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  1. Thanks guys. I did find my old SSS for sale and guy was asking about 3k more than what he paid me for it and I just laughed it off. Ram has been great to me so far and I get lots of compliments on it I just cant wait til next year. A couple plans I have: 22" wheels either Boss 334 or SRT10 Tinted Windows LineX bed liner vararam or s&b intake smoked tails n 3rd smoked heads n fogs (headlight armour)
  2. Thanks. Even though I have a nice brand new truck my old ss is still missed terribly I only wish I had this job sooner so I could have kept her cuz shed be cammed with a maggie stall n built tranny lol
  3. Well life has been good to me in this past couple years got myself a good job that ive been at for about 1.5 years and I had an 07 Silverado 1500 2wd that I wasn't happy with anymore and took a jump off the GM Wagon and opted for a 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Express 4x4 Hemi. True Blue Metallic Pearlcoat. So far truck has a 14" Magnaflow. Ive always been a GM guy but I wanted to try something different. Had her about 4 months now and just rolled 4000 miles. Heres a couple pics after getting her polished up and protected using Adams.
  4. they sold it before I could see it. I will continue to keep an eye out. I also found a 04 SS Silverado black thats near me that I may check out
  5. Im looking to get back in a 6.0 chevy and I found a 06 CCSB VMAX Silverado leather n all no sunroof with 67k miles on it. Not new to the 6.0 obviously I just miss 4wd and the 6.0 sound and power. I currently have a 07 CCSB 2wd with the 5.3 that has the DOD and tpms and all that jazz that I dont care for. Its has 20's with cooper zeon ltz tires which is a plus for me I am a fan of the zeon ltz tires not a fan of the wheels on it though but those can be changed. http://apps.dealerconnection.com/dealers/lakisford/used-inventory?&_eventId_requestquote=true&requestType=quote&vin=2GCEK1
  6. Well If your truck is totaled there is a nice 06 black SSS about 30 miles from me on autotrader with low miles around 30k I think and its around 21k asking price if I remember correctly. Zip code is 52722 if you wanna check it out.
  7. another option you could try is from headlightarmor.com they offer smoked, dark, and even hid blue for 03+ chevy headlights
  8. Kinda breaks my heart seeing it again and knowing I let it go but hopefully it goes to a home who appreciates it like I did. I don't think I will own another SS unless its a 06. Bout as close as I will get to another SS will be a VMAX at least it would be optional 4x4 and no cladding or anything like that.
  9. SS, NNBS, VHO, VMAX or DMAX doesnt matter I will still be on this site even though I don't have a SS anymore
  10. yeah I tried to get that when I first tried to sell it and it never happened lol. Damn thing was presitine when I had it. Paint was perfect no scratches or dents new hankook tires, borla exhaust that I had dumped, spray in bedliner, truxedo lo pro qt, 5 peice carriage works grill and emblem with SS blue Viynl sticker, cowl hood, mtx thunderform enclosure, zippy performance tune, AEM intake, and tinted windows. FML I miss that truck *****For those of you whom were not here when I had my SS the graphics you see were painted on and clear coated over not by me but by the first owner before I b
  11. http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?ct=p&car_id=315477185&dealer_id=66989925&atc_id=AT-12CDCCC1&LNX=SOCFBVDP Guy is out of his freakin mind asking 19500 for a 03. I sold it to him 2 years ago for 16k with only 45k miles on it. He has not done a damn thing to it I bought it with only 7k miles on it back in oct of 06 for 21k
  12. Dont Do it. You will regret it. I sold mine as well back early 10' due to the economy myself like GetWithIt and I regret it everyday. Mine was a 03 only had 40k miles on it when I sold it and by now it would damn near be paid off. I miss my SS so much especially now with winter here. When I sold it I went out and got a grand prix gt and hated it. bad power fwd v6 low to the ground so I recently traded that for a 07 silverado but its still not my ss but its better than my Grand prix.
  13. I got all the goodies for next year bg. Americana. In and out. Ssr. Shr. So im ready for a complete detail next year oh of couse the new quick sealant as well
  14. over the weekend I got a chance to shine up my truck using Adams. Did a clay followed by 1 pass of FMP with a pass of MSS from Adams before Winter. Its not a complete detail or paint correction I just wanted to get some protection for winter and a full detail will be next spring.
  15. If your dead set on washing inside I would get 2 buckets both with grit guards and 2 mitts. 1 bucket soapy water other plain water. Wash with mitt n soapy water and then the other mitt rub down with plain water for the rinsing effect then dry. It wont be perfect and you risk swirls but hey you do what you gotta do.
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