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  1. http://www.gunbroker.com/All/BI.aspx?Keywords=colt+python+2.5
  2. Why a 308? 6.5 Creedmore and 260 Remington are far better calibers if you plan on ever stretching its legs. I personally shoot 260 and have just recently gotten into large frame gas guns. I'm having a barrel spun up in 260 Rem as well. If you want a factory 308 that will more than likely out shoot you look at the following. Remington 700 AAC-SD (But replace the god awful stock they come with) Remington 700 5R Milspec Remington 700 Tactical Target Remington 700 SPS Tactical (Again replace the rubber crap stock) All 4 are great sticks and you can build whatever you want off of a 700 actions. Below are 2 of mine. The 300WM is a 5R Milspec with a bunch of changes and the 260 is a Crescent Custom built 260Rem on a 700 action 260 Rem 150yd target (by called I mean I said F&*K! lol) 300Wm Get into shooting some distances... You will fall in love!
  3. sprayed99

    The Storm

    This is why I posted the link for TA Performance. Call them and ask for part # TA 1815. It is true ARP hardware.
  4. busier than a one legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond...you?
  5. sprayed99

    The Storm

    FYI. That is not the same as studs for the bearing caps.
  6. Almost 3 years later...seriously?... Google has failed you!
  7. sprayed99

    The Storm

    Cool hopefully they are also the correct thread and pitch.
  8. sprayed99

    The Storm

    Did you order a stud kit?
  9. sprayed99

    The Storm

    Because someone didn't make it clear what vehicle it was going on lol
  10. sprayed99

    The Storm

  11. sprayed99

    The Storm

    Nittos drag radials will last about 7K on the street without much racing and I hope they hook for you because everyone I know that ran them hated them at the track. Your saving grace is the AWD. We ran them on F bodies and mustangs. Once The Mickeys came out we all switched and that made huge difference on the track.
  12. You can still buy these new for around 100.00 Part numbers are below center - 12579166 (Vortec 6000) center - 12598332 (Vortec Max) left - 12597908 right - 12574573
  13. Corsa on every V8 I have owned in the last 10 years. Even my 32 ford has Corsa Black box mufflers on it.
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