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  1. My V-Max originally came with 17s, I added the 20's to my truck. I've seen a couple of 2WD trucks with the 17's.
  2. That's doesn't look right, I wouldn't even get rims bigger than the stock Chevy 20s.
  3. Looks sick bro, you should paint the bowtie black and tint the front windows.
  4. For an NBS GMT-900 Silverado? I think with the 6 speed the 3.42 are standard, the 3.42 would be a good gear around town and the highway. The 3.08 are also available but they are more gas saver gears, you can also get 3.73 gears from the factory. The 3.42 with a 6 speed automatic are pretty good. I would recommend getting the 3.42, don't get the 3.08.
  5. You got the link for the coin holder for the full center console?
  6. Only the RWD SS And Vortec Max trucks have traction control.
  7. Looks way better bro, have u thought of getting some 2 inch drop shackles and getting rid of the rear lift blocks?
  8. The DuraMax looks sick, is that Graystone Metallic?
  9. They all look awesome, except the Camaro not a big fan of the new Camaro. The SSS looks awesome, I think that is my favorite color of the SS Trucks.
  10. How come you don't pay it off and keep it?
  11. Would this work on a truck that has the full center console?
  12. Nice truck, don't really see the GMC Vortec Max trucks. Get a blackbear tune, you won't regret it.
  13. I'm 5 foot 9 and I have never had any trouble getting in and out of my truck, I would remove the step bars and also the side molding I think it will look way better than with them on. I dropped the rear 3 inches already and it hasn't made it easier to get in, but it has made it easier to get stuff out of the bed of the truck. I'm planning on the dropping the front 3 inches and dropping the rear 2 more inches. IMO remove the side step and the moldings and it will look way better.
  14. Do SS trucks come with rear lift blocks?
  15. If you think topping out at 98mph is bad, my truck would top out at 92mph when it was on a stock tune.
  16. Finally installed my Belltech 2 inch drop shackles and removed the rear lift blocks with the help of Nekroman. The truck went down about three inches in the rear, it is finally leveled. I'm thinking about dropping the front 3 inches and the rear 2 more inches. Here are some pics..sorry about the quality took the pics from the cell phone. It is finally level, looks way better than stock. Pic from when it was completely stock Here is a pic of the stock rear lift blocks
  17. The ones that are out right now are only 5.4l, the ones coming out later this year will come with the 6.2l.
  18. For 2010 my plans for my Vortec Max are: 4/6 Drop Long Tube Headers New Flowmaster Exhaust Installing my shift kit and corvette servo in my 4L70 Installing the 160 Thermostat Black out my rear taillights Fix My Brakes New Fog lights Bulbs More Aggressive Black Bear Tune Detroit Locker with 4.10
  19. Yeah, all the competition between the big three is good for the customers. Muscle cars are alive again, wonder what Chevy and Dodge are going to now that the Mustang GT has more power.
  20. I heard the opposite for the Terminator Cobra, I heard they were actually underrated. I like the SRT-8 Challenger also but it way more expensive than the Camaro or the Mustang. I know the 2001 Cobras were actually putting out less than they were rated at, but I believe that the new 5.0l does produce 412hp. I think Ford got tired of the Camaro SS & Challenger SRT-8 putting out more hp than the Mustang GT.
  21. I know going with an automatic in a Camaro SS changes the engine, but why can I get the same engine with an automatic transmission? Reminds me of the 3rd Generation Camaro when you couldn't get a 5.7 TPI with a 5 speed manual. There is not really a difference in power, the Camaro SS only has 14 more hp, and If you get an automatic SS the GT outpowers it. The Camaro SS does make 14 more hp than the 5.0 GT but it would be funny if the 6.2L would make less hp than the smaller 5.0 Ford. How heavy is the Camaro SS cause from what I heard the 4.6L GT are lighter than the Camaro SS.
  22. I find it funny that a lot of Chevy owners hate Ford, what is so wrong with Ford? I like the 5.0l that Ford is bringing out. And Punisher I think the 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L is a very good comparison against the Camaro SS. IMO the Camaro SS is overrated, I don't like its styling and I think it is a joke that if I want to get an automatic SS I lose 26hp. I'd rather have a fourth generation Camaro than a new Camaro SS. And the Ford 5.0L having 412hp is way more impressive than the GM 6.2L with 426hp, but if I were to get the automatic I'll lose 26hp and get cylinder deactivation.
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