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    AEM Cold Air Intake
  2. huero626

    2007 Vortec Max

    Pictures Of My Silverado Vortec Max LTZ
  3. huero626

    Vortec Max

    From the album: 2007 Vortec Max

    Black Bowtie
  4. From the album: 2007 Vortec Max

    Completely debadged, removed rear lift blocks & Installed Belltech 2 Inch Drop Shackles.
  5. For 24,000 dollars I would buy an NBS V-Max.
  6. What would scare off a lot of potential customers would be the mileage.
  7. The 454SS aren't that fast, I'm sure a stock SS will beat a 454SS unless the 454 SS is modded.
  8. Instead of an SSS I would get a 2011 Silverado LTZ extended cab standard bed with the 6.2l and the 6 speed auto transmission. It comes with 403 horsepower from the factory and with a 6 speed auto. I want that to be my next truck
  9. Not more potential with stock engine performance, I don't think the LQ9 has as much potential as the L76 & the L92 with just boltons. The L76 comes with 367 horsepower & the L92 comes with 403 horsepower and a way better transmission than the SS & Vortec Max. It comes with the 6L80.
  10. I'd rather keep the 1994 Camaro Z28, not a fan of the new Camaros.
  11. Get a radix supercharger and run your stock 20's, you should beat that 5.7l toyota like nothing.
  12. I don't think he was trying, TBSS are faster than SS Silverado & Vortec Max trucks.
  13. Are you going to get 20's for the truck, or keep the stock 17's?
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