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  1. Nice. The dual exhaust is cool. Mike
  2. I bought the locking cap I had on there 9 years ago when I bought the truck. It never threw a code for me. Not once. It wore out, however, and would turn with a clicking sound when you unlocked it... without turning the lower part of the cap. I almost could not get it off. New cap seems to be working fine. No code yet. Mike
  3. Well, in the interim, I answered my own question with a visit to two local dealerships. I ended up going home with part number 25862765, which is also the same as AC Delco part number GT264. It locks and does have a groove to transfer the factory tether, but does not come with a tether. It is kind of a PITA to get the tether off the old cap, but can be done. I used a pick to get the edge out of the groove and then two small flat blade screwdrivers to get it off. I hope this information can help someone else. Mike
  4. I have a 2006 Vortec MAX, but it will have the same gas cap as an SS since it has the same engine and emission systems. When I bought the truck, I bought a GM locking cap which was part number 12495845. it has since broken. This is no longer a valid part number and refers to a new part number of 12497880. The problem is, when I look at the compatibility list for that new part number, my truck is not on it. In fact, nothing newer than 2004 is on the list. So will I have issues with the new part number? Is anyone using that part on an 06 SS without issues? The reason I want a GM part is so I can retain the tether system. The Stant replacement caps don't have the groove. Thanks in advance. Mike
  5. I have DynaTechs too. Other than they make the truck noisier, I have never had any issues with them. Never had the fasteners work loose or anything. They make the truck sound mean. Mike
  6. The axle is fixed. They also fixed the clunk in the steering shaft. It didn't cost me anything. The extended warranty covered both repairs 100%. The dealer complemented me on my truck, saying I took "really good care of it." I will check the stock PCM for tune changes before I swap it back. I will do the "compare" between my stock tune file and what is in there now. That will tell me if it has been updated or not. I will let you know. Thanks for all the advice. Mike
  7. I have the tune file and HP Tuners. I'd be OK if they did that. I just don't want my investment in the extended warranty to be void. Mike
  8. I think I'll go ahead and swap it out. I guess it is a good thing that I have not yet installed the 160 degree thermostat. I think it would throw codes with the stock PCM... wouldn't it? This is the only time my truck has ever been back to the dealer since it was new. I do my own oil changes. Thanks for the advice guys. I hope it runs OK with the stocker back in it. Mike
  9. My front axle is leaking. I am going to have it fixed at the dealer. Should I swap out the PCM for the stock one? I wouldn't think they would mess with the PCM to fix the axle, but I am worried about voiding my extended warranty. What do you guys think? Mike
  10. The steering squeek is in your column. I just spray some silicon lube (non residue type) into the space between the steering wheel and the column and it takes care of it for a while. You will have to re-spray in another 6 months to a year. I think it is a rubber dust guard that rubs when you turn the wheel. Mike
  11. I bet that thing sounds wicked! Especially with the cutouts opened up. You will scare the brown stuff out of anybody who tries to race you when you open those up. Mike
  12. I am the original owner of mine. Still have it. Mike
  13. RIP Jeff. I was born the same day and even the same year. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. Mike
  14. Vortec MAX


    I borrowed a VIN number from a member here to buy my red SS grille and door handles. The dealer tried to look up the parts without the VIN and couldn't find the correctly painted parts. I borrowed a VIN from a member with a Victory Red SS and the dealer found the part numbers without a hitch. Thanks to the member who "lent" me his VIN. It could be that the guy had this same scenario at his dealer. I mean he did ask. If he was meaning to be dishonest, he could have waited for you to walk away and just copied it down. Mike
  15. I bought stainless (Super MAXX system) headers and hot Jet-Hot put their Sterling coating on them. They appeared to be coated on the inside from what I could see. I like them, but they made the truck a lot louder and I get a ticking/rattling sound when the truck is cold. I have tightened all the bolts again and it still ticks/rattles. Once it is warm, the ticking stops. For the expense and work, I'm not sure if I'd do it again. Mike
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