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  1. I don't have apple tv but I have a massive plex server I've been using for years. My coworker just got his new Apple tv working with plex though. I guess with the new ones you don't have to jail break. He loves it.
  2. Most run the beltech street performance I think.
  3. Showtime. Former sunshine.
  4. Went out for my first test & tune on Wednesday. Ran the truck and thought it didn't do half bad for having 24 inch rims. Am I right about where I should be? Headers, cutouts, intake, tune, built trans. If I can get these 24s off and put some regular tires back on, I'd be well onto the 13s on quarter mile.
  5. Idk what the pad being upside down has anything to do with old vs new brackets. They only fit one way so I hope you do keep it in the back of your head. I was a little reluctant at first to post. After being here since 2006, I have seen this forum get to a bickering match half the time nowadays. I can understand the criticism, figured after I posted pics there would be some comment possibly on the way it looked rather than myself doing it backwards. Thanks guys. It's no biggie. [emoji6]
  6. I wouldn't be so sure to trust anyone's opinions. If you look at everyone else that has pictures of the same upgrade you find they all look like mine. The pads have tapered bottoms. Thsy can only fit one way. Theres no way the flat edge fits into the tapered clips. I made mine look exactly how Rudy did his. I think I've came to the conclusion of just not being part of this community anymore. Not one person said it looked nice. Everyone just wants to find fault in it. Have fun in this crap shoot of a forum.
  7. Hmm. You might be on to something here. The pads had tapered edges at one side that lined up with the clips. So I must have them upside down. I didn't think they would fit well the other way though. Are you positive on this?
  8. They had stickers that said L and R and direction of rotation. I mounted them accordingly. They look just like Rudy's rotors.
  9. Just got done with the brakes. Looks like only 2/3 of the pads are contacting the rotor but I guess that's how it's suppose to be. Stop amazing. Definitely can tell a difference. Had to bleed these things by myself. Mityvac and a hockey stick. I will get more pictures. Truck is terribly dirty at the moment. Here's some temp pics I took at 2am. Rims make the brakes look tiny. I'll take more tomorrow after I wash her. Also have one rusty drum that I need to replace. And yes...I noticed when I got home I was dragging a ratchet strap. Lol
  10. Good looking out. I'll make sure to do that.
  11. I'm pretty positive the z06 upgrade will only fit under 22 inch wheels or more. I read that somewhere. Still waiting on rotors. Baer swore they would be here by Wednesday. I have my hopes for Friday so that I can do this on the weekend.
  12. I like the headers. I'm getting the smaller ones put on as I type. Just as an FYI though. Anytime the frame is cut, I think the insurance then counts the car as totaled. I could be wrong but I think that's what those guys were getting at.
  13. Pads Monday and possibly rotors Tuesday or Wednesday. Should be able to have these things on by the weekend!
  14. I went ahead and got the semi metallic padlets. I had to order banjo bolts from 2 different spots and I got 2 different bolts with the same part number. They are going back and I'm going to order a pair.
  15. A furious. You are correct. Baer said that it is a one piece rotor and summit has their site messed up. Baer gave me the same price as summit and waived shipping. Still holy shit expensive for rotors though.
  16. Would like someone to chime in on this. I don't want to be the guinea pig.
  17. Gotcha. So the padlets are the correct ones and there is 1 for every piston. So 6 each side. I just didn't want to go with the semi metallic. I would be better off getting some ceramics and they would give off less dust right? And not grind down my expensive rotors as much? What's up with the rotors from summit saying they have no hat though? Does that mean I will need to buy the center piece to them?
  18. Taking the leap on this one. Got the calipers, banjo bolts, crush washers. In the process of getting Rudy's adapters. 1) I can't seem to find the rotors anywhere but on summit and theirs don't come with the hat. What is everyone else doing for their rotors? 2) Which pads? The guy I am buying the calipers from says that the calipers don't come with pins. But the other auction he has pads and pins. The pads are semi metallic though. I'm guessing I for sure need these pins. What pads are everyone else running and will they come with said pins if I buy hawks or whatever?
  19. If it's the one with the bypass then it's worth it. If it's not then you can get them all day for 130$ free shipping.
  20. Slides always look good. I don't care if people think they are played out.
  21. The appropriate screws are "ISO mounting screws" (M5), either pan head 8mm or flat head 9mm depending on the specific mounting kit/brackets you are using. If the mounting kit/brackets have recessed screw holes, use 8mm flatheads. If the mounting kit/brackets do not have recessed screw holes, use 9mm pan heads
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