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  1. Well that escalated quickly... On a side note thanks for all the input the three options I was looking at were an STS Turbo which was like $3500 for a kit over Christmas (don't know if it still is), cam & valve train upgrade, or the supercharger. The supercharger really sounds like what I'm looking for. I didn't see too many people pushing for the turbo. I wouldn't mind doing a lot of the work myself, got a bud who might enjoy getting away from his kid for a while to turn a couple wrenches also. I don't care so much about going fast from stoplight to stoplight (which is fun occasionally) but what I do care about is having the power available when pulling the boat. BTW its a 18-1/2' Skeeter ZX190 that weighs about 3500lbs with the trailer, but I would like to upgrade to a 20'er (about 4000#s total) when my girls get old enough to go fishing with me. Additionally, because of the mil life I move a lot and the last time I moved we had the truck and boat loaded down I also don't really plan on getting rid of the truck when I upgrade to a better towing rig down the road. So having some extra horsepower to drive the truck around occasionally would be great.
  2. Disregard, the one in the kit for the Silverado ss on the Maggie website is the MP112...
  3. There's a new Maggie on ebay (mp122 variety) for $825.00 o.b.o is that a good deal? I feel like it is since Maggie wants 5 1/4 for the complete kit, but I don't know if they would give me a good deal on the rest of the kit without buying the main part... the blower
  4. Fellas, Sorry I've been away from the forum for so long, but life in the mil has been crazy the last few years. My 06 SS now has 107K miles on it from driving all over the country and a large part of it pulling my boat. I'm really wanting to add some power to the truck and think I can get away with spending about $4K without pissing the wife off too much. I'm looking to add some power to make it a little more exciting to drive and make pulling the boat through the mountains a little easier and I really don't want to take a large fuel efficiency hit under normal driving conditions. (I try to drive pretty conservatively back and forth to work daily) Ready.... go! Oh I got it tuned in Louisiana from thunder racing with a corsa sport exhaust, Volant CAI and 160 t-stat, truck runs great
  5. I talked to a guy at an autoparts store who carried them a while back and he said they were a crock of shit. He recommended NGK iridium plugs. Basically the reasoning why is that electricty always takes the path of least resistance and so its impossible for one arc to hit in three places at one time. He said with the dual plugs you can get a arc across both contacts at once for some reason.
  6. After graduation in May I'm going to be stationed at Columbus AFB Mississippi for the next 3 years while I'm completing my casual assignment and UPT. Is anybody currently stationed there with an SS or know of some strips around there?
  7. Has anybody looked in to these auxiliary transmissions/gear splitters/under-overdrive transmissions Below is the site: auxiliary transmission What are your opinions, testemonies, etc. Edit: looks pretty sweet but upon further inspection doesnt look like they make one for our truck unless the 4L60E application would work for ours?
  8. Hey man when you get a chance can you post a close up of your lights during the day? I really like the angel eye look, but I like the factory look also, so I'm kind of torn between the two and was just wondering what they looked like during the day. congrats on the mods!
  9. about how many miles is this problem taking to emerge? My SS has about 11K on it now
  10. check out this website for general info. Theres tons of great info on there if you look for it. http://auto.howstuffworks.com/torque-converter.htm Basically from what I've read on here is that it raises the rpm at which the turbine from your crankshaft spinning in the hydraulic fluid begins to spin the turbine connected to your transmission. Basically this puts you in your power band quicker off the line. Also if you have a turbo it allows the turbo to spool up before you launch. So those are the advantages, I would expect a decrease in gas mileage probably, but not to sure, hopefully someone who knows a little more will speak up soon.... good luck though!
  11. not that I really care of would ever do that, but I need to post whore a bit so I can post pics of my truck, good luck with your situation though, and dont lower yourself to their level
  12. you can do many little things that will just make life aggravating, like shooting loctite super glue into the key holes on their doors. If you do something big that gets their attention you risk escalating the event and could end up with something much worse than a slashed tire. Give the local police department an anonymous phone call that you saw drugs being sold at their house or something.
  13. is there any mod to change the lights on the A/C control, driver info center and guage cluster to red?
  14. I think its more about the thrill you get from knowing you did your own shit. Thats why I like modding my truck, it makes it truly mine. On another note given the stupidity of some of the posts I feel the need to add my own and just let everyone on the forum know: Hey guys! I have an SS Just incase there is any doubt I have an SS 5 minutes from now I will still have an SS So keep it light hearted and roll with the punches. Any questions?
  15. Thank you! I went out and bought those parking lamps you got. They are so sucking fweet! I also finally did the 4 on mod since I'll be driving home next weekend through the night.
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