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  1. I don't know the answer to your question, but I have a complete AWD front differential for sale.
  2. Your pinion angle and yoke angle have to be the same to avoid vibration. Since the one at the tranny/transfer cant be changed, the axle must be rotated to match the opposite angle. Do a search for pinion angle and you will get more diagrams than you need. The 4 to 6 degrees is not uncommon when ride height is changed, but more won't hurt anything. The important thing is the angle is the same at both ends. (But wait, I said that already.)
  3. You have only had it advertised 3 days. Give it some time. It will sell. When somebody from salt country finds it on CL you will get an offer. These trucks are in demand, but with a small segment of buyers. I had an old Mercedes on CL for several months. I was told I was too high, it would never bring that etc. When the butt meant for that seat found the car, he couldn't buy It fast enough. One of the guys trying to beat me down got pissed because I got my price. Go figure.
  4. Out of the last 17 new members, we only have six posts. Come on newbies, talk to us. Tell us about your truck, yourself, your dog, your mother in law, your broken muffler bearings, just let us know who you are. This is coming from a hypocrite that doesn't post, but give me something to read.
  5. I looked just now, and there are 653 people looking at this site that haven't joined yet. Come on guys, join, be known and become a part of this. If you own one of these trucks, this site will be invaluable. The trucks are just now becoming popular again and you can be part of it. I had a guy at the pumps the other day asking about my "new" truck. He had never seen one.
  6. I can't help with your wheel question, but sorry to hear about you hassle with the spare.
  7. Welcome to the site. Enjoy your truck.
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