. The kit is on amazon. Anyway, what I am wanting is help on what else I will need to buy with the kit. I know I will need bigger injectors, I just dont know how many lbs/hr. I also plan on installing a high flow oil pump with this kit as well. I will be getting it tuned on a dyno after the install. I also plan on replacing the head gaskets, intake gaskets, and lifters at the same time. Thinking about a cam, but not sure where to go with that either. Looking for any advice that I can get. I am wanting to put around 600 horsepower to the ground. Not trying to get too crazy with the boost.
  4. Just bought a 2006 Intimidator SS.Does anybody know how to track down the production number??? of 933. D E I Dealership was no help at all. Thanks from a new member
  5. So, I have a 2004 SS 140k. Always had a little bit of noise on the passe ger side, bit nothing too bad. Last week, CEL started blinking, car started making a noisey rapping noise, and finally shut off as I came off the highway. I suspected it was a stuck lifter that kept the valve open and was flooding the engine ( I also smelled gas in the exhaust btw). It also never gave a code on my code reader, which was weird.I got it home and started to disassemble foen to the lifter. Found one worn lifter on the pass side, but nothing huge. Then looked down the hole at the cam and saw that one of the lobes saw half way broken off. FML... I started to take off the front and pulled the cam out and it was shot. I also noticed my timing chain was very loose, but the teeth on the gears weren't too bad. Here is where I need help: 1) I am the second owner of the truck and the milage is pretty low all things considered. Is it worth trying to contact Chevy and make a stink about it. My guess is that the Cam was defected when the truck rolled off the line. If it was just some scraping or a chuck out of it, then I wouldn't think about it. The fact os that half the lobe broke off and I fished it out the oil pan. That is hardened steel and how the hell it broke like that has yo be a defect in the part or the steel. Your thoughts? 2) Any tips on installing the new Cam. I have never done one before and don't want to mess it up. Also, once I get the Cam in what about putting on the new timming chain and gears. I HAVE NOT TOUCHED OR MOVED THE CRANK SHAFT! But am worried about installing the gears and chains perfectly so I don't mess up the timing on the truck and the crank. Any tips on how to install the chain and gears and make sure they line up with the crank shaft gear so I don't make things worse once I reassemble and start using the truck again? Thanks for everyones help!
  6. First off I'll start with I am from Alberta Canada so keep that in mind when you give me part information and want to buy information thank you let's start now I have a 2003 SS and am New to the site I was just wondering I am looking to install an aftermarket sunroof in my Silverado SS is the only option that this one didn't come with and I want one really bad I looked for truck With One but the only ones I could find is A 2 wheel drive or red and I wanted a black or a blue and had to be an awd So I know there's two different brands that are good quality Xcell want to top-of-the-line just like factory quality I know there is webasto there is also inalfa And I realize they range $1100-$1300 now my question is where can I find these and does anybody know of a place around medicine Hat alberta canada that would do it or Do I just find a place and make sure that they know what they're doing and have done one before and everything was there certain places that do them I will travel for a bit to find a place that will do one I mean my SS is my baby so it deserves the best So I guess my main question is where do I get the sunroof and parts from I want to buy the parts and everything before I find somebody to install it can anybody give me any help with that and the more the merrier so more places the merrier thank you very much and keep SS in on thanx Shorty
  7. i finished my cam swap and had my new coverter installed about three weeks ago, for the first week after i finished it, i couldnt drive the truck at all because it wouldnt idle and i was told its bad to drive without a tune with a cam. it took a week for my tuner (a local guy) just to get me a base tune so it would idle and be drivable. he always claims hes so busy. i didnt put my injectors in then because my adapters didnt come in. since then he has told me several times that he would get me a dyno day and a tune. everytime he has backed out on me, he never answers his phone, never calls me when he says he will and hes just impossible to work with and is terrible at running a business. ive been done with my truck for weeks now and still cant go WOT cause the injectors are well over maxed out. my buddy in town (zachm89) uses zippy, he just uses his wideband and zippy just emails a tune, but i dont have hptuners and i dont know how to get in touch with zippy or how the process even works, or how much it is. if yall could help me out with understanding how to get zippy to tune it i would appreciate it. thanks guys.
  8. I'm looking to buy some headers. I don't really want to spend 1k-1500 on a set of headers. I have been recommended to get the OBX lt headers, but have seen where some were complaining about them. What is a good header that wont break the bank and also be pretty much problem free. I don't want to have to keep buying spark plug wires because they get burnt up or anything. Another thing is a wideband gauge. I have a p1sc procharger and I have been told that a wideband gauge will help with the tuning process. Im in the process of converting all my interior lights to blue leds so blue backlighting would be a plus. Also I don't want to spend 250-300 if i can find one around 100-150 that does the same thing.
  9. im pretty new here.. dont really post anything but use this site multiple times a day. anyways i need some 42lb injectors for when i do a cam swap in my vmax. im on a budget so help me out here guys!!
  10. Does anybody have a hypertech or any other handheld programmer in the Phoenix area so I can flash my stock PCM while I wait for blackbear? Pro charger install starts Friday.
  11. 8hnpSS

    car fax

    i found a great deal on a truck im just not sure of the car fax on it. the owner sais its clean but im not going to take his word for it lol. if someone can run a autocheck/car fax i would be very thankful. 3GYEK62N74G292530 thanks again to who ever comes through
  12. surfssup95


    Will a hypertech hyperpac clear the catalytic converter sensor code if i remove the cats?
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