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Found 91 results

  1. mldeanda


  2. Silverado_George

    How much are you willing to pay?

    Hello there fellow SS members, just wanted to get a quick opinion from everybody no reason just out of curiosity, if someone were to be selling you a real 2006 SSS Intimidator in immacualte condition and you checked the miles and the bluebook value to see what it was worth and in bluebook it came out to $19,500. The guy suppose wanted 21k but the truck came with the COA and original owners manual and everything and again it's in immaculate condition, what's your guys take on this?
  3. Silverado_George

    Who has an SS Intimidator R/C Truck?

    Hello there fellow SS owners,was wondering if anybody had a remote control SS truck that they would be willing to sell,willing to pay well. Dad's birthdays coming up and he loves chevy trucks think that it would be cool gift, if you do email me at [email protected] Thanks! George
  4. I have a 2003 Silverado single cab and I've decided to make it a clone but first I've been seeing a lot of fiberglass kit and just wanted to know if any one has used the fiberglass kit and not the oem claddings if you have how did it fit ? Any difrences to the oem ones?
  5. Blzbo

    Blue 03 SS 46k miles FS

    Selling my Arrival Blue 2003 SS Silverado. Truck is in great shape and has been pampered. Low miles, never smoked in, and always adult driven. I am the second owner and it has a clean carfax. It has a matching fiberglass tonneau cover. The car is completely stock other than the radio (original radio to go with it) and the tonneau cover. interior has no rips or tears and outside still looks great. Truck also runs great. New radio has xm and dvd plus steering wheel controls. I just posted it on autotrader and would love feedback from you guys. Let me know what you think. Asking price is $18,500. My email is [email protected] Phone number is 321-246-1985.
  6. Silverado_George

    What is the best setup?

    i have an 03 SS and wanted to change the sound of it when you start it, all the trucks i've had, i never altered them, i always kept them all stock, but i like the deep rich growl of some modified trucks, i've heard putting a new muffler will change the sound like a flowmaster muffler. but any ideas i don't want it to sound obnoxiously loud, i've also heard the thicker the pipe the louder the sound, any ideas?
  7. Hello guys Im new to the forum, and ive seen plenty of older posts for claddings for sale and they all seem to be either too old or already sold. But here is my dilemma i have a single cab SS clone and recently wrapped it around a tree after hydroplaning accross 3 lanes. Im ok and the majority of the truck is too im in the processing of rebuilding the truck but i still need the driver door cladding only! so if someone has one or knows someone who does please let me know, thanks in advance.
  8. Truck is very well taken care of. only has 56k miles on it. paint is 9/10. needs a buff to be perfect, no scratches. interior is perfect, no rips. This is a real SS truck, not a replica, has factory 6.0L engine, with a whipple supercharger carb legal kit. long tube 1 5/8 headers (ceramic coated), no cats, into dual 3" mandrel bent piping with dual stainless steel flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers, into magnaflow axle back chrome tips exiting behind r/r wheel. also included is stock manifolds and down pipes including catalytic converters, that bolt in. tuned with superchips flash programmer 24" chevy texas edition wheels with brand new tires - less than 200 miles on them locking tonneau cover. $25,000 or open to various trades, just ask.
  9. Silverado_George

    Reward for Search!

    Hello fellow ss members, over the past month I am in California and i've been searching high and low for a 2006 Silverado SS Intimidator. I've been looking for one on Autotrader.com, Carsforsale.com, Cars.com, and Craigslist.com but so far no luck and if I do find one it's either already sold but they forget to take the ad down or it's WAY overpriced for the milage.I need your guys help to find a nice one average milage,preferably in California if you help me with this i have a Sony stereo receiver that i bought but never used still in box, Thanks! George
  10. Silverado_George

    Any SS Members from Ohio?

    Looking for any SS members from ohio more specifically close to Akron,Ohio?
  11. Silverado_George

    What's your favorite SS Model Year?

    I want to get some opinions as to which is everyone's favorite SS model year and list some features that come which each one, there's the 2003,2004,2005,2006 Intimidator,and 2006 regular SS,I'll start it off by saying that the SS Intimidator is my favorite because of the many upgrades
  12. Just bought a sweet, one owner 1500 single cab short bed with 65k miles on it with a 5.3 and 3.73 gears and I'm gonna clone it. Any parts, anyone has for sale. Let me know what you have and pricing. $$-Salute
  13. mrchevyss

    new arkansas ss

    new to ss world. i drive a cash blk ss. im asking about silveradoss stickers ? LOVE to slap one on my truck. thanks for the help.
  14. Super nice Joe Gibbs FOR SALE http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5032027341.html https://youtu.be/9L6ARssZFZY
  15. im looking to replace my 2003 ss it was stolen and stupid insurance company does not allow buy backs so im forced to buy a new one please fell free to contact me at 510-927-8199 and let me know if you have one that your interested in selling thanks ps I will travel.
  16. Hotrdchvy350

    06 brake control module

    Anybody got a part number for an abs control module for a 2wd 06 SS
  17. baellin

    New Member - DC area

    Hello all, I am Derek, active duty Navy living in the DC area. After my brother died in March of 2013, his wife decided to give me his 2006 Silverado Intimidator SS (I didn't own a vehicle). I love this truck, I love driving it, and hopefully the image I attach shows up (posting this from work lol). Hope you all like it
  18. Having issues with my trans on 2004 ss truck, awd. No reverse. What would it cost to relace?
  19. Hello there. Over the next few months. I will be taking on the prosess of converting my new truck that I have just imported into New Zealand to right hand drive. I started tonight on pulling the dash and other interior parts out. And also removed. The steering box to be sent away to be all changed and returned as a right hand drive steering box. I will be posting pictures along the way as I get time.
  20. I recently acquired an 03 Silverado SS 6.0 and Im lookin for some performance upgrades. Lookin for headers, fairly radical cam but still street worthy, and a true duals set up for starters. Any tips on the best places to look for parts to get more bang for your buck? my end game will be a comepletely rebuilt and forged SC motor. but Im just startin out at the moment. lol
  21. SSWhitechapel

    WTB SS chrome wheels

    I'm currently looking to replace my aftermarket 22's for factory OEM chrome wheels. I am located in South Florida for the next six months before I head back to North Carolina. Hit me up ASAP I'm ready get my SS back to the original look.
  22. Thing1

    Brand New SS Intimidator

    Finally got my new truck! Drove 2,600 miles from Texas to Florida back to Texas in 2 and a half days. Here's some pictures to check it out. When I bought it it had 21 miles from Chevrolet test driving and never even seen a road before. I couldn't help but to take it out today so it's sitting at 35 miles right now. I'm keeping my single cab clone as a daily driver so I can keep this in the garage, but I think this will be a fun weekend toy for sure. Here are some pictures of it sitting at the original owners garage in Florida. He trailered it from a lot in Virginia in 2006 and unloaded it at his house in Florida, where he started it once a month to keep it running. Here's the original link with the pictures from the ebay sale. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.thomaslaffey.com/DaleEarnhardt.html The ones below are ones I took. Here's some pictures of it unloaded at the house all cleaned up, had to walk outside two or three times to actually believe it was real. It came with every factory option available.
  23. I am moving up to San Francisco in two weeks and can't take my truck with me. It's a 2003 AWD SS Silverado with 113k miles. I purchased it from a friend about 4 years ago with 80k miles. It has a salvage title from theft, I have the carfax and supporting docs. This has been such a great truck for me and I can't thank this forum enough for helping me with everything SS related. Upgrades include: 06 HD Hood and Grille, black 24 inch wheels, HID lights, Sound/navigation/backup camera, flowmaster exhaust. I haven't done anything to the engine, suspension, or drivetrain. I've really just used it as a clean truck to get to and from school/work. I am asking $11k but am open to reasonable offers. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns, my cell is (818) 631-4870. If anyone has a brother, friend cousin, looking for a SS keep me in mind as well. Thanks.
  24. AKdraws

    SS Cartoon!

    New to the SS forum. I'm a huge fan of the truck and will be hunting down an Arrival Blue one in a few months. So in the meantime, and to keep my mind on the goal, I drew it I am an automotive artist from Manteca CA. Check out my facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/akdrawsrides If you would like a drawing of your truck, car or motorcycle, feel free to send me an email @[email protected]
  25. Hi all. New to the forum and to the SS, looking to pick one up here within the next few weeks. I'm located in Tampa but could travel a little bit within Florida. Not looking for anything too crazily modified. If yall know of any around I'd appreciate the heads-up. I will keep scanning the forums as well I just thought I'd put the word out. Thanks!