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  1. Understand that...I'm not firm on my asking price either
  2. Heres my craigslist ad...it has a few pics http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/cto/3587346690.html
  3. Can send pics upon request...will also try and upload some tonight when I get home from work...asking $19, 000
  4. Selling my fully loaded silverado SS, I love the truck but I need to upgrade to a diesel. I need a truck to tow cars with for my shop and I'd rather not put the miles on the SS.Truck currently has just over 72, 000 miles on it and is very clean, I take extremely well care of my vehicles. Paint is in great shape minus the small knicks every vehicle gets from being driven on roads. Tires are new and have a couple thousand miles on them. Has a rhino lined bed, has a factory moon roof and is all leather power and heated seats. Also has a double din pioneer radio recently installed...I do have the factory radio for it as well. Runs very strong, has stainless works long tube headers...cold air intake...and a tune. All fluids have been recently changed using amsoil. If you would like to see it please email or call me at 972-762-eight three seven four. If I do not answer please leave a message or send me a text.
  5. Not to highjack the thread...but I'm looking for a stock ss muffler as well...if anyone has one for sale pm me please.
  6. i want the truck as well....sent a pm a few days ago
  7. I'm also interested in a roll pan. If yall get a group buy together im in just let me know.
  8. smaller then a gt2-3, specs are 204/218 .549/.551 117.5lsa
  9. they have about 15,ooo miles on them with about 4,ooo miles on the PRC springs, still on motor but will pull them when sold...feel free to ask questions getting rid of these cause im getting 243's to try and bump my comp ratio back up....$800 obo LS6 cam from a 04 vette, bout 12,ooo miles on it...$150
  10. i sold the eboost with the kit buddy....gets expensive doesnt it man...nitrous is cheap, easy and effective
  11. keeping the vic jr....just a ton of spray...spray makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
  12. This just sold last night, sorry guys but 2 stage fogger setup here i come!!
  13. yes sir minus injectors and the 3 bar map sensor...hoses, clamps, piping, even my phone number if you need to call me with install questions Steve give me a shout buddy anytime!
  14. yes sir it sure does never made it to the 1/4 mile with it...never actually finished up the tune on it or turned the boost up past 18psi, it was very fun i just like nitrous more....i want a big lumping cam back with a big ass shot...nitrous hits so much better then turbo lol
  15. KBRacing log and a custom made crossover
  16. th400 also in my setup....i just liked nitrous more then boost
  17. i more miss my truck...i want it back to normal....i went to far with it and im regretting it
  18. i miss nitrous so here is my kit for sale. T76 ball bearing turbo, less then 100 miles on fresh rebuil Tial 44mm WG with big yellow spring (11.9psi) Ceramic Coated compressor side All hot pipes are ceramic coated black less then 100 miles on them Massive I/C core size is 12" x 24" x 4" 3" inlet/outlet turbo blanket Tial BOV.... $3,000 takes this Also for sale Snow 2 stage Meth kit with custom built 1.5 gal cell...$300 EboostII electronic boost controller, this thing is amazing with all it can do, its the 60mm one with black face...$450 or $3,500 takes it all together
  19. Holy crap there are a lot of SSS members with June 25th birthdays thanks guys and happy b-day to the others i share it with
  20. yep all thats needed...2wd front hub and a new DS along with a 2wd trans and lose about 300+lbs
  21. Yes sir thats the newly rebuilt turbo...i had it off the truck the evening of the dyno day and the I/C as well lol Brad i wont be spraying at the track this weekend, just going to see what it runs at 18psi alone and only going on pump gas.....about 80% sure i will even make it to the track, but i will have vids for sure if i do
  22. Look in the pic where you can see all the nitrous noids and look way up in the back against the firewall, you can see it, it's solid black....i had to use a th400 short dipstick tube....not to easy to add fluid to but it works Thanks guys for all the complements, im working on getting to the track real soon...im trying to get those 10's....i think it will be possible as now my truck full weight weighs in at right under 4900lbs. The 2wd swap was very easy, keep in mind i went th400 reverse manual valve body and a t brake instead of 80e...but i had a custom converter built so it bolted right up to the LS flexplate, modified the cross member with a piece of 3" x 3" angle iron, had a custom 2 piece ds made that was 91" long lol, made a new bracket for the shift cable because i used the stock column shifter, modified the prndl switch so it still works fine and then made new cooling lines with the -6an proflex hose
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