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  1. ok how about a python 580 remote starter? anyone have any exp. with this system or anyone have a remote starter that has caused the service air bag light to come on?
  2. My last truck I had a Wheatley and I need to call him and see if he thinks it might be the tune
  3. Its a pcmforless tune, not blaming them just asking if perhaps that could be it. I have not checked the connections under the seats yet either
  4. Could a bad custom tune possibly set off the service air bag light? The shop I took it to says there are 24 codes thrown and they dont know where to start. The air bag has never been deployed and they said the code said it has
  5. you dont remember me but i was at a get together up by kc with everyone. i sold my ss and am looking for another. i found one for 10000 and it has 131xxx think it would be something to get? and put new internals in?

  6. I sold my SS about over a year ago and now I am looking for another one. Any for sale near MO
  7. I have a Sonnax 4th gear super hold servo that I bought for my truck but then sold the truck. Anyone interested PM me if so
  8. also the stock tranny cooler is for sale if needed
  9. Anyone need the stock headers and cats of a 03 SS?
  10. if i remember right all you have to do is pull it
  11. you should have a price with and without the alt. needed just my .02
  12. i have been going on mine for like a year cause i cant get a retune sent to me...i will try to get it soon
  13. also supersub's hood was going to fit on mine so would that Suburban hood work?
  14. i figured instead of spending 6-700 on a unpainted hood i might find a cf for cheaper...i like the look to so call me a rice driver
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