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  1. Very nice Art, looks good dude. glad to see you still have the SS and it still looks great. -Rob
  2. Very nice, the gm 22's look great on it! I think may go with those, I want the Escalade 22's originally but those fit the Denali better. I'm really enjoying mine! really needs a tune tho, throttle response is really bad compared to a tuned SS but the 6 speed is great on the freeway. -Rob
  3. the issue with the result for the 2013 truckin' throw down has a few forum members in the mag. the s/c'd SRT8 jeep, the black 408 s/c'd SSS, the turbo CCSB NNBS are all members on here. i think a few of the other guys are members as well but i don't know their screen names. -Rob
  4. I've been a member here since late 2006, a little after i got my SS, i don't frequent the site as much as i use to but personally it's for multiple reasons. the site just didn't seem to have the same sense on community i had grown use to, i also realized a second wave of owners were joining the site and the repetitive questions and senseless bashing by some of the senior members got old. My SS was the first vehicle i bought, i was also pretty young(19) when i got it so i think i benefited from the site because i majored as a person by seeing how some of the more experienced/knowledgeable members responded to the threads and i learned from that. when i first signed up here and on pt.net i saw some of the greatest builds happen right in front of my eyes(or cpu screen) and i was able to ask some of those memorable members questions and get some much needed knowledge. I watched as some of the guys on here built their trucks and shave 2,3 even 4 seconds off their 1/4 times, it's been great. I've also seen some of the nicest trucks be built and then lost, in accidents, robberies(mine being one of them) and even a few home disasters that claimed some trucks! I don't claim to be knowledgeable myself but I've learned so much on here and I've also met some great people thru this forum, some that have become great friends to me and that's what i always saw this site as, a community where someone can meet fellow enthusiast and share some good times. pt.net and sss.com were really my intro's to the internet lol, since then I've joined more forums and have found new interests which is also why I don't frequent the site as much but i still like to come in and see what the new members and some of the older members have done to their trucks. I'd like to continue doing that and i hope i can. I'm very happy to see some of the older members commenting on here still as well as new members/owners still enjoying SS's, they're great trucks and this site has helped inspire some FAST trucks, including the fastest SSS's in the nation and that's still pretty awesome if you ask me! -Rob
  5. apparently Flip(el camino) commited suicide... http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=576665&page=9 -Rob
  6. yea that's what they're trying to do right now, fawking sucks... blwnaway: thnx for the pics, one i can definitely use but the other two you can see ur paint but thank u it's much appreciated... anyone else have some good interior shots??? -Rob
  7. so since my truck was stolen about a month ago my insurance has finally sent me all the paperwork for the total loss, but they're not trying to give me credit for some of the options i had on mine... i have my external hard drive but i don't have any good pics of my interior, can you guys please help me out!!! i have the window sticker which lists all my options but the guys said if i have pics that help them with the grading... need pics of 06 interior with stock leather, bose, sunroof and center console... pics don't have to feature everything i more or less just need good pics of the front seats, mine were in great condition but i don't have pics... thanks in advance guys!!! -Rob
  8. I still haven't heard anything, its been a week today ... they're not gonna find it, called the police dept yesterday and the chick on the phone said it was still out as a stolen vehicle... thnx for all the support guys but at this point I'm just waiting for the insurance to pay me off because after a week they're not gonna find ir and what they do find won't be much... i will keep u all posted... yea, I'm gonna onstar again today and ask what their procedure is when a customer account expires... especially when it's on an automatic payment like mine was... -Rob
  9. thnx guys, still haven't heard anything on the whereabouts... unfortunately it's not surprising given the previous robberies of these trucks down here, will check back when i hear something... don't ask for opinions if you aren't willing to hear both good and bad... -Rob
  10. Thnx for all the kind words guys, I didn't hear anything all day from the police so what little hope I had is gone... I parked it outside on the street not in my driveway, I'm sure had it be in my driveway they wouldn't have tries to even mess with it... Unfortunately I tend to be a heavy sleeper plus I sleep with the radio on so if they turned it on(I'm guessing they did) I probably wouldn't have heard it anyways :-(... I will keep everyone posted when/if they find it, I had fu coverage but I'm sure the insurance will drag their feet on it... -Rob
  11. thnx for the words guys, still no word from the cops... unfortunately when they steal these trucks down here they completely strip them, and nowadays its not just interior, bumpers and wheels they're starting to get smart and take the drive trains and cladding too ... i assume that its in pieces already so i'm really just waiting for the phone of what tow yard they have it at, ... i do appreciate the kind words tho, i have a garage but i've never parked the truck in it... i usually park it in the driveway too but the times i've left it outside it's been fine... I'll keep u guys posted as soon as i get any word... -Rob
  12. so at around 6:15 am i go outside to feed my dogs and i look out and didn't see my front bumper, walked up a bit more and I definitely didn't see the front end and than i started to tell myself "No, no fawking way my truck is gone there's now way! it can't be, nope my truck didn't get stolen from right in-front of my house!" i put my dogs food down and walk to the front of my house and sure enough GONE!!! walked out and saw no broken glass so i assume to popped the look, the alarm was on, all windows including moon roof were closed, locked: ... to make things better after i call the cops i think call onstar so they either track it or shut it down, get onstar on the phone and they tell me account expired in Nov of 2012!!! i had my account setup to automatically pay from my account and for whatever reason my account expired in Nov and they never contacted me to see if i wanted to keep it on, which I've always kept/paid it just incase something like this would happen or incase of an accident or something... NOPE, not the case here... before i hang up the phone the guy tells me: "well when u get ur vehicle back just press the OnStar button and we'll turn ur system back on!", i almost told the guy to go fawk himself but than realized that wouldn't solve anything... cops got to my house i filed the report, gonna call my insurance now since i couldn't get a hold of anyone that early in the morning... FML... -Rob
  13. very nice man, u got a really REALLY nice truck!!! Adam invested A LOT of quality $$'s into it, i remember seeing the different renditions of this truck over the years actually... Chase is a good friend of his and he told me the amount of work and time that's been put into it, I'm sure the hp numbers he had on the cl ad isn't far off if not the actual number... -Rob
  14. nice man, i still love EF's these look clean... -Rob
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