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  1. newbie here- Are there any pictures? I just damaged my OE bumper skin and am looking at options.
  2. shot in the dark on an old post- did the bumper sell?
  3. WOW-Thought I was the only one-I had to have my front diff done @ 35K-They replaced everything in the case and the dealer charged the warranty company $1200.00. Now if they could get the truck to shift like the 04 ss I just sold, we would be getting somewhere.
  4. it was great to finally happen on this site! I own not one but 2 red ss trucks and to the shock of the viewers, I use them as work trucks! Great for adverts. I live in Norther VA and at times I can sit in traffic for 1.5 to 3 hours one way. So, comfort,class, and bose XM are a must. The sound of the exhaust and torque....cool too! Look forward to chatting with all the folks here, no time now! Michael
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