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Found 1 result

  1. As we all know, site participation is declining. This is due to a number of reasons: The number of 1 owner trucks is dropping, the trucks are now ten years old, there is no future promise of a suitable replacement for the Silverado SS, etc. We, the moderating staff, also believe it is because a strong majority of the current active members of the site cannot play nice with others. A lot of you have been on the site for several years, have veteran status, and are quite knowledgeable when it comes to these trucks, and vehicle modification in general. Please remember that many of the newer members to the site have come here seeking knowledge, and they are not as well versed as you veterans. It is important to also note that even though many veterans have very fast trucks, that doesn't make us better than the ones that just bought theirs last week. We all have to start somewhere. We have gotten away from the helpful site we once were, and have now gravitated towards making those "newbies" feel ignorant, and more importantly, unwelcome. In order for the site to remain trafficked, it is imperative that we treat these new folks with respect. We aren't born with all of the answers, and helping others can only help the future of this site. The moderating team is no different than the rest of you, but instead of being on here for enjoyment, now we spend most of our time stopping useless bickering between members. We are in no way saying that everyone has to agree, and USEFUL discussion on difference of opinion is encouraged. Note to the newbies: Before you post a thread, ask a question, etc. take the time to read the sticky info at the top of the main page. 99% of the questions you have can be answered by using the search button. There are no stupid questions, however, the repetitive ones can get very annoying. Older members answering the same question 10x gets old. The how to section is amazing. It is a place where you can get step by step info on how to do things. It is NOT a place to ask how to do things. Try the search button first, and if you don't find the answer, there isn't much that cannot be answered by our veteran members. There are some STUPID fast trucks on here, if going fast is what you seek, you have definitely come to the right place. Disagreeing (technical info) with a veteran is not discouraged either, but be prepared to justify it with FACTS. There aren't many worse insults than asking for help only to do/say the opposite. Profanity also has become commonplace on the site again. If you cannot express yourself without using foul language, don't post. Continuing to do so will be met with disciplinary action. Many of our members have young children that may stumble upon and read said content. Sexual content outside gasoline alley will be treated with equal punishment. Lastly, when it comes to appearance there are no rights or wrongs, there are only opinions. Unless someone asks specifically for criticism on their latest mod, be it a new set of curb feelers, 100 spoke wheels, a mermaid airbrushed on the tailgate, etc....keep your negativity to yourself. Everyone has a different budget as well as a different opinion on what looks good. With that said, can we all agree to participate in a such a way that will keep this site going, and more importantly, growing for years to come? Best Regards, The Silveradoss.com Moderating team
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