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  1. Howdy folks! Have not posted on here in ages but I need some advice. Now I know train horns have been beaten to death around here, but I am looking for some advice on where to mount some air horns for good sound projection and not have them get swamped in the rain. These are the ones I want. Love the note they produce https://airhornsbygrover.com/product/1056/ ideally the engine bay would have been my choice, but at over 37 inches long that is not going to happen lol. Seems the underside of the truck and frame are the only left over choices. any anyone has any experience to share and pictures that would help me out a lot in the initial planning stages of this potential project. Thanks everyone
  2. I know this is an old topic, but I havnt been around here in ages. https://headlightrevolution.com/gtr-lighting-gen-3-ultra-series-led-headlight-bulbs-9006-hb4/These are about the best you can get. The arrangement of the LEDs mimics the halogen beam pattern. You will have to mod the plasitc panel behind the headlight a dit for the heatsink to clear
  3. Back from the dead, im yeah. sorta. if you say so. Helpful reply though, thanks. Ok, not really The Dude, I posted this up a while ago in the turning section,as mister man above me was so kind to point out. I was just wondering if anyone had to go through this version of this test yet.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has done the new port scan only tune (well and visual). Supposedly the scan goes deeper and references factory logged settings (settings logged from 06 and up). My next smog is still a ways out and I am curious to see how this may have worked out for anyone with a tune. yeah I know, I worry allot. Cant help it when raised in cali lol.
  5. Negative in this case. The Hella units have a built in module for load equalization. That is not to say the module may not be having issues. Its an easy enough swap to find out http://www.hella.com/produktion/HellaUSA/WebSite/Channels/Drivers/Products/Performance_Lighting/Chevrolet_Silverado/Chevrolet_Silverado.jsp
  6. I was thinking that on my way into work tonight. I put them on close to a year ago. Didnt figure I would have issues since these are cheapy ebay brand. Ill swap in the stock units this weekend and see what happens.
  7. I'll take a look at the bulb and socket when I get a chance today. Still has me wondering why the signal lights and marker lights are not alternating like they should be. Ugh, I hate electrical lol.
  8. So the other day while making a left turn my left signal starts to flash at irregular intervals for a few seconds and then starts to flash quickly. I did a little trouble shooting, checked the only fuse I could figure just inside the drivers side door, it was good. Then I noticed the front marker lights were not working. So I replaced them figuring it may have caused the issue since they seemed to be burnt out. The signals will work properly for a few seconds then continue with the same issue as before. One thing I also noticed was that the marker lights are not alternating with the turn signals like they should, they are flashing at the same time. Now I'm stumped. The only mods I have to my lighting in that regard is Hella LED tails and they seem to be working fine, though they do speed up with the signals when they act up. Far as I can tell it is only the left side. I dont get the same issue on the right side. Anyone have any thoughts?
  9. lower energy when used in a stock vehicle. however it does have a higher octane rating. in order to make the most of the fuel you would need a have forced induction or run high compression to get the most out of the fuel. Other wise, poor milage will likely cancle out any savings.
  10. Getting ready to order dual areoforce gauges and a full A pillar mount. Since the pillar comes molded in black I want to paint it to match the interior of the truck. I did a quick look on the board and found colorbond GM very dark pewter. The Summit pn is CBD 159, Can anyone confirm the color or give another refrence? I figure I will hit it with that color and then satin clear to protect if from my greasy fingers messing the paint up over time
  11. I called the dealer the other day to check. They ran my vin and said there was no recall on anything. Idk if they are BSing me or not
  12. I guess the gov dsnt give a shit that GM has a warning for my sss not to go over 10%
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