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Found 13 results

  1. Just picked up a '03 SS Sunday with 18k miles on it. Pretty stoked to get under the hood. Replacing fluids, filters, tires, and serpentine belt. Next..?
  2. It has been a long time since I've been an active participant on this site, but I have come back as I feel that my truck could be most appreciated here. I am looking to sell my 2003 Red SS with currently 80,055 miles on it, I bought it as a leftover in April of 2004. It is clean with no body rust, garaged pretty much it's whole life except for a most of a year when I was building. Mostly stock, besides painting the grills black, tinted windows and a bedrug. I've probably averaged 1500 miles a year in the past 5 years and it is time to update it to something that I can use to tow, I've only used this once to launch a buddies freshwater boat. It has a couple of flaws that I think are pretty minor, I just have never gotten to fixing them, a small scrape on the edge of the front bumper, a couple of very small dings/scuffs nothing major. The oil pressure gauge hasn't worked in years and the tranny temp gauge followed suit awhile back, I'm assuming it is just the senders. It has lead a relatively pampered life so I didn't really worry about them. I believe the Carfax shows an issue when it was brand new, someone smashed the driver's side window when it was on the dealer's lot. I would say wear and tear is pretty normal on the interior for it's age. If someone is interested in it and wants a video I am willing to do that or a FaceTime as well. I am in southern Maine. Alan
  3. Hey everyone my name is Evan I am 31 & from southeast Georgia. Big into music, guns, racing/shows, & anything to keep busy. I recently got out of the tuner scene, selling my 03 supercharged 6 speed tiburon (third one I owned) I built for road racing & decided to get another Silverado like I had a few years ago before it was totaled. I’ve only had this 03 for 2-3 months. It was stock except for being lowered & having the new 5 spoke rims on it. Whoever had it before took very good care of it. Since I’ve had it I’ve done the routine things like removed all badges, 20% tint, replaced the head, tail & third brake lights with tinted ones; LEDs in all upfront, installed fog lights, black billet grills, wrapped bow tie in CF, tailgate brake LED strip, locking tailgate, replaced jump seat with center console from tahoe, installed pioneer double din & two Memphis 10’s in a pro box. Black with chrome rings gauge cluster bezel, Escalade gauge face, blue needles with silver base, replaced stock gauge bulbs with cool white LEDs. Herculiner bed liner I’ve yet to put down. Overall it’s a very clean & great truck. I’m only interested in making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible & not as fast as possible. With that being said, I’ll probably only put an Air Raid intake on it, dual side exhaust & that’s probably all. The only real plans I have left is to finish murdering it out painting the front end & rear bumper, wrapping the rims gloss black with chrome outlined bow ties on the center caps, paint calipers, replace headliner with dark grey material, sound deaden some areas, finish wrapping pieces in black and/or carbon fiber, eventually a tonneau cover and hopefully I’ll be able to come across a used hood for sale one of these days! Looking forward to being a member of this site. Cheers!
  4. Hey there! (new to the community) I am getting ready to purchase a new vehicle, but not just any. Something special. I know cars now-a-days aren't made like they used to be. It's more about looks and performance rather than a balance of those 2 AND reliability. What intrigues me about these trucks is their reliability. Easily compared to old toyotas. 300k miles, easy, with the right care. Seeing how my dads 2002 chevy silverado has been through it all and still going strong with 235k miles has shown me the quality of these trucks and I am ready to have one until it can no longer run. Now, I've been eyeing a 2003 SS with 153k miles. Interior/exterior looks clean, taken care of from what it looks. Engine bay looks normal. Reported to have had 4 owners (kinda weird). No issues or accidents have been reported. When i get the chance to test it for myself (planning to take someone experienced with me as well) what should i look out for? Thank You!
  5. Selling the rest of my salvage part out SSS. Included is the engine that has 60,000 miles on it, tranny, transfer case, rear diff and the front diff that was rebuilt and has 5,000 miles on it. There are a lot of interior parts left and all parts are removed for a part out. Need to take the whole truck, as-is $1000.
  6. i have an 03 SS and wanted to change the sound of it when you start it, all the trucks i've had, i never altered them, i always kept them all stock, but i like the deep rich growl of some modified trucks, i've heard putting a new muffler will change the sound like a flowmaster muffler. but any ideas i don't want it to sound obnoxiously loud, i've also heard the thicker the pipe the louder the sound, any ideas?
  7. I am moving up to San Francisco in two weeks and can't take my truck with me. It's a 2003 AWD SS Silverado with 113k miles. I purchased it from a friend about 4 years ago with 80k miles. It has a salvage title from theft, I have the carfax and supporting docs. This has been such a great truck for me and I can't thank this forum enough for helping me with everything SS related. Upgrades include: 06 HD Hood and Grille, black 24 inch wheels, HID lights, Sound/navigation/backup camera, flowmaster exhaust. I haven't done anything to the engine, suspension, or drivetrain. I've really just used it as a clean truck to get to and from school/work. I am asking $11k but am open to reasonable offers. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns, my cell is (818) 631-4870. If anyone has a brother, friend cousin, looking for a SS keep me in mind as well. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have seen many different answers upon searching around the internet. I need to know what transfer case the 2003 Silverado SS comes with. I have heard NVG149, NP149 and more. I have my transfer case out and ready to be worked on. I'm just not at home at the moment to be able to see what's on the transfer case itself. I'm wanting to start ordering my rebuild parts and chain right now. I waited until I had my transfer case out and inspected to make sure a new chain was needed before I ordered a $140 chain. Haha, If anyone could please point me in the right direction, I would much appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  9. hey really lovin the site. my name is jose & im 20 years old. i just bought my 2003 silverado ss 3 months ago & im loving it!! 80,000 miles on it. & i got it for $11,000. i think it was a good deal. the truck runs fine & is in good condition. took me a while to save up the money & to find the truck but i got it.!
  10. First off I'll start with I am from Alberta Canada so keep that in mind when you give me part information and want to buy information thank you let's start now I have a 2003 SS and am New to the site I was just wondering I am looking to install an aftermarket sunroof in my Silverado SS is the only option that this one didn't come with and I want one really bad I looked for truck With One but the only ones I could find is A 2 wheel drive or red and I wanted a black or a blue and had to be an awd So I know there's two different brands that are good quality Xcell want to top-of-the-line just like factory quality I know there is webasto there is also inalfa And I realize they range $1100-$1300 now my question is where can I find these and does anybody know of a place around medicine Hat alberta canada that would do it or Do I just find a place and make sure that they know what they're doing and have done one before and everything was there certain places that do them I will travel for a bit to find a place that will do one I mean my SS is my baby so it deserves the best So I guess my main question is where do I get the sunroof and parts from I want to buy the parts and everything before I find somebody to install it can anybody give me any help with that and the more the merrier so more places the merrier thank you very much and keep SS in on thanx Shorty
  11. Hi Gang. I Know i'm new here but I am selling my 2003 SS.I will attach a link to it on C-list. It is clean, from Kansas and currently in storage in Indiana. Please be aware it has a lien on it from USAA. I am moving on to restoring cars and just selling it cheap and hope to make some ones day. It has about 84k no mods and is in about perfect shape. Some minor scuffs of rear bumper cover. Interior is clean and not wearing out. All fluids fresh and flushed, new tune up and brakes. no issues. Please email me for details.. NOT A SCAM! http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/cto/3633637893.html
  12. I recently acquired a 2003 silverado ss that had been written off in an accident. I'm afraid that the accident damaged a couple of the body cladding pieces on the drivers side, and I almost choked when I checked the prices from GM. I need the piece for the third door, and the small piece on the back of the cab directly behind it. If anyone could direct me to somewhere I can get quality for better prices than the dealership is demanding, it would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi, I'm looking for at least one, but will take a set of four, of the center hub caps that cover the lug nuts on a 2003 Silverado SS. The paint has started to peel off (my husband says it's because I wash it too much) the outer part of the cap. The center most part looks like chrome and has fake (painted) hex nuts on it. Overall diameter is approx. 8", maybe 7". Please let me know if you can help me out. Thank you, teddybear7934
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