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  1. Hello by any chance do you know the part # for Hellwigs front sway bar?   I just got the 7800 for the back , I was gonna go with just changing bushings in the front but I decided to just do the matching bars .  Even when I call Hellwig I get conflicting info . If i didn’t do my homework i would have never known about the 7800 bar and that it is fully adjustable.    Thanks in advance !

  2. You will also need Fel - pro valve cover gaskets VS50504R
  3. That's something the admins might be able to help you with. We moderators don't have that ability. You'll have to PM Josh and maybe he can work it out. He isn't on here much.
  4. Update - anyone buying the Proform valve covers, the MSD wires recommend by the manufacturer are way too tight. The #7 and #8 wires keep popping off the spark plugs. Taylor 73253 or a variant of thst number (different wire colors) are a great alternative as you can cut the wire to the proper length. You will need Taylor LS1 coil boot 46069 to crimp on these for a Gen III application. I'm installing them tomorrow.
  5. I went with Proform 141-264, but there are several different styles. 69521 is the corresponding coil relocation brackets. You will need MSD 39849 wires to work with the relocation brackets.
  6. Summit Racing sells them. Proform makes them along with corresponding coil relocation brackets. I'm currently in the middle of installing these on my truck now.
  7. Hi gents. I will be coming alone this year. I added Ken to the list also, he's always there rain or shine.
  8. Thanks guys, it's been a crazy 48 hours. I edited the post and added my son's length.
  9. Sorry to hear Joe. This is why I'm apprehensive to take mine out of the garage. Way too much of this going on the last few years.
  10. You sure it's not the ABS kicking on? A warped rotor would be more constant in the pedal. Might want to check your Hubs for wear also.....
  11. You are one of the original members here, never thought I'd see the day you were thinking of parting with the SSS.
  12. Welcome back Larry, was it you that bought my old Hypertech programmer years ago?
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