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  1. bumper is still available. .. looking for local cash sale in So Cal / Orange County
  2. I have 3 emblems, all 3 are OEM silver factory sealed ( see photos ) bought in 2004 from the dealer and never used, $200 shipped anywhere in the continental US gets you the set of 3
  3. these are the 1st generation SS bumpers, as far as I recall they did not come painted, its the natural black finish how they come out of the tooling, the brake ducts are finished in the factory silver, everything is OEM boxed
  4. just checking the going price for new in the box front bumper fascia, left & right ducts and lower grill.. . bought these new at the dealer parts dept back in 2003 thanks
  5. I have the common Chevy brake light out... checked bulb is good, fuse is good, wiring is good... no brake light on one side... I see this allot on Chevrolet Trucks on the road... where should I look for the cause? thanks
  6. its still for sale, as for fitment on a 2000 I am not sure, I know for sure 2003 and up models, as this is when the newer front face came out... Anthony
  7. I don't own a scanner to properly scan in the article... its the may 2004 issue of sport truck, you might be able to get a back issue from primedia... Anthony
  8. its everything needed for the front bumper, your top and bottom plastics come off on a non SS and this covers over the chrome bumper, attaching with the factory snaps / push in plugs I have a magazine ill include that shows the step by step conversion how too... Anthony
  9. I figure ill never get around to converting my 2003 single cab to an SS like the prototype so the parts I have are up for sale all are original GM bought from the Huntington Beach Dealer just after the 2003 SS models came out... I have the bumper fascia, left and right ducts, and lower grill for the bumper, all in original boxes with part #'s $500 takes all, local pickup only, I'm local Orange County / Long Beach / L.A. area... Anthony - 310-637-2100 or email [email protected] more photos can be seen in my restoration gallery, go to http://www.vwispwest.com/isp_gallery.php, then " ISP Extras " then " SS BUMPER FASCIA "
  10. variant

    Rumble bee

    I seen that same yellow single cab rumble bee, off the 10 or 15 fwy on my way back from Vegas 4-5 weeks ago it was the nicest done up rumble bee I have seen, unfortunately I was passenger in a rental with 4 others...
  11. good clean fun! not SSS related but automotive for sure!
  12. too bad they are not rockin this package into a singlecab...
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