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  1. $180 ??? I know you guys on here LOVE your mail order tunes... But Johan at Diablosport is the head tuner and knows the guys you get most your mail order tunes from and they share secrets ... Good thing is, this has custom tunes you can convert that HE wrote for my truck and you have the data monitoring capability ... I have several tunes for 87 / 91 / 93 Come on guys don't dis the pred ...
  2. I traded my 2006 Vortec Max off and need to sell my Tuner. $199 includes free shipping to the 48 states. This is good for 2006 and 2007 classic styles (not gmt900 trucks) ... Most all V8 Pickups and SUV's including avalanche ... It is like brand new and was used a couple times to program my truck ... Unit is unlocked and has the protective covering still on the screen. Has the 2006 rev firmware so you have all the adjustability... I actually can email you some custom tunes I have and you can have Johan at diablosport convert them to your VIN ... I have several 92/93 tunes, 91 tunes and some 87 MPG and 91 MPG tunes ... many custom features like various TQM settings ... Fans on 1 minute after key off, etc I have the latest tune they offer as custom and I dynoed my VMax and saw almost 20rwhp and 22 lb ft ... Plus on all custom tunes I have the 2 second open loop delay removed as well as the limiter ... You can customize these tunes in the pred as well ... Like I said, I will email you the tune files and Johan Mangs at diablosport SHOULD be able to resend them with your VIN so you can use them ... I ran the tunes on a 2006 VMax with a cat back and a drop-in filter ... email me at [email protected] if you want it ... also that's my paypal address ... I will ship free the tuner Priority Mail ... ~Jeff
  3. Good Info Mike ! ... So did you weigh your's at 5220? ... I think you have most all options too right? 11H
  4. 11H

    SSS vs. Z28's/TA's

    LOL not a chance in hell ... Unless you race them in the rain and you have AWD ... sorry, Fbodies are a stretch ... even a stock 1993-up LT1
  5. I am guessing that's about $10K over wholesale book ... good luck ... Maybe wait 20 years and try again ...
  6. They used to be restricted under the 1994 AWB, but since the 1994 assault weapons ban sunset in 2004, they are legal to have ... stamped mags are now like any other hicap mag ... however on the mag capacity thing there are several states that have their own laws governing capacity ... and on the 10 rd P220ST statement above, I thought the P220 had a single stack mag in 7 or 8 round capacity depending on the mag manufacturer?
  7. Gates ... Nuff said ...
  8. Intresting idea...a heirarchy of manliness based on vehicle. I guess it makes sense...anyone remember the isuzu AMIGO? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ya know, the Amigo had some serious potential, it was available with 31" tires stock, short wheelbase, and nice manual deep gearing ... Motor branded by Daewoo. (built by Holden) ... I was hard on a black one back in the day ... Back then it was a tough choice between a wrangler with all their problems and an Amigo ... But to all fairness to your approach, the whole "manly" potential of the vehicle was killed by all the vivid colors available in that day in age ... I remember a mauve or pink and a mint green or some chit ... The whole pseudo soft top JEEP alternative for me was gone after that ... I ended up buying a GMC Gypsy Sport S15 (4.3 extra cab with sport 2 tone paint and leather) ... Now that was a machine back in '88 ... Black and Red
  9. It just so happens the last several years, on the 1500 series trucks, there is a healthy dose of TQM on the upshift on the 1-2 ... On the T/H empty thing ... I haven't read in the manual about damage, but I don't read the manuals much anymore as I have had 6 Gen III trucks ... If it actually says damage occur running T/H empty, and it is OK with a load, that seems counter to the events to me ... They are then saying that it is easier on the sun shell, and driveline components for it to shift in T/H with a LOAD than WITHOUT? --- How are the stresses LESS with a load? (LMAO) ... Maybe they are worried about driveline slack take-up under low throttle inputs and being in T/H ... ??? My take is this ... I hear rumors from people that work at the Proving Grounds here, and some time ago, GM was considering removing the TH button to inhibit the consumer from being able to run it when THEY felt it was not needed... BUT, the marketing dept and higher ups said NO to leave it there because the R&D cost to incorporate it, and it being a selling icon for the platform over the competitors, it outweighed the RISK to the unweighted driveline (aka slack) ... As far as the transmission is concerned, I know many many people that run it 24/7 because it allows less slipping of friction material, and they have a lot of miles on their 1500's with no ill efects ... If it in fact says it in tha manual, I am betting they are putting it there to cover their butt on driveline abuse, and the mileage statement is there also to cover their butt with the EPA/fuel economy ... my .02
  10. 11H

    07 rst

    what's up with the "TRUFLOW" intake system? looks like a painted straight tube to me with a stock box ... ??
  11. Everyone here seems to only be concentrating only on tranny abuse ... you also need to think about the driveline after the tranny. That BOOM that is felt during the 1-2 upshift w/ 3-4000 lbs. of additional calculated load is, w/o a doubt an increase in line pressure, and more positive application of the clutches. However ... what kind of wear do you think is applied to the diffs. and other driveline components? My SS has been experiencing some serious front-end growl the last 10K miles, and I do believe that she's gonna end up @ the dealer before the end of the year. Simply looking underneath SS's that are AWD shows that the front end is not built for the torque ratings of the 6.0L motor. Ask any GM Technician ... they've been having problems with the SS's and the Escalade front ends, because it's a weak design. So ... can the 4L60 handle the additional torque? Sure. Can the rest of the truck? I would be careful ... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmmm ... look at post #10 ... IMO the reason the SS has front end issues (growl) in my opinion is because it is AWD, and driven on pavement ... There is slippage in the TCase yes, at it is supposed to be able to be AWD and driven on pavement, but there is DEFINITELY more side loading of the carrier bearings and the front diff in general ... Is it the reason for failures? I don't know, but I DO know a part time 4WD system has less problems maybe just because it's not used all the time ... And also, my opinion on STRENGTH ... I think it being AWD, and having the torque split between front and back, I think the strength issue is of no concern... The diffs when split, don't see the loading a single diff sees for example ... again, not arguing, just my view ...
  12. Actually, very good points made here ... HOWEVER 1. In the 2006 VMax, there are more than one Trans calibration, and the cal in the 2006 Vmax is unique ... If he has an old one, and the new one is part of a TSB, and it is coincidence with HIS clunk complaint on upshift, they MAY reflash PCM ... 2. They cannot tell what was changed in the pcm as you said, it's all binary and not one tech I know is concerned about that enough for it to be in their priorities in making money at a dealership ... HOWEVER, they can tell when the PCM was reflashed ... This may bring up a line of questioning that you might want to be prepared for if you have a related mechanical concern ... You did the right thing by putting original PCM back ... Better safe than sorry .. 11H
  13. 11H

    Road Rage

    I apologize if I am sounding like I am "preaching" it is not my intent. What sorta pull at me however is that good intentioned people can get mixed up in bad things, and when a post like this comes up on the net, you get all sorts of responses. If someone has taken to heart some advice and they act on it, it can be harmful if they do something wrong, and all of a sudden good guy becomes bad guy and for what? some puke who started wronging you in the first place? discretion by responders goes a long way nowadays and things can be averted... In this case of road rage, there is nothing saying you have to engage the perpetrator.. simply drive to the nearest PD and if you don't know where it is, call 911 and explain to the dispatcher what is happening and never stop, except to avoid a collision, stay in car, lock doors and stay as safe as possible ... all of it will be recorded as soon as the 911 operator answers the cell call ... If you don't have a cell, well, get one because any cell can call 911 for free as long as you have a signal and a battery charged ... you can assert yourself with a response, but then a stressful situation becomes one that will be judged later-on. and of course if you are found not in accordance to the law, you may have consequences, whether you feel you were in the right or not ... peace
  14. 11H

    Road Rage

    Black2003SS, Don't take things wrong here ... (I see this coming to an argument) ... It seems you are antimate in thinking you were in the right ... Well, maybe morally, maybe in your heart, and maybe by your standards ... (Which seem to be stemming from wholesome character) ... BUT I will not go into my background because it's not relevent here. I will say that if it went down exactly as you said, you were LEGALLY in the wrong more than he was, and you would have a hard time articulating self defense to any Officer, Court, or Jury ... If it went down as you said, LEGALLY you could be charged with a Crime/s that would put you away significantly longer than he, if he got jail at all for his part up to the point of his (sounding) severe injury ... And in a Civil suit, he would have walked his dog on you ... You're very lucky to be free from that situation ... I am sure any of the Officers on here who would care to chime-in would agree ... If you feel the need, I can go point by point where you went wrong ...
  15. 11H

    Want to buy

    I have a full Volant kit in the for sale section ... used very briefly ... About $100 off retail or more ... Perfect ... 11H
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