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  1. ^ what he said. some places will rent you guns for the range. one here even rents just about every handgun on the market, its great. you can shoot anything your even kind of interested in. this is really the only way to determine the perfect gun, for YOU. peoples advice helps, sure. but we each like a different aspect about a gun typically. also, IMO- if this is your first handgun, and you WILL be CC the gun on you often... a 1911 is not the ideal gun. i have 2 1911's, a Kimber Ultra Carry HD .45 and a totally one-off custom 1911 made by a famous gun smith (forgot the name, i never shoot it. dont yell at me ). they shoot GREAT and are awesome weapons. BUT its heavier, bulkier, and holds less ammo than the polymer pistols like Glock, Springfield, etc. i carry the Kimber (which i might add is small side of 1911 guns) and i do feel it when sitting, my shirt gets caught on it more often, things like that. i found, for me, it was all about the perfect mix of the size and mag capacity of the gun i wanted to CC most of the time. these were the most important things to base off of for a primary/first pistol. from there on, you can buy as many of whatever you want- whether its bc it looks sweet!! or whether its a great range gun but not ideal to carry, etc so, shoot whatever you can, but IMO from being an avid shooter/gun hoarder (hehe), id start off with something along the lines of a Glock 19 or Glock 23 (first is 9mm second is .40), or a Springfield XD 9mm or .40 (XDm if you can sport the extra $100ish). these guns are ideal for a first pistol because- 1. neither have bulky safety levers (that always get flipped off when you want it on or vice versa lol) that are never in the position you want when you need it there, but have their own built-in safety mechanisms that are SAFE but wont get you killed in a dire emergency when your average person is shaking/not totally clear minded 2. are simple to operate, field strip & clean 3. affordable, with GREAT resale value 4. hold an ideal amount of ammo, but not too large to conceal with ease 5. vast amount of accessories and custom holsters available anywhere for these. those are just some reasons that come to mind. this is all from my own experiences, after simply buying what my moms brothers uncles cousins dog said i should get cause its the gun to get. it took me about 3 guns to get an everyday, primary carry i REALLY liked. i wish i wouldve done more research and shot more firearms before i made my first decision. anyways, im done rambling on hope (if you were awake long enough to read this far) this was helpful John
  2. so your putting the cam in along with a holly hi-ram, 90mm TB.... stock heads? stock exhaust manifolds? (if i recall, you had a cat back right?)?? if thats the case, i just dont see 500 hp happening. id say 450 hp (flywheel) is a better high-side estimate, in my professional opinion. and as far as the converter, you dont really need to "support" it. as long as you keep the ATF cool, which you have already addressed, consider it as "supported" as its going to be youve done what you can do to strengthen the trans short of a tear down and custom rebuild. so your good there until you really need to do a built trans... meaning when it either breaks or you see it begin to slip under heavy load. oh and obviously you will need some adjustments made to your tune for the TC; and of course for the cam/injectors before its really even drive-able
  3. is this the same hat (basically) as the ones from the last hat GP? from Shawn? EDIT: how many more flat bill orders do you need? i am willing to pick up the slack to make the flat bills happen, as thats what i am looking for. im sure my customers and ppl on here will buy the rest off me anyways (if i sell them!!)
  4. if you had coil-overs, you would not need the torsions at all anymore. you would simply remove them. and yes it has been done a few times, ive only personally done one set on an SS truck. it rode pretty good. btw, is the truck 4WD? im guessing it is, but the AWD capable thing threw me off a tad, and Z71 pkg was actually available for 2wd trucks crazy as that sounds. really what it comes down to is- 1. how low are you looking to go? 2. how much are you able to spend? i can help you a lot better with this once i know those things
  5. you are looking for the tall ones im guessing, right? EV1 plug?
  6. i thought maybe some people might prefer the JGP truck instead of my SS truck in the calendar, assuming its ok in an SSS calendar lol. dont hate, i always forget the rules lol
  7. im ALWAYS too late for this lol!! hopefully im not this time, just sucks i only have old pics... if id had remembered the calendar, i wouldve finished this modest little build im doing now in time here are some of both our trucks.. i think i recall some from other years that had a few trucks...? this ones random but i like it for some reason
  8. hey all, as some of you may have noticed, i have not been active/seen on these or most other forums for a few months now. my health has been giving me trouble and i have just been swamped with other things like that for awhile. i am back on, and will be coming around as much as i can. yes we are still open and still doing work at this time- it is just more "appointment only" type of work, such as forum members and existing customers until further notice. most of you know my health has been a big issue for me for years now, its nothing new. in summary, it has been progressing and making things difficult. so i have used this "down" time to see new doctors all over the place, and try whatever i can to improve my health. we are on the edge of moving into a new shop, but for example, that has been held up by health. it is frustrating, but please PLEASE dont read this and make it out as complaining, bitching, looking for sorrows... quite the opposite! i am simply sorry for my lack of communications on here as of the past months, and of having to turn away some vehicles (none of you guys yet, dont worry lol) and wanted to keep you all updated on WHY this is happening and what IS really going on. i know if i was in someone else's shoes, who doesnt know me well enough to know my situation, and my PM wasnt replied to... id like to know why, else i would gather that i mightve been ignored. this, obviously, is NOT the case here and i just wanted to let you all know that. anyone who needs anything- whether it is with an existing customer, new customer, etc- if you have had trouble getting ahold of me: please text message my cell phone (number is below in my sig.), this is the best way to make sure i get back to you. if you dont/cant text, or its not your thing, feel free to give me a call on that same number- just PLEASE leave me a voicemail, as i get quite a large volume of calls and might not catch it without a voicemail. you can also email me at [email protected] , that just takes longer and is not the ideal way to get me. PMing me is the worst way to get ahold of me, as i may not be on the boards for a few days (or longer in this past case) and get A LOT of PMs. again, i am very sorry if you have been trying to get ahold of me since i have been gone. please shoot me a text or an email, and we can take care of whatever you need (that includes mail order tuning/custom parts, as well as customers locally, still doing work thru appt!) i will be "lurking" in the forums now, as i need to catch up with whats going on around here! as for what i have going on, as i had posted a little about before i left... my SSS is down, all taken apart. its getting a well-due power upgrade, along with some other goodies also, i will make a seperate post soon for this but- the KP shop truck is for sale, the 2005 Joe Gibbs Performance S/C #335 RCSB/4L65e/LM7/RADIX. youll see an ad for it pop up shortly on here, some other forums, and most likely itll run on eBay too. sad to see it go, it really is a great truck. also like said above, we are trying to get some things buttoned up here with the old shop and will then be moving to a new shop/location. so thats basically what i have going on, if you even read this far glad to be back on to show you clowns the right way!!! jk hehe ;P John
  9. ok so we will talk about these GPs for the C6Z BBK, KP brake line kits, shirts/hats (that will start this week prob), and a few other goodies like custom volant airbox lids.... as for the orders- all have been picked up or shipped except one (Nathan) as he is in Canada and i need a phone number to ship to an international PO box. so as soon as i hear from him, his is out! but the last one left today, speedfreak aka Andrew's tank. for those of you who didnt specifiy decal color or size- you got one 12" white KP and one 8" silver KP. for those of you who did, you got whatever you had asked for (and some extra ). these shipped seperate of your tanks (except Nathan's and Andrew/speedfreaks, yours are in your tank boxes). Brandon your mass of decals is going out today, as is kissfans03SS (thought your name was Kevin but paypal name was different so remind me pls ) your decals went out today too, the blue and silver like you asked. if you guys want any tracking info and i forget to send it, just text or PM me John
  10. if you guys want anything done in a group buy, post up in the off topic about it and if a few of you are in, we can do a group buy on it, whatever it may be just pool your thoughts together and we can get some other group buys going. in the mean time, i will continue to have maybe 1-2 a month, next up is some stainless brake lines John
  11. i have too many of those already GLWS
  12. ok will do. seems to be more interest than I thought so maybe ill make a thread for it. John
  13. btw i will try my best to have that how to thread for the tanks up within a few days to a week, so you guys have it for your installs but with how things are going lately, no promises on that time frame lol. i will keep you all posted as to the tracking info on the other couple tanks tomorrow and will keep you all up on whats going on with the DIY.
  14. ok so some of the tanks went out today. the remainder should go out tomorrow. ran short on the install kit stuff... so all the tanks bought without it shipped today, and Brandon's two tanks shipped out today too. i will PM you all tracking info John
  15. hey guys, thanks for helping me out through all this mess... its been out of my control until this week and I was not able to get this stuff altogether snd out the door Tuesday and that's on me. I have no excuse im sorry if you miss any events because of me. so please do me a favor- those who actually need it in a rush to get in time for a race, show, etc please TEXT me or respond in this thread ASAP. if you respond before I ship them in a few hours than I will expedite It on me. also you have two free KP decals in your choice of color. please let me know the color or you will get one white and one silver if I do not hear from you today. TEXT me or if you cant text just post on this thread I will check it. choices are basically any color, sizes are 8", 12" and 14" decals. the ones you see on my vehicles and other members such as Alex (blwnaway) Jason (JC03SS) and other members who may have posted pics are 12". and for snyone who wants one, im doing another big shirts and hats order soon so text me or post in here if you want a hat or shirt, they are S-XXL come in a few colors. t shirts are $10/ea for you guys, normally more and ill ship for free. hats come fitted (flex fit not newera) or standard curved bill. hats $20. so let me know who REALLY needs it ASAP (not just impatient people ), let me know your decal info, and ill post back up your tracking later John
  16. that's a knock off for one, and he doesn't have the cover im talking about. nor a roll pan. his truck only shows me what a iss stock truck looks like really
  17. I hear you danny...aint what it used to be. but you got to think of it this way- the more guys like us who don't post, the worse it is. we need all our guys like us to be active so we can get this shit going again!
  18. which one? I wouldn't be surpisred though, this site has been going down the tubes in some instances sadly
  19. no it doesnt really make sense lol... are you sure your not talking about an unlicensed file...?
  20. yeah, in the process of trying to get $1200 out of comcast for frying our ENTIRE network at the shop... i mean ENTIRE- anything and everything hooked up to the internet. shit man even my phones
  21. you can rationalize all you want but you know the truth!!! boost > cam swap
  22. it is coming along nicely sorry i couldnt make it by last weekend, was a busy one... you be around this weekend?
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