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  1. I for one hate being compared to the V-Max, and i hate ImpoSSters even though some of them are realy nice, the reason i joined the site is because i like the companionship two SSS owners have . Stop me if im wrong but The SSS is unlike any truck ive ever driven and id never switch to another model. so shouldnt it be between the SSS.
  2. Im not new to the site but ive never realy talked to anybody around here. i feel a little out of place cuz ive never seen anbody else my age actualy owning a SS. Im only 17 but im a die hard chevy fan, and fell in love with the Supers Sports the first time a saw them. ive owned 2 trucks ( im a truck guy, and cant realy stand being in a car for too long) before i got my SS, a ford F-150 FX4 and a chevy Z71. i used to be all about off road. after about a year of saving up and months of trying to sell my Z71 i finally got enough to put the down payment on my SS, but im critisized everyday for my decision to buy the SS, because i could have bought a ram SRT-10 or a ford lightning. im sure im not the only person who has ever been compared to these 2 other trucks, what do yall say when ur confronted about that?
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