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    Arrival Blue
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    grason/ bought the truck used.
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    detroit speedworks turbo system only at 5lbs of boost, line-x spray in,24inch forthys

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  1. Nobody even has their SSS anymore the good old days when SSS.com was hoping.
  2. Anybody run the Brembo big brake kit on their rig?

    1. houston05tx


      no sorry I wish my truck did!

    2. 1BAD2K


      I am selling a complete front and rear z06 conversion. Definitely not brembo, but about a third the price and all brand new nearly.

    3. NZchevyman


      how much are you after?


  3. 2003 Arrival blue. 58K bought in 2006 with 44k Sitting on Jack stands for last 2 years lol
  4. Wow you post whore you need to slow down. I have been here longer and not even 3K. I doubt I'll make it to 4k. My ss just sits in pieces. sad.
  5. Well all I have been around is the Polaris rzr. the yamaha look like a mix of the wild cat and a raptor. I have owned many raptors and yfz and really like them. but think the yamaha sxs is ugly. sure its got some sweet stuff but I couldn't by it just because of the looks. im sure they will look better with a cage and other add ons but stock im not feeling it.
  6. IMO its ugly. Im a yamaha sports quad fan own a few. but there sxs is ugly. RZR for me. Ill be buy a 4 seater 1xp soon. might wait for the release of the turbo 4 seater 1k
  7. The polaris 1000 are pretty sweet. with crazy power. bet its a power house.
  8. Is the motor in the truck or out? I had this happen once before with a motor that was out. I ended up having to drill it out. it was a pain. then had to drop the pan to clean it all. If its in the truck I have no clue how its going to work getting it out. is there anything at the top to possibly grab on to? or weld something to.
  9. Wow this is a bad thread if your some what hungry. I have always been interested in cooking on a grill or smoker but finding the time is hard. Of course we use a propane grill for basic stuff but nothing like this. maybe I'll have to find the time.
  10. As the title states looking for a remote control silverado SS truck.
  11. Yup brian's old truck. why the ugly bed cover. didn't brian have a speed sturr cover on it.
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