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  1. Thanks, those are both interesting and valuable stories. I will be taking my truck in soon to replace a rear bearing where there is just a very light leak noticeable and I will definitely have them check out the front end parts closely. If my truck can make it to 250K, it will outlive me 😀
  2. I was fortunate to buy my 2006 SS brand new. 14 years later, the body and interior are still 95%+ and I have had zero mechanical issues. I just turned 102,000 actual miles and did all the 100K mile services except the rear differential fluid which I plan on doing soon. I have done very little towing or carrying heavy loads and my maintenance schedules have been sound. On my list to do besides the rear end fluid are: - repair an apple sized clear coat spot or just repaint the entire door since it is a rear small one. - Replace or repaint the wiper arms - Replace the rear window rubber weather stripping. - Replace the windshield and the weather strip. Other than that, I intend to keep my SS until I die and my son says he wants to keep it then. I am 72 so this is sbout another 10 years + or -. I wanted to post this to ask about thise members with high mileage and older model SS trucks to see what the mormal or extreme life span of these special vehicles is. Would like to hear any special experiences at 150K, 200K and beyond if any
  3. Still here as well. Check in about once a month and made use of the classifieds to sell my OEM intake kit to a brother in Houston last year. Too bad the SS is a dying breed; I only see them occasionally here in East Texas. Mine just turned 95K and still going strong although the exterior black trim and weather stripping is showing age. Wish I had known to keep the rubber treated more consistently. The wiper arms need repainting but still, all in all, the truck looks good and I still get the comments when I pull in somewhere.
  4. I am getting ready to change the plugs in my 06 SS and just ran across this video showing how easy it is to do the plug change if you pull the front wheels and liners which gives direct access to the plugs. I like the idea but my experience with the wheel liners and similar body parts is that they can be a PIA to replace and somehow they never go back in place as they should. Has anyone here done this to change plugs and would you recommend this versus over the top of the fender. I am only 5' 7" so reaching down over the fender is a challenge for me, especially at my age.
  5. gdr_11


    Was going through my storage and found a box with my stock air intake assembly. As I recall, I had my K&N cold air intake installed 4 days after I bought my SS new. The photos show the #15769060 lower assembly and the SFI/H02S/TWC air filter housing and catalyst with the OEM filter inside. The entire unit probably had 25 - 30 miles on it since I drove the truck home from the dealer, next day to have the exhaust system installed and then two days later had the intake system replaced. I want $140 for the setup and will quote a shipping price if you give me your zip code. I will accept PayPal as a gift transaction or, in the rare case that you are anywhere near Tyler, Texas, we can arrange a face to face transaction.
  6. Sure thing.. got the payment so pm me your address and I will send it out Monday. George
  7. I have a couple of items that may be of interest to other members: 1. Set of two new Carriage House bolt on polished billet grilles that fit over the existing SS brake vent grilles. I had the front of my SS swiped by a red light runner and ordered a replacement Carriage House billet grille to replace the damaged main and middle pieces. I have the two new brake vent grilles with mounting hardware and instructions. $20 plus $6.95 for Flat Rate shipping. 2. I have the OEM GM Rubber Center Console Cupholder Inserts with the flip top ashtray cup. I took these out the day I drove my SS home from the dealer and they have been on my garage shelf since. Includes the cupholder insert and the flip top ashtray. $20 plus $6.85 for flat rate shipping. SOLD Prices are based on PayPal gift payment.
  8. I am ready to change shocks on my stock height 2006 SS and I got a quote of $527 for Bilsteins installed at Les Schwab. Needless to say I am going to order a set of Beltech SPs and just pay an extra $60 - $70 for installation and still be $200+ ahead of the game.
  9. So my rear door stopped working on my 2006 SS and my investigation revealed that the clip holding the lower lock rod to the door handles must have broke. After pulling the exterior door handle off at the jamb, I could see the rod flopping around loose. Grabbed it and lifed with a pair of needle nose and the door opened. My question is how to replace the clip and what is it supposed to look like when done properly. I checked other Silverado repair forums but could find nothing useful. I am hoping to be able to replace the clip through the small opening from the exterior handle rather than pulling the inside panel. It really bugs me that Chevy clips are all plastic; I had the same problem with my tailgate release and went through a hassle to replace a $1 part.
  10. Correction to the listing made per 1BAD2K's clarification.
  11. 2006 Chevrolet Silverado SS -- 46,000 original miles. This truck has it all! 6.0 Liter Vortec engine with new K&N intake, Flowmaster exhaust, spray on bedliner, rail and tailgate caps, custom SS 3rd brakelight cover, SS tow hitch cover, carbon graphite tail lights, 5 piece billet grille, custom machined SS bowtie, GM smoke bug guard, rubber Euro antenna, new 20" Goodyear Eagle tires. Interior is all leather with power/heated/memory seats, 6 cd changer, cruise, tilt, power pedals, Onstar, auto climate control, and sliding rear window. I am the original owner and the truck is in outstanding condition with no damage and a clean title. You will not find another Silverado SS in this condition anywhere. One of the last years of the classic Silverado body style. $21,500 Pics at: http://s276.photobuc...kk25/gdr_11/SS/
  12. Thanks, it's not that I need the money, its just that this is a very special vehicle that needs to be driven and enjoyed by someone who appreciates it. I do have to say, however, when I am driving down a two lane country road and have the opportunity to pass 6-7 cars at once, the thrill is still there.
  13. I have decided to sell by 2006 SS in Silver Birch, but I am not yet sure what I want to ask. As the orginal owner with 46K miles on it, I have not seen many of these in the condition that mine is. I have a K&N filter, Flowmasters, new tires (refit with the factory Goodyears at 40K miles) and a number of custom accents front and back. Here is a link to the photos: http://s276.photobucket.com/albums/kk25/gdr_11/SS/ I am thinking $22,000 but don't want to price myself out of the market. Located in California. I love this truck, but I do not drive it enough and it was made for someone to enjoy, not just a once a week commute. Any comments on value would be appreciated.
  14. I am getting ready to put my 2006 SS on the market. I am the original owner with 46,000 miles on it. It has a K&N intake, Flowmaster 50 series dual exhaust, spray on bedliner, 5 pc. billet grille, custom machined SS grille bowtie, exterior cab SS light, graphite tail lights, and SS bowtie trailer hitch cover. New @ 40K miles Goodyear Eagle LS 2 tires. Here is a link to the photos: http://s276.photobucket.com/albums/kk25/gdr_11/SS/ OM me or email to: [email protected] I am in California, but the Silver Birch SS trucks with low mileage are worth a plane ticket. Let me know if you have interest.
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