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  1. No he said a shorted out extension cord in the garage started it all.
  2. Very bad news everyone. Mark had a fire at his house last night, his garage and many of his belongings are a total loss, his just finished Denali was in the garage and is also a total loss. He hasn't yet determined whether the basic engine and heads are salvageable or not. No question the truck is totaled, the interior and the complete engine bay are toast. Marks new laptop was in the garage so he currently has no Internet access nor elect service in his house. He will fill us all in with more details when he can. Please, at this time, no-one make plans for Dfest. I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking we'll cancel this year Mark my friend, I am so sorry. You are one of the best persons I know, you didn't deserve this! EDIT 6/16/08 Mark, I know how you are and I don't want any argument about this..I set up a fund for you to help with the rebuild of your life. I setup a paypal account for you [email protected] It is completely in your name and I have just e-mailed you the passwords to access it. Anyone that is able, please contribute to help our friend Mark get thru this catastrophe that he is enduring. Paypal [email protected] Thanks everybody!
  3. Actually, not such a great finish. Mark had a fire in his garage and his truck was totalled unfortunately. The good thing is no one was hurt other than all of the damage. I know I couldn't believe it when I read it either. http://denalitrucks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11197
  4. Considering I got 100HP out of it and it's half the priceof a new Maggie I don't regret buying it however I will admit that the Maggie is the choice to go with if you have the funds - an intercooler is a good thing to have. I haven't had any problems running non intercooled even with 9-10 lbs of boost however I don't push it to the edge either.
  5. It should fit if it's for the 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0L. I have one on my 5.3L 2000 Sierra. Very happy with it now - out of the box not so good. Their tuning has a lot to be desired - the actual blower unit is great though. I ended up dumping their electronics and 2 aux injectors for 8 larger marine delphi injectors and a custom tune. Before blower - around 260 - 270 RWHP. After blower 360 RWHP 412 ft lbs torque. The brackets on the your pictures look exactly like mine so I would say it should work but obviously you need to check to make sure.
  6. Do you have the part # for that supercharged emblem? I'd like to get a decent sized picture of that part - I want to see if I can have it made up in a decal rather than a raised emblem.
  7. It's a 65 vette - non matching numbers - 496 big block, 4 spd with hooker sidepipes - project/driver vehicle
  8. I tend to disagree on this comment. I had a Rhinoliner on my old truck that I owned for 10 years and the liner is still in great shape. My new truck (2000) also has a Rhinoliner in it and again, no problems and we're going on 8 years here. I can't comment about the fading issue since I only have a black liner but as far as it not lasting I don't think you can go wrong with a Rhinoliner and will recommend them anytime. As with any spray on liner, prep work is key and if it's not prepped right you could have problems.
  9. Be strong Drako. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I'm sure your Mom will pull through. She has the will even if you think right now that she doesn't. Back in Sept of last year my Dad had a brain hemmoraghe and was about 99% close to death. At only 67 years old he really still had a lot of his life to live. We were with him every step of the way and believe me there were those days where it was 1 step forward 3 steps back and you feel guilty because you could have been better. It makes you look at life a lot differently and puts things into perspective. Our lives were literally put on hold as well. After a month in the ICU and fighting off a throat infection he started to pull through. He is still going through physical therapy but yesterday he celebrated his 68th birthday and if your family has a strong bond your Mom will pull through. You have just go to believe that it will happen. Also, keep talking to her. We talked to my Dad constantly even when he was in a coma and he did hear us because he would move his fingers when we said something. He doesn't remember anything about the hospital ICU visit now but it's probably better that way. My Dad is living proof that miracles do happen and I thank God that I got a second chance with him. 00z71sierra
  10. After seeing those pics my stomach got that queezy feeling. WTF are these people thinking when they do this. Seriously, if it wasn't someone who is really hating on you it would suck to know that kids who have nothing better to do would take the time to do all that damage. Just amazing! I hope whoever did that gets caught and the book thrown at them - also post pics when you get the truck back from the body shop!
  11. If people are flashing you you may have to reaim the lights - unless you want to blind them. We need pics!
  12. I have a min pin as well. He always gets mistaken for a baby doberman.
  13. I think Rampage is a Chevy dealer on Long Island so that's probably their creative thinking at work.
  14. I work one block from there - luckily wasn't there when it happened but this morning it's just crazy there! They are ripping up the streets all over the place.
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