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  1. everything is still for sale. i still need to get shipping quotes to people to get a final answer. the led kit is most likely gone. i have pics so here you go sorry it took a while work was crazy..
  2. ** update the 3rd brake light is no longer for sale. i broke it taken it off so its worthless and going with the truck** sorry to everyone that was interested in it...but i have all other items are still avaviable
  3. well guys the vacation was good while it lasted. but we have alot of new mods in here so maybe he will get the boot for good.
  4. thanks for everything guys. i love my truck and all but i needed something new. the caddy will be in my hands tonight around 5:00. i cant wait. and i do have some ideas up my sleve but it only audio and rims nothing performance yet....but maybe a volant.
  5. here is my list just to let people know where they stand in line. this is how i recived my pms. and also please give me some time to get shipping quotes. i need to get like a bunch and i have no time but i will try my hardest. stock headlights- eamonn& wopc69 taillights-shaneomac&packjh black headlights-bonj57,shaneomac 3rd-eamonn&616 of 933& 8hhpss fire and ice-eamonn&616 of 933& 8hhpss underglow-bonj57 scan-sick03ssbad & jond983 if you sent me a pm and dont see your name please let me know, i mad sure i did the list right but i can make a mistake..
  6. i posted prices, prices are without shipping except the aeroforce. i didnt think i would get such a big response but i have like a bunch of pms. all the parts are in my garage. so nothing is left on the truck. i will go in order of the way i recived my pms. pics will be up tonight. i need to make a photo cd to get them on here. thanks for the interest guys. i will be trying to work on this as fast as i can. also i do not have paypal, i can only accept a bank check or moneyorder from the post office. sorry for any inconvienece.
  7. well i got rid of my truck and have somethings i want to get rid of. i have the truck this morning so let me know so i can take it off. *pics will be up as soon as i can get them* please shoot me a pm with what you want. also my zip is 02726 i have no conections with anyone that ships so shipping charges are up to the buyer, but you pay the real fee i will not "up" the shipping cost. if you buy more than one item i may be able to ship depeding on location. what i have for sale is. stock taillights-75 stock headlights up and bottoms.-100 black headlights no lowers-50 aeroforce scan guage.-200(shipped) fire and ice led bar.-20 led 3rd brake light-35 flow master tip. needs a good polish (parts that might be for sale) blue underglow(i know..i know lol) 125(4 leds out, but not noticable) ss wheels.(gone with the truck) ss bumper(my buddy might not want it now)
  8. well guys it sucks to say but i did get rid of my truck. after i left the caddy dealership last week with no deal i started to look somewere else. well yesterday i got a call from the saleswoman who wasnt there the last time i went to go check it out. and asked what happened. well long story short i boosted up my trade in to like 9000. from 6500-7000. so im happy. with gas prices as high as they are it would have been a bi*ch to sell. so now its out of my hands. hopefully im going to day to pick it up. so i no longer own my truck. im going to miss that loud truck, but i know my neighbors wont. lol. so i now own a 2005 caddy cts 3.6 v6 sport edition with lux. pacakage. as soon as i get pics i will show you guys.... and i will not be leaving sss.com this place has been like a family for as long as i have been here. i will still stop in and see how everyone is and who is the newest person to add to the broken tranny list lol.
  9. thanks for the concern guys, if the truck does go soon i will still be stopping by. i sold my bumper to my buddy with a rst so at least i will be able to see the ss bumper alot. lol i might be selling my wheels to him also whats a good price 4 good rims with bad tires.???
  10. thats what the guy that fixed it for me said. hes like all the others were fine. except that. hes like maybe someone was stealing them and got scared. but idk. all i know is the truck gods dont HATE me they just are upset im selling the truck. i really like the caddys and wanted one for a while. i love my truck and always will but i think im out of the loud lowered truck scene. i love it and all but i want to move into a caddy. both my parent have them and i love it. i will always like truck and who knows i might do a oldschool truck one day. that is what i really have wanted to do for a while.
  11. well as much as it sucks to say im getting rid of my truck. i loved it and all but it was only a reg cab, and it needed alot of work to get it were i would be happy with it. and with gas prices the way they are....well you all know. so i have been looking at a caddy cts. i had one come in to my local caddy dealership. i was supose to take a week and ended up taken two. but im patient so it was fine. yesterday me and my dad go up there to check it out and on the wa up there i felt a little vibration in the wheel. i just thought it was something to do with my lowering kit or something. but all the highway up there it started to get worse like alot worse. so i start to move to the right side of the highway slowing down. then it stops so i was like ok. i get off the exit and head down the street to the dealer when........booooommmm my tire flies off my truck. when i say flies off i mean tire and rim and lug nuts and center cap all over the road. thank god no one was coming or behind me. my truck smashes to the ground and skids on rotor for about 50 feet cutting a huge line in the street. so ya i offically hate my truck. lol no body can fiqure out why it went like that but all the studs were bent and stripped . so i had to wait forever for a good tow truck company because the first guy out right told me he would probably end up ripping the bumper off if he draged it. so now its at a shop getting fixed.....but i just htought i would share my story with you guys.
  12. dont turn the amp all the way up, ya it will hit hard but sound like shit. i have done some decent sub installs with some walmart products that people brought into the shop and they sound preety damn good. you have to like tune your radio to your amp. what i do is put your bass on the radio in the mid range or lower. than put the radio where you normally listen to it then adjust the amp to that so it hits real nice and hard at mid tone, but when you want to crank it just put up the volume and it will pound like crazy but the down side is that it will have that distortion to it( the amount depends on how high your amp is) i have to of these in my truck and damn they hit like a mofo.....
  13. damn if i woulda seen this i woulda grabbed it up im like a hour away and have the same cover waiting to be painted in my garage. im trying to sell mine because i dont want to paint it. damn i wish i saw yours. if it falls through pm me i can go and get that if need be.
  14. i have a set of tinted ones on my truck i could sell the only thing is the pass side is scratched preety bad. idk if your still interested since you would be tiniteing them anyway you could sand down the pass and re tint it. just let me know
  15. i have one i will most likely sell. thinking about getting rid of my truck so i dont need it. its aftermarket and just needs so be preped and painted. let me know if your interested. pm me
  16. wow wish i new how much i coulda gotten for mine when i had it. i regret selling it for what i did now. good luck on the sale, and your truck looks awsome with it on.
  17. you looking for a oem one or a knockoff????
  18. idk maybe a bad ground. did you recently install anything new?? i know that most radios go into a protection mode if it notices diffrent frequencys. thats what the problem was on a customers car i put a sub in. all the speakers stoped working.
  19. just got done putting my ss wheels on. after thinking they wouldnt fit they actually do. no rubbing either. but the tires are shot so im still going to go and get the 275/45/20s for them. anyone know of a good place to look for tires?? i have a place in my area that will match the price if i bring in a print out so im defintly going to be looking for the lowest price. IMO the truck looks badass with the wheels on. the only problem i have is that it isnt so low anymore, the big tires kinda rasied it but that will be taken care of once i get the new tires..
  20. yep those are still yours, to bad i messed one up in the crash but ill get a stock set and have them tinited again. and the cops have been ok with me so far. also i think the led bar helps a little.
  21. ya its when you put the ss badges on and call it a ss. most guys here are fine with the clones as long as you dont call it a ss. but imo you put the ss engine in your truck and do the cladding, id call it a reg cab ss.
  22. here is some of the pics, i havent been able to get any with the cut off exhaust tip but o well. i also threw in the video of the underglow. my mom got it for me for x-mas so i had to put it in...and i really like it. rarely drive with on but when i pull in at a local meeting area ill put it on...lol enjoy edit* now you guys can see the damage from my accident i had back in august and all those dent on my driver side were from me when i found out my dad got shot...beat the crap outa the truck at the scene View My Video
  23. mr. p my kit came with springs, and it gives a good ride with them. i still havent been able to hook up my camera to the comuter, but have the pics. also i put on them shocks today and cut my exhaust so you cant see the pipe. it actually sounds more throathier(if thats a word) so i might cut it back closer to get more sound....pics will bve up once i get the memory card reader.
  24. i think if you lower it only 2" you should be fine. i had mine lowered 2" in the back for a year and never had problems just now i bottom out with stock shocks. so i need to put the new ones on.. and onto the tire question, will those tires fit on a a stock ss wheel??? if im using a 275 and thats the witdth will a 255 or 245 fit on the rim?? wont it be too narrow?? im a little confused. but i will check out my stock tires and go look for those tires somewere. edit- i was planning on using a 275/45/20 since i thought the 275 had to be the same, the 55 or 50 or 45 is side wall size right?? cuz like jac said i need a lower side wall tire but i dont want this thing to be like on lowpro's and hit a bump and bend my rim.
  25. well guys after almost a year and a half later of my djm drop kit sitting in my garage i finally lowered it. and all i can say is damn!!!! i love it. my body hates me right now cuz im so sore but its all worth it lol. i have parts aching i never new could ache lol. i started at 9- and finished around 330-4. took a while but there was alot of stuff to do. i had help from my uncle but he wanted me to do alot of the work so i could say i did it myself and acomplsihed it. we ran into a couple problems with torching the old hangers out on the driver side. since the gas tank is right there. but a steady hand, peiceces of wood blocking the gas tank a huge ass fire extuinguisher(sp?) and me praying made it out all right...lol. the front driver side took about 1 1/2-2 hours. since it was the first one. the pass side took a whopping 30 mins. lol and the back well we wont go there...it drives awsome like a car now, no more body roll. the ony thing i have left is to put on the new shock in the rear. i know this post is worthless without pics, but i had to go to work right after, and its dark now. so pics will be up tomorow..i do have a question though, does anyone know what other size tires can fit on a stock ss rim?? is the 275 the width?? and if so i cant go smaller can i?? im lost when it comes to tires. but i know i will have some rubbing issues once i put the ss wheels back on....well thats it for now..
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