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  1. IMO it is perfect the way it sits been around brad many years now and good friend sad to see the truck go but we gotta let go and move congrats on your new truck and trust me its fast I couldn't catch him on motor but he couldn't catch me n2o
  2. Just posted a picture I found when I bought the roll pan a couplr of years or so ago if it doesn't sale by this weekend I can have more pictures up
  3. No sir saw that he bumped up the price and thought that It would make a quick sale
  4. Yea sounds very promising ... I think I'm goon have to try this once I go bigger mods in the SS ... That's when I get another one lol
  5. Ive heard good and bad bout the 80e what kind of things would I have to look for if I do that swap
  6. The QC srt is very poor numbers I've seen numerous stock dyno pulls and they only put down I think 350 ... More than a stock SS but traction vs awd then comes the weight ... So it would be good to see but I went to the street races with just motor and there was a bolt on QC srt that was suppose to be a bad mamajama and when it came down to me hitting up for a race he suddenly had problem with his truck when he had been running all night beating the ricers
  7. Yea man it was pretty funny and I scared him when I launched of the line spraying 150 and crossing the tree sideways but it was very poor track prep at that track so I had to switch lanes my next run and it was much better
  8. Lol yea I Remember that video it was pretty sick but I never got to do awd burnoose but I almost took out a camera man jumping over the railing to snap pictures for a magazine when I was getting the water off the tires
  9. Chase does have a valid point with my awd and nitrous I had no problem with traction .... Sorta lol but I needed no suspension work to pull the 1.6 60ft and 7.60 time slip
  10. You do make a valid point there chase and I totally agree given the fact that the awd is heavier the added grip pays off as well but also it does make it unique in a way that no other truck was made awd with the exception of the tbss and srt jeep
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