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Found 13 results

  1. 35xxx all original miles, needs a set of tires, otherwise needs nothing. Never been in an accident of any kind. The site won’t let me upload pics... message me at [email protected] for pics and more info.... $17,500
  2. Super nice Joe Gibbs FOR SALE http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5032027341.html https://youtu.be/9L6ARssZFZY
  3. I am moving up to San Francisco in two weeks and can't take my truck with me. It's a 2003 AWD SS Silverado with 113k miles. I purchased it from a friend about 4 years ago with 80k miles. It has a salvage title from theft, I have the carfax and supporting docs. This has been such a great truck for me and I can't thank this forum enough for helping me with everything SS related. Upgrades include: 06 HD Hood and Grille, black 24 inch wheels, HID lights, Sound/navigation/backup camera, flowmaster exhaust. I haven't done anything to the engine, suspension, or drivetrain. I've really just used it as a clean truck to get to and from school/work. I am asking $11k but am open to reasonable offers. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns, my cell is (818) 631-4870. If anyone has a brother, friend cousin, looking for a SS keep me in mind as well. Thanks.
  4. So I've been around for quite some time, but have only managed to accumulate a massive 8 posts. I guess you'd call me a lurker... so thanks for all the info over the years, and I apologize for not giving back to the community. Anyway, I've got a paint question. My original 2003 Onyx Black paint job looks awful, and it pains me to see it that way. The clear coat on the hood is coming off, and the roof (which has had repair around the 3rd brake light) is bubbling once again. I stopped by a local paint shop asked what it would take to get the deep black factory look it used to have. The quote came in at approx $4300. It breaks down ~33 hrs of body work (~1k), ~60 hrs paint (~2k), and 1.3k in materials. I believe the plan is to take everything off the truck, paint metal, refinish the cladding, and put everything back on. For those of you who have experience in this area, does this seem to be on the mark? To be honest, I expected something in the $2500-$3000 range. For what it is worth, it is pretty embarrassing for me to share these pictures.
  5. As stated in the title I'm in need for the 2003 black Silverado SS paint code. I know I can look in the glove and find it, but it's at home right now and I'm out of town, but I'm wanting to order the paint now so it can go ahead and be ordered. I thought a Onyx Black was used, but every paint site I go to to look up the code of my truck just calls it "Black" and gives the code WA8555. I'm just trying to make sure I don't screw up and order the wrong paint. Thanks in advance guys!
  6. I was looking around and ran across this picture of an ss clone. I think this bowtie would like sick on my intimidator since it looks to be black with a silver outline, was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find one of these at? I've searched around the web a little but no luck, might just have to have the body shop paint me one. My other idea would be to get a shopmans bowtie powder coated black with silver SS letters, what do guys think would look best?
  7. So I got my SS end of last year with some les schwab 17" specials on it and knew as soon as summer came around i would have to get new "correct" size wheels and tires so after about 2 months of hunting for an oem set of ss wheels and coming up empty handed ( or paying about 2k just for the wheels, which i dont have lol ) I pretty much gave up and started looking at other options and came accross the tahoe ltz wheels on clist and picked them up. After searching the internet for what seemed like days i couldnt find but 1 or 2 crappy pics of a silverado ss with ltz wheels so heres mine with them mounted for any one thats considering it. my only gripe is that the offset is higher on the ltz so they stick in about a half inch more than the stock ss wheel but not enough to look goofy imho. anyways heres pics, enjoy. old wheels that came with it - New ltz's
  8. About to sell old truck and I want me a nice SS. Black, Grey, or Dark Charcoal Grey, or Dark Blue. I live in South Carolina looking for something close but post anything. Price range from $0-$13500 Thanks
  9. I am looking to trade my 24" GIO custom black powdercoated wheels and tires for a set of silverado ss wheels and tires, preferably 22". I am just looking for a change. These wheels and tires cost me $3600 but I am just looking for a strait up trade. Pattern is the same as ss wheels 6x5.5. Wheels are in great condition and 2 tires are new and the others have about 80% tread. Pm me and let me know what ya got. Here is a link to pics.... http://m73.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/chevypro333/giowheels.jpg.html?o=9
  10. For sale: Carriage Works billet bolt-over grille POWDERCOATED BLACK. Basically brand new, no chips, no dings, comes with all hardware. This is the complete 5 piece set. Installs in 30 minutes. Part number 42041 - 3 piece bumper insert Part Number 42031 - 2 piece grille insert New with shipping, you are looking at $325-350. I will offer all 5 pieces for: $225.00 shipped. Pictures:
  11. Hello guys im selling my 2 owner 03 Black Silverado SS AWD.has 130k miles ive owned since 05 very nice truck overall runs excellent 6.0 gets up and goes Has new bridgestone tires on factory Chevrolet Chrome Wheels Carpeted bed liner truxedo roll-up tonneau cover Sunroof nice truck for what im asking for it any more info needed just hit me up at 678-848-6567 Terry or reply on here price reduced to $12,000 or best offer
  12. http://reno.craigslist.org/cto/3038544617.html Found this on craigslist and thought you guys might wanna check it out, seems like a crazy good deal for only having 6k miles!
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