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  1. 1BAD2K

    WTB Bose A-Pillar Tweeters

    You just need the speakers themselves? If I can find the set I had, you can have them.
  2. 1BAD2K

    Drive shafts

    I'm in north fort worth about to throw away a front prop shaft if that's what you need. It's yours if so. Not really interested in dealing with shipping it though.
  3. 1BAD2K

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    Very nice! I prefer a slotted only disc. You're right, this whole deal is a huge bargain even with the two piece rotors.
  4. 1BAD2K

    Intimidator SS

    Found this on my local (DFW TX) craigslist. Only 84K miles and appears to be in very good shape. Figured I'd link it here in case anyone is looking. Again this isn't my ad, just came across it on CL. https://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/cto/d/2006-chevrolet-ss-silverado/6535398593.html Another one. Not as good of a deal but still only 90K miles. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/cto/d/collectors-2006-intimidator/6516480231.html
  5. 1BAD2K

    Raceline billets and narrowed rear end

    Very nice. Those and the commanders are my favorite racelines. When I had my intros, I had a local guy narrow and fully build and powdercoat a 10 bolt for me. I had about 2300 into it or so, but it was 99% brand new except the housing. Well worth it imo. Too bad I just sold it not too long ago or I'd offer it up.
  6. 1BAD2K

    WTB SS Bumper

    Front or rear? Complete or cover alone?
  7. 1BAD2K

    Raceline billets and narrowed rear end

    Pros: looks cool Cons: costs money
  8. 1BAD2K

    Engine cleaning?

    I used to cover mine in all purpose cleaner and let that dwell for a few minutes, but make sure it doesn't dry on there or it might discolor plastics. Then I would pressure wash everything including underside of the hood, I just wouldn't blast directly into the alternator. Then I'd spray hyper dressing on everything and close the hood. Come back in an hour, or even take a drive to let it dry and it looks perfect. Not greasy/shiny just rich black plastics and all clean. Gotta make sure the motor is completely cool before you do it. I used to do it probably once every few months. Never had an issue.
  9. 1BAD2K

    Engine Oil?

    ^^^Same as what I used to use. Now I just use OEM filter and amsoil signature series line of oil.
  10. Nailed it. Drop in LED kit is probably actually less output than a good set of halogen bulbs in the factory reflector type housing. The iLens bi-LED projectors are pretty good units as well as the even better morimoto m-led but they are a projector LED complete unit that you have to retrofit into your housings, and that includes opening them up and resealing them. Not a small task, but well worth it!
  11. 1BAD2K

    Digital Camo

    All I see is half a truck.....? Lol
  12. 1BAD2K

    Wtb sss stock rims

    There is come clean ones on the DFW Craigslist. Like $900ish
  13. 1BAD2K

    Nuts or wishful thinking?

    He is here on this site. I remember him posting about it a couple of years ago. The truck has tons of custom and fab work. He's probably trying to get back out what he put into it.....but, he still has his rear wheels on the wrong side lol.
  14. 1BAD2K

    Value of OEM 03 hood??

    Yep $75-100 would be a fair price for a good without damage...plus you don't have to store it! Now post pics of the new one!!