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  1. Hey guys, I was lookin at getting a custom tune. I have a few questions before I do it though. How much hp/tq could I expect with a custom performance tune? I thought about getting another PCM to have one that is performanced tuned and one that is stock. Will this work? Also, what will the tune do to my gas mileage? Thanks.
  2. I read an earlier post and had a question. Why is it better to go with the touring over the sport if you plan to do serious mods like SC?
  3. Hye guys, There is really no benefit to the site in this post, but i thought id post it anyway. Im having a SH!tty day, so I thought I would come to all my friends whome I have never met. Well after a year I got to hang out with my good friend Madison from Arkansas, we hung out here in beautiful South Padre Island, Texas for the week. Well, she had to leave today, and im really bummed out. We were really close and such and we wont see each other for a year and its hard to think about. I have no idea what I'm gonna do.. Well thanks for your time.
  4. Hey guys, i have a few questions for you all that have motorcycles. First, what do you have? How much does it cost you to fill up? About what kind of mileage do you get city/highway? Thanks alot!
  5. Here is my dads 2008 tahoe. He has a K&N, Corsa sport, street scene chrome grill, chrome bowtie, and red painted calipers. The clip of the Corsa is poor quality but its the best i can do. http://s279.photobucket.com/albums/kk126/jansensmith345/
  6. I may need this in radio and sound but o well. Please post pics of your in-dash flip out screens in the stock location. Thanks!
  7. The corsa sport is a really good system, we have one on our tahoe. If they are anywhere near similar, i want it deeper than that.
  8. Hey guys, i am in the market for a new exhaust for the SSS. I am not sure if there is one that fits what i am looking for. I would prefer one that is very deep and loud in the low RPM range but goes away on the highway. Does anyone make one like this? Thanks.
  9. Hey guys, i was wondering if you VMax guys could help me. A buddy of mine is ordering flows for his new silverado. He has a VMAX. What is the pipe size before the muffler? And are the 6.0's and the 5.3's the same size pipe? Thanks.
  10. If i was to order e-cutouts for my truck, how hard would it be to install them myself? I am tight with money and would like to not have to pay for installation. Would it be smarter to have a pro do it for me?
  11. Hey guys this may be a repost, but i thought this would be cool. Post up your pictures of you boats, seadoo's, jet ski's, ATV's. Pretty much anything in that category.
  12. Just go to photobucket, type in "morepowerty" under videos. It will say there is no results but there is a user name, click on that and if I'm not mistaken it is the first video on the list.
  13. Thanks bro, btw your truck sounds awesome.
  14. Have you had any significant loss in gas mileage in normal driving when you dont have your foot in it?
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