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  1. wow, so not what I expected!!! but this was a lot better and a lot more funny!
  2. congrats! well deserved, that truck has definitely come a long way
  3. dude that blows! I hate that onstar can't do anything when a vehicle is stolen. I contacted onstar one time when I was taking a stolen vehicle report and they told me that the only way to reactivate the account once it was deactivated, was to press the onstar button inside the vehicle. I told them that was going to do us any good since we didn't have the freakin truck. Fortunately I found the vehicle a few hours later only a couple of blocks away. Don't know why the thief decided to ditch it but the owner was really fortunate. I can't stand a thief. Honest people work really hard for wh
  4. didnt they just unlock the 11 and 12's in november for tuning purposes?
  5. Wow that's ironic, an almost exact opposite trade lol. And yea dude its crazy at all the options these things have! I'm not sure of how fast mine is yet but its no slouch for sure!
  6. At the risk of being flamed and hated for selling the SSS for a Dodge, here ya go A 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 Superbee #858 of 1000, car had every option, heck its got more things in it than any vehicle my wife and I have ever owned combined!!!! This thing is super fast and a head turner where ever I go. I bought it with less than 38,000 miles and it already has a Magnaflow exhaust system, tinted windows, and Cooper Zeon tires. Next up is a CAI, 180 thermostat, catch can, and dyno tune. Then maybe some LED interior lights.....not real sure of how much more I can do to this baby unless it
  7. BTW, I thank everyone for the offers and everyone for the great comments. One things for sure though, even though I no longer own a SSS, I'm never leaving this family. Best d%^n forum I've ever been a part of.
  8. As much as I hate to say this......the truck is SOLD. I almost cried when the guy drove it off. My wife, on the other hand, did cry. That was a very special ride, a lot of great memories and a lot of busted knuckles and blood was shed over that thing. I can only hope now that the new owner will take care of it and cherish it as much as I did. On a better note, I already have a sale pending on my new toy. I'll post pics up this weekend if everything goes through. And for everyone interested in my SSS still, it was an auto sales dealership in Carrollton Georgia that purchased the truck.
  9. thanks guys, again I appreciate it, Bayou if anything changes I will let you know
  10. Bayou, probably not, honestly by the time all the shipping costs were incurred it probably wouldnt be worth it to you. Check summit racing, you can get a cowl hood for just over 400 thanks kissfans, i am definitely gonna try to make it again this year, i had too much fun not to go back
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