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  1. Congratulations, Shaun. The new place is beautiful! We'll be moving into a new home as well after 1/1/15. I'm retiring at the end of the year and moving to the warmer climates of Florida. I can't wait. Best of luck in your new place. If you ever get down to visit Mickey, drop us a note and stop by!
  2. And life goes on... Good luck, Shuan.
  3. All, I'm sorry to say I will not be coming. We have recently purchased a home in Florida, and need to get our NJ abode on the market ASAP. We have a lot to do to prepare it for showing. I am retiring on 12/31, and need to get the NJ house sold so we can be on our way. Losing a weekend of cleanup and repair at this point would be a major setback. Hopefully we will see some of you if you vacation in Florida. Our door will always be open. Can somebody else volunteer to pick up cheeseballs? Hope to see you soon.
  4. At this point, the 4th looks OK for Jackie and me. No more Denali, though. Both the Corvette and Denali are sold. Driving a new Chevrolet SS. It is a GREAT car! Also, this very likely will be my last LVD trip. I'm retiring 12/31, and moving to Florida to get away from winter! So I will make every effort to be there for this one. I'm guessing that Shuan will post up the motel info before too long so we can get reservations in. I hope at least most of the regulars, and some new folks, will be able to attend.
  5. I'll be there on Saturday in the new SS. Here's a publicity photo. I don't have a good picture of mine yet. Mark took a couple. See you tomorrow!
  6. Nice, Shuan! Have fun with it!
  7. I have never been a big fan of Motor Trend, but here is an interesting comparison test of the SS and the Chrysler 300 SRT. http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/sedans/1402_2014_chevrolet_ss_vs_chrysler_300_srt_comparison/ Personally, I like the SS very much.
  8. I agree with Jim. I think the Bonneville's would look great!
  9. 1968 - Hey Jude by The Beatles #1 song of the year. I had to look it up, it was so long ago.
  10. Someone with a Red SS lives just south of I-295 on Route 130 (on the right if you're southbound). We've never met the owner though. 2ToneSS (John) is usually seen in the Florence area. His SS is black along the cladding area.
  11. Jimmy... My wife has an S4 and has been very happy with it. She has to charge the battery frequently, but she never stops playing games in it. I have a work supplied iPhone 5S. It does more that I will ever need! :-) Work-wise (email, calendaring, etc.), it actually has some drawbacks compared to my old Blackberry, but in other respects, it is certainly light years ahead.
  12. They are different tuners who have tuned many trucks on the site. (BTW, it's Blackbear!) All three have excellent reputations.
  13. Some further info... any modifications beyond what has been recommended so far might require some tranmission upgrades. Unless you go for a supercharger, or other big power additions, some modest transmission mods will be enough. There are LOTS of articles in the Transmission Tech section that describe different updates. Welcome to the site!
  14. Please put Jackie and me on the list. We'll plan to come for the day on Saturday.
  15. I have # 122. I think we got them the same day from Zane and Josh at Lebanon Valley.
  16. Other than the introductions and the players lining up on the baselines, and maybe a live National Anthem performance, you won't see anything different than games 2 through 162. Always lots of excitement on opening day, but I've only ever seen it on TV. It's usually a day game when I am working, and the tickets are as you say... Expensive!
  17. Yankees fan here... some excellent signings (McCann, Ellsbury), some so-so (Roberts, Beltran). Pitching is looking pretty good, especially if Pineda is healthy. Robertson should be a good replacement for the irreplaceable Mariano. The BIG question is the infield because of age and potential health issues. Hey, it will be fun. As of right now, we're all tied for first place! (@ MuggSS... I am also a Giants and Islanders fan. Knicks, not so much anymore.)
  18. Congratulations to Dan & Cheri!! (You beat me to it, Mark!)
  19. If you can only go one day, Saturday is the best day. Most of the activities happen on Saturday.
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