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  1. I just moved from SoCal to SETX myself, Jefferson County. As stated above, doing smog depends on the county you'll be living in when in the Houston area. The actual inspection itself costs about $7 only. You basically drive into any TX approved inspection station, they check quick for all lights working etc., for cracked windshields and drive it a few feet to make sure it's mechanically sound. Just as stated above, leave the cats in, no CEL and make sure your readiness tests with the PCM show "ready" Just like in SoCal. Welcome to Tejas lol. Truck theft is heavy in Houston by the way. Be careful. Also, you'll need auto insurance to TX liability minimums which was way higher than Cali, not sure what Ohio is. Then take that to the DPS and they'll issue you plates and your windshield inspection sticker. TX requires front plate by the way. Now when you go get your driver's license, make sure you bring your birth certificate. If this sounds crazy, wait till you go lol, they're tough here on that at the DMV.
  2. oouuuuu I like it, looks great
  3. Been right where you're at with my stolen 06. Sorry man. As to why I bought a VHO after lol.
  4. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/5476745687.html They took everything off this one, geez, even down to the wipers lol
  5. I ran a set on my VHO in 275/55-20 and found them to be very bubbly in their look, not a square shape at the edges like the Nittos and Toyos, dry traction was only ok too, I remember not hooking very well. I removed them after about 1000 miles lol
  6. Have to agree with the above on the Nitto 420s and Toyo Proxes ST2. On my previous trucks I always ran Nitto 420s on both my 20s and 22s. At that time in Cali it was actually raining. And you literally could see the water shooting out the sides and could hear the water hitting the wheel wells. I always had a solid experience with them. On my new car now, my Charger, I'm currently running the Toyo Proxes ST2 on a 20" rim and find them to have excellent wet/dry traction. I took a cruise up to Julian, CA last summer and was caught in a down poor and was very surprised at how well they handled. No loss of traction etc. No hydroplaning. And this was through a severe thunderstorm. The tires I was always disappointed with on my truck were the Goodyear LS2s. Even now on my DD car I have the RS-As and so far this winter, we have had a few storms surprisingly, and each time I have spun out making turns and accelerating from lights. I even took a run up to Mt. Wilson here in SoCal where it actually snows in my DD on the RS-As and was driving literally very safe around 15 mph in some light snow and lost the back end of the car and almost went off cliff lol.
  7. The Walbro 255 is the one to go with, contact Brian at Super Chargers On-Line http://superchargersonline.com/ 818-518-9889 He should be able to sell you one and if he doesn't have should be able to get one for you.
  8. "Pro-athletes and rappers" LOL, so true
  9. 9 years ago today -4/15/06, I bought my 1st 06 SS. memories, sigh.....

  10. Paid off my car, also free'd up 585 a month ^
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