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    classic cheverolet
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    flow masters, pcm4less tune, volant c.a.i, and Stereo system with alarm

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  1. You know I have honestly forgot..I think it was 434.. .I can't believe I've forgot
  2. Yes I did and it went with the truck when I sold it.
  3. 420s....look good and great tire..those are what I ran
  4. Thank you....I tend to materialize from time tho time...lol
  5. I had an intimidator..the one in my signature..I sold it with 23K miles and full mods for $25K...I like clean lines and the cursive intimidator just didn't do it for me..not my taste..I had those and all the decals removed when i bought truck. It was used as a pace truck at dallas speedway...but I assure you I knew what I had and what I was doing...it just wasn't my cup of tea.
  6. Looking good Danny....good to see friends doing well and moving up ;)
  7. I have just the truck...no remote..it sits on my shelf in my office to remind me of the good ole days
  8. I'm a mechanical engineer and find it very rewarding..the only knock I have on underwater welding it's it pays shoo well because life expectancy is not very good or very long.
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