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  1. That’s one if the problems with a specialty vehicle that is now 11-15 years. People stop becoming so enthusiastic, people sell their vehicles and the next people don’t seem care as much about them or being part of an online forum. I think another issue is the 3 billion Facebook car groups out there. I still check in from time to time even though I do not own an SS anymore
  2. The AWD will most definitely launch faster but the RWD is lighter and has higher gears so it will reel the AWD in. Years ago I raced a similarly modded RWD in my AWD. I came off the line much faster and my 1/8 of a mile time and speed were much higher, but it beat me in the quarter. It was in Phoenix at 100+ degrees do the time were slow. He beat me 15.03 to 15.04 and was about 4mph faster Tried to upload the video but it did not work
  3. As nice as that truck is that price is ridiculous. Hell a few years ago Chase sold his twin turbo 10 second monster for like $40k. Probably what happened is this guys wife is making him sell it and he does not want to. "Honey I've listed it but for some darn reason no one wants to buy it" lol
  4. I don't think it was an option from the factory but I have seen truckd for sale with the carbon trim and I think it was added at the dealership to make the truck more custom
  5. So I did a search on cars.com with no radius restriction and there are 8 LTZs for sale and they all have the carbon fiber. So I'm assuming that all the LTZs came that way
  6. Yeah it's pretty cool and I had no idea they existed. I saw LTZ and 6.0 and just thought the dealership made a typo and originally I dismissed it. Glad I looked it up
  7. Thanks. Yeah the 77 is a lot of fun, and it brings back a lot of memories driving her. Its in pretty good shape and it only has 31k original miles. But since it has been driven so rarely and it sat for years, literally everything leaks. The Freon on the AC lines have completely leaked out, every gasket on the engine, transmission, transfer cases, etc... are leaking. So it will take a little while to replace everything that needs it. The interior is also faded and craked, but the truck has very little rust. Its mostly surface rust and no major rust on frame or the body, other than the typical r
  8. Thanks man! As far as the 20's go I am a little torn. As much as I think it would look good to have the SSS wheels back on, the tires on their right now are brand new highly rated Highway tires, so its hard to justify getting new tires and wheels right now. Especially since my wife needs new wheels on here Denali bad since they are peeling and look like crap. My 69 project has been put on hold infidelity. I just dont have the time to finish her. It has been completely re-painted and is ready to be put back together, but I need new wiring, fuel lines, brake lines, then all the exterior trim
  9. So as much as I love driving my BMW I really missed having a full size truck. With a growing family, and a restaurant with a ton of catering business I decided it was time to get something bigger. So I decided I wanted to buy a Suburban or a Yukon XL and I either wanted a Denali or a 2500, then I came across this and had to buy it. It's a 2006 Suburban LTZ, if you have never heard of one you are not alone. The LTZ is a special 2006 only Suburban with AWD and the LQ4 (335hp/375trq), basically a Chevy Denali. It also has some of the same trimmings as the Z71, and the same chrome 20's as
  10. Get some glass packs. That's what I had and they were loud as hell.
  11. Steve the GM Gauge Guy works on gauges and will swap LEDs but he normally works on 99-06 clusters which have the lights soldered in. He is asking about a 97 and those are just replaceable bulbs and they are super easy to pull out and replace, and you dont even have to take part the cluster. As far as LEDs go. Superbrightleds.com is a pretty good place. They have lots of options
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