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  1. I though I was placing this in "How To" and have no idea how to move.
  2. 2006 SS, this started out with one DRL bulb out, I decided to replace the lenses also and lose the fogged look. When I removed the DRL bulbs one of the bulb sockets came apart on me. Ordered and replaced both bulb sockets installed all new bulbs and put back together. All lights work as advertised with the exception of the running lights. DRL fuse under hood checks good. I bought a new DRL relay and replaced, still no DRLs. Head lights are going off and on with ambient lights in and out of garage, but when these go off DRLs do not come on. I've seen reference to a second DRL fuse but have only one under hood. What else may be causing the DRLs to remain off. Would greatly appreciate it if someone could shed some light on my issue. A schematic would be cool if available.
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