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  1. You know I have honestly forgot..I think it was 434.. .I can't believe I've forgot
  2. Yes I did and it went with the truck when I sold it.
  3. 420s....look good and great tire..those are what I ran
  4. Thank you....I tend to materialize from time tho time...lol
  5. I had an intimidator..the one in my signature..I sold it with 23K miles and full mods for $25K...I like clean lines and the cursive intimidator just didn't do it for me..not my taste..I had those and all the decals removed when i bought truck. It was used as a pace truck at dallas speedway...but I assure you I knew what I had and what I was doing...it just wasn't my cup of tea.
  6. Looking good Danny....good to see friends doing well and moving up ;)
  7. I have just the truck...no remote..it sits on my shelf in my office to remind me of the good ole days
  8. I'm a mechanical engineer and find it very rewarding..the only knock I have on underwater welding it's it pays shoo well because life expectancy is not very good or very long.
  9. The company i work for is doing some skid package units in and around Andrews.
  10. someday i'll get there...lol
  11. I always used hot soap and water and finished it off with two coats of sprayaway...one coat to get remaining grime and second for the shine
  12. IMO I have not found anything that cleans and shines better than Sprayaway glass cleaner. It comes in a blue and white can and is super cheap..It is all I have ever used on my chrome wheels.
  13. IMO Denver nor Seattle looked that great this weekend offensively. Denver always has trouble with San Diego. I think Denver will bounce back with a much stronger game against New England and I think San Francisco is too strong right now even in Seattle plus Russell Wilson hasn't performed to terribly great the past month. So my pics are Still Broncos vs. 49ers in Super Bowl.
  14. Damn good price for a bad ass ride..good luck on the sale
  15. Welcome to the site...Good luck on your SSS hunt
  16. A little low for my taste but I still Likey very much
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